I'm Pregnant With Your Brothers Baby Prank on Best Friend!

like for sure but I got asked miss my period this month I'm like I really could be break what's up you guys it's Payton and welcome back to my channel so today is like a really last minute video to me for like a couple days and she's like I figured right before she leaves for her trip because oh she said in that video we just uploaded under 8 by telling her that I have been seeing her brother obviously big gay one basically telling me that he's fucking 5 we've been seeing each other and then I'm literally pregnant this prank is so fucking out of line I don't even think she'll fucking believe it but we're gonna try so yeah I guess what pranks so fucking Natalie but it's like I really only had the one bitch to break try to bring some yeah have you ever watch this fucking video this should have been like you're like what the fuck that's a hard one to do right now so hope they'll be able to prank laughs ooh well really quickly we're just coming out this Friday June 28th make sure you guys go bomb into Gavin get all the updates on that because I'm so fucking excited and I can't wait for my commercial come out if I busted right now it's really because I have like just concealer on I told you guys last minute but all right before we get to the video make sure to drop a like on this video I'm over here like ruining my relationships everybody in my life you're my youtube channel so please drop a like on the video and also make sure to subscribe to know we haven't I've already and become an angel that is bitches so time to leave for camping I leave her like five tomorrow kinda lighter in the morning 5:00 in the morning okay 1138 I wasn't planning on sleeping though okay yeah I was just gonna stay the fuck talk about something bigger pin you on something okay so you know I didn't think well whatever I'm doing my single thing cause like every guy here has been fucking trash so I've actually kind of been seeing someone on this side like really really funny wonky like it was it was like really lucky yeah fuck are you sing hold on get into hit you like don't act like Rocco um I told you to fucking freak out okay no Melissa I really don't want you to freak out cuz I feel like you might some one of my exes is on next I've been seeing your brother bro obviously not Kippy Thai bitch he's gay he's bi he's gay trust me you fuck oh boy oh my way I know you I'm dead-ass serious you know me didn't know that your brother's fucking by it and it was low key as fuck okay like it wasn't what I don't okay it really happened out of fucking nowhere I wouldn't just like consciously leg hit up your brother who hit that he hit you we were just like talking low-key you know what I mean like sighs everybody's like hey what's going on I mean and it's just like randomly one night like even more so and it was I know I fucking I thought you know I don't and I wouldn't even have fuckin told you yeah II mean because like we're seeing other bail up I know hi bro hi rough enough I can't believe me I don't know and more shocked and my brother fucking a girl than you fucking my brother to be quite honest we all are but like that ass it was only like literally twice but oh my god like you just out so obviously I mean like I wasn't like another fucking happen obvious for you like I was like stuff like Gabe really care so fucking bye so is it done it was what I mean was like we literally happen those two times and like I like it was fucking weird that that fucking hat they are like each other it's like obviously I fucking love your fucking brother but it's like not a guy it's so weird okay boy fuck you're gonna fucking kill me why for why did you fuck them no I already fucking know that I like wouldn't even have told you talking about you didn't close would you want me to tell you so you know how I am like it fuck people you know you know I'm not like for sure but I dad asked miss my period this month I'm like I really could be pregnant so obviously I couldn't have it like it you know what I mean but it's like I think that's a really big possibility right now it's been like a monthly no it's me I'm fucking serious it's a like I don't know what the fuck you say but as a fucking lie you're like radical can't be with your family that's why she's like how do you feel um shit like me I mean I really don't need another nephew or anything like one good mama for the beach help my mama so dope yeah that's what I'm feeling but well I mean obviously we're gonna have a baby like no one else fucking know you didn't mean I mean you know I should know God like you damn egg I don't know how the fuck that's happening it's like [Laughter] yeah I'm DMing rat I really don't give a shit you fuck a brother of mine but definitely shouldn't have again for sure ain't no fuck now I saw like Kali I know it's fucked up but like you see how like can't let this get out you probably kind of fucking that one cuz they oh my mind just like what am I supposed to fucking do or say this is the most dumbass thing you may be done a lot on that shit I promise never make a video about it on YouTube promise like expose videos like it's like we love it brother hair from or like we wouldn't expose about I don't know if that was a mood and the nicotine but uh okay [Laughter] echo echo need a ride back hey you two go follow me on youtube media in general yeah only this hopper classy pranks this is gonna start playing tolling our fucking friendship actually that's it for this video I have known a prank in so fucking long and this is what happens I do fucking pranks I'm literally jeopardizing relationships everyone in my life so there's something it's just me really so please stop I really prank I only really have to near the prank so um yeah that's to have this video I love you all so much follow us on social media tear your foot is so ready to kick my shit rat my number is also watch I'll see you all the next video [Laughter] shining in the sunlight I've been taking home

21 Replies to “I'm Pregnant With Your Brothers Baby Prank on Best Friend!”

  1. You ‘fell pregnant and miss carried’, yet feel comfortable and happy to joke/prank people about pregnancy? lol my comment in your video explaining your miscarriage was clearly correct that you faked your pregnancy.
    Sorry I may get hate for this but this is coming from someone who has miss carried before and gets very very angry st things like this!!!!

  2. Lmao the funniest thing is that she’s telling her she’s pregnant while she’s smoking a juul lmao ily Peyton 😂❤️

  3. I love you so so much. You are better off with out krypitc. 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 y'all are beautiful

  4. When you see prank videos that are like 13-14-15 minutes long and you’re wondering where the prank is actually at

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