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  1. Fairly good debate.

    She wins. Huge fan but sorry Crowder.

    She is correct in that there is a such thing as “Reality” and it’s illogical for you to try and pick that apart, dismiss it and accuse her of circling and being inconsistent. She was undeniably consistent. By doing so you are creating the equivalent of a fantasy. She made very good points and you started taking aspects of her points away from her and wanting her to re-validate those points with less and less of her ingredients which culminate to her overall point of view, such as eliminating other countries, eliminating extreme circumstances, etc. That’s essentially a flip flop on your own arguments and forcing her to dumb her disposition down to the point it effectively makes no sense for the sake of validating your own arguments on the basis that hers no longer make sense. And please stop using the argument “no I am not forcing anyone to carry a child, I am just preventing them from ending a life.” She was correct about that as well, you can’t have it both ways. It’s an incredibly horrible argument. In life, we all know that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and there is always cause and affect. Can’t have either one without the other. That being said, she is correct, if you take away entirely someone’s option of aborting a child, then yes you are actually forcing them to carry the child to term and there really is no logical counter argument to that, hence why you’ve never made one other than just repeating the phrase. No different than if you take everything off the menu at McDonalds except a Big Mac. If you go to McDonalds to eat, then you are forced to have a Big Mac.

    Also, I never heard her say that she was supportive of 9 month abortions as you continue accusing her of. If I am incorrect, which is very possible, someone please correct me with a time stamp. I watch all of your videos Steve, and this was the first one I’ve seen that just wasn’t a win.

  2. I think Steven should have just asked her a simple question regarding viability that could have saved a load of time.
    "Let's assume we live in the future where an artificial womb is a technology that exists and the baby can be transferred there without problems immediately after conception. Would abortion be completely unacceptable in this scenario due to the fact that 100% of babies at every stage of development are viable?"

  3. How many babies have you or anyone know adopted? How many girls and women who cant afford birthcontrol have you bought for? How many adults do you know that have abstained from sex? Why the F do you even bother? You cant reach people who are pro choice and thats fine…we believe what we believe and you believe what you believe…I would never be swayed…I do agree abortion at 9 months is ridiculous tho…if that baby can survive out of the womb with medical help or without then they do deserve a chance at life

  4. You have really helped me to debate on the side of pro life … I just had a really respectful and intelligent debate 🙂

  5. There is a legal institution that requires men to be financially responsible for the pregnancy until the child turns 18. Its called marriage and it has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years. If women were more responsible with their vaginas this abortion topic wouldn't be the issue it is.

  6. wow she thinks that the geographic location determines the value of life that a baby born in another country is less than one in another

  7. “My body my choice” Actually, Body inside your body not your choice. Also abortion isn’t murder apparently. Ok so murder killing someone intentionally. Wait you “remove” the baby from the womb and it stop breathing and stop functioning? Didn’t you just end a life of a baby???????? Welp it’s not murder apparently

  8. I can't believe he didn't understand what she meant with education. She meant the "possible" education that the baby would have. He thought education of the development of the fetus to determine when it is Okay to abort. Basically, she's not okay with killing,… but if the pregnant mother sees that she has no money or education to properly give her child, then it's okay to abort. She cannot take that choice away from a mother who sees she cannot "sustain/maintain" her potential child. She's so confusing. Murder is bad but……. if it is "inconvenient" then I cannot say one cannot murder the baby inside the womb. … that's her idea. I can't believe he didn't see or understand what she was trying to say. She made it seem like we are powerless to change these circumstances, although we don't agree with the evil, we can't help that it's there. Hahaha. He just really tried to change her mind is all. Impossible to debate with someone like her.

  9. What if the mother was raped, and been traumatized? Remember, that rapist won’t care if the mother’s body starts tearing, and won’t care if the mother is hurt or not. So, you really want the woman to give birth to the face of their rapist? Also, what about gang bangs? Where there are multiple people rapping the woman? The child will be given up.

    What about money? What if the mother can’t afford for the child, but can afford for abortion? The child will be homeless! Saving lives aren’t easy. Here is a quote from George Washington. “Dying is easy, but living is harder.”

  10. Life begans at viability? Then we should be able to abort infants or toddlers. They can only breathe on their own. Unless you care for them they DIE!

  11. That soda bottle she's holding on her lap shows how knowledgeable she is about the preciousness of life.

  12. I have never met a pro choice person who okay with 9 month abortion I think the latest I heard was 20 weeks which is only half way though

  13. "I feel like most of these women…" yet you chose to say they are in the wrong with what they "feel" about abortions. Just because something was painful doesn't mean you'll regret it. Stop trying to feel for others and maybe just ask before accusing everyone of being a sadistic murderer.

  14. geez, good think we didn't need her to help abolish slavery.

    her: slavery is appauling and wrong, but it's a reality.
    rest: so you'll help us abolish it?
    her: well no, that would infringe on the rights of the slave owners.
    rest: huh?

  15. The term "pro life" is a joke. People who call themselves pro life believe they preserve the sanctity of life. Except they support carrying firearms and using them to kill people needed. And they're for the death penalty. By banning abortion all you're doing is forcing a woman to travel to a different country or use an unlicensed back-alley doctor which is far more dangerous.

  16. No arguments… this woman has no arguments at all! "This is like uhm…, you know um…, basically um…" im getting headaches by her talking!

  17. I’m not pro life or pro abortion, I’m pro choice simply because I don’t really see any problem with an abortion just an opinion no hate

  18. My only criticism is not to debate people who are incoherent and don’t even know what they believe. Kinda funny she works with the UN, her ability to reason is pretty indicative of what the UN has demonstrated.

  19. The analogy of stopping to avoid hitting someone is just terrible and irrelevant lol. A better analogy would be if someone needs an organ from you to survive. It's your decision as to whether or not you let someone use your body to survive. Not letting them use your body or a part of your body is not murder.

  20. SJW: Milk is not allowed because you didnt ask the cow for consent
    Also SJW: AbOrTiOn Is FiNe BeCaUsE tHe BaBy Is An INCONVENIENCE

  21. She described the fetus as "not alive" but chose to say it dies. This does juatify the belief that a fetus is alive.

    Cells die. That's just the term used. Everytime you get cut your cells die. Break a bone? Some cells are dead. That's just it. But it doesn't mean they are "alive". ( If it did any man that's had an ejaculation or a woman whose had more than one period are now serial killers ).That's a different term altogether :living; being in a state in which the organs perform their functions; as, an animal or a plant which is alive. Cells make up organs. And since vegans exist we can say that we chose what is classified as life based on what we value the most – our own species. That is an undeniable fact. We choose. Oh and things can die without ever having life – a fire. It is described as being a "live" fire but can also "die" out. Words shouldn't be taken literally. Context is important and so are facts. But they should never be used separately to prove a point. Then you aren't proving a point. You're weakening it by suggesting it couldn't stand with both. If your argument doesn't make 1+1=2 then it is unreliable and can't be seen as valid.

  22. I think the pro life AND choice argument is dynamite. I support 4 choices: contraception, abstinence, motherhood, adoption. And labeling abortion murder is scientifically accurate. Ask a biologist.

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