1. if I was a mom and my daughter was pregnant I wouldn't hit her because then wouldn't that hurt the baby I don't know maybe it's too early to hurt the baby but that's my opinion

  2. Me: mom I'm pregnant

    Mom: r u sure


    Mom: becouse your stomach is not a hell of fater.

    Me: oh umm ya it's a prank…smidnk.
    (Sorry mom I did not know)

  3. if i was prengnant at 16 my mom would talk about it and my dad would be mad but im 10 so YAY IM TOO YOUND😎

  4. Damn, I wish my mom was that cool. Like I called my mom dude the other day and she flipped out. She’s like: “I am not ur bro! I am not a guy! Like stop saying that!” Oof

  5. My parents wouldn’t believe me because I’ve been saying since I was 4 that I don’t want to have sex.

  6. I JUST got half way into try not to cry thingy and I was crying so I came on here, that’s kinda dumb from how the reacted like my mum would be like. Thank you for telling me I’m pleased you did

  7. Well if I was a dad(Im a boy) and has a daughter who is pregnant I would be like ye its part of life now enjoy waking up at 3am just to make ur baby to stfu

  8. the thing that i just don't get about moms is that,moms where pregnant with you guys so they can't get mad at you because your pregnant. And also that mom on 1:18 to 4:09 ugh but like what will happened if she was pregnant with a baby and her mom does that. What will you guys do to help here not the mom but the other girl.

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