I'm sorry you can't have a baby… but we'll make a family our own way [Husband]

Thank you doctor. Sweetie… Please… Say something Oh, honey… It's okay to cry I know how much you wanted a baby It's going to be okay I know… I know I wish there was a way too. But… I wouldn't want anything to happen to you I wouldn't wanna lose you. You know? I know having a baby means a lot to you You've wanted to be a mommy since you were a young girl I remember you showed me pictures, you playing with baby dolls as a kid and you thought… This point in your life… That it was time for us to be a family. But… Sweetie… We can find a way to be a family without you having a child Why don't we talk about this when we get home, okay? You might feel better out of this sterile doctor's office Ohh… c'mere Let's sit in the couch together and talk about this It's not fair… I know We wanted one so badly I know, we bought that baby planning book together You'd read about keeping track of your monthly Sweetheart, if there was anything I could do. But… Your body… You heard what the doctor said You need to be closely monitored Lots of bed rest… Would make you feel more sick than you already feel I couldn't bear to see you go through something like that What if we adopted? Really? You'd like too? Well… I went online last night Just curious about the financial assistance for adoption and… There's help for parents I saw pictures of little children wanna be adopted right here in our community Imagine giving a home a little boy or girl that's in foster care We can create a happy life for that child Yeah, I know it'll take work, but it's safer You wouldn't have to go through the backaches, the childbirth… The pain… I love you with all my heart It hurts me to see you so upset The baby space inside of you will be empty, but… That doesn't mean that part of your body isn't special Ohh, sweetie… Even though we can't create a baby together out of love… We can raise a child that needs love together We can work on creating a wonderful little room for the child We can paint together and get a crib or a toddler bed with the little one We can still get a scrapbook… And document the child's growth and special moments Why don't we look online later at some little children I saw that are, ya know, available to adopt I saw a little four year old that has your color hair and eyes You're gonna be a great mom What? Oh, yeah… Some children go through that when they're adopted. But… We'll be prepared for that They'll learn about how we adopted them when we get older We'll make sure the child has a loving, caring family And our parents… Would be thrilled They won't feel bad at all that you're not having a baby Trust me, okay? They'd want us to be a family in the safest way possible How 'bout this? How about while we go through the adoption process… I take care of you as if you were pregnant I'll give you foot and back rubs… I'll get you ice cream at 3 a.m if you want some Maybe we could try to find an online Lamaze class video and just, ya know… pretend This will be a fun, exciting experience for the both of us New? Yes. But, we'll have plenty of support Much safer than you giving birth Even if you were healthy enough… I'd be worried about you having a baby You're so petite and… I'd be afraid the baby would be too much strain for your body, you know? I know your biological clock is ticking loudly That's why we'll begin the adoption process today I'll call the local family service center and… Put on speakerphone so we can ask all the questions and get information, okay? We'll be a family I promise I wanna be a father just as bad as you wanna be a mommy Hey… Look at me… I love you Sure. I can kiss your belly I love you I know you might feel empty and sad that there won't be a baby in you, but… I still love you Mmmmuah 😉

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  1. This really hit home I can’t have a baby because of my body and when I saw this video I almost started crying till I watched the video and I couldn’t stop crying because ik this scene is going to be in my future and I hope that when it does happen it goes as smooth as this video did 😔😭

  2. My gosh this is my biggest fear. My heart goes out to all of you not able to have children ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I know this is kinda an emotional one but when he said honey say something I couldn’t help but say something

  4. My mother went through something similar, but, she ended up taking the risk with my brother and I. It's really scary because she was medically dead at one point (there was a crisis issue with hydration) and it's terrifying that she could have died. I'm glad that she went through with it, but sometimes I sorta wish that she'd thought more about her own safety because it could have gone really badly to have us. Sometimes moms can be way too stubborn about having a blood-child. There are so many kids in the foster/adoption program and it's heartbreaking that so many of them grow up without a stable family. And a lot of the time State Homes can be really unhealthy places with bullying. It makes me really happy when people adopt.

  5. Even though I'm only 20 and definitely not ready for a family, I already know that I have a slim to not a chance of being able to get pregnant due cancer treatments when I was 14-15. And I've been trying different revival treatments but they never really worked fully for me. I have have pretty much come to terms with not being able to carry my own children. But I have some days, like tonight, where I go back to the dreams of finding out and telling my husband and family and then imagining going through the pregnancy and it hits me hard. I am so glad that I stumbled on this video tonight because I needed it.

  6. This really helps me considering I was one of the unlucky souls who was born with a syndrome (MRKH) where I was missing my uterus, I have everything else but the place to carry a child. Though I’ll have to wait a little longer than most women to have a baby, I still want a child.
    Listening to this put a smile on my face and reminded me to not give up hope. Thank you. 💛

  7. This was really nice! Thank you I can’t have children but not because any medical disease but because I’m a man ….. but hey I still like ASMR

  8. Omg! I'm crying! I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago because of a doctor's fault. Adoption is an important and wonderful thing

  9. Thanks, its a reality for me. never can have a baby at all cause im infertile and have PCOS. I've never actually been with someone understanding and you sound so understanding and real, brought tears to my eyes. I always planned to adopt as a single woman but hope that comes true soon for me.

  10. I’m crying 😭 too many women on both sides of my family have had complications with having kids (although they still had healthy babies it was always a close call) and I’m worried that I will have difficulties too and that it’s be so bad I won’t have a kid of my own. Although since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to adopt so that makes things a bit better because even if I can’t have a baby I can still have a family. SUCH A GREAT AUDIO ❤️ continuing my Cardathon

  11. I can't have kids and I couldn't do this to a loving guy…you know…ruining the chance of having his own flesh and blood.

  12. Hooooooly fraking crap, this was so sweet!! It would be a guy worth billions to pretend to be going through cravings and lamaze classes just to make his wife happy. I have almost zero desire to have children, for various reasons. (Like, the idea of labor and I'm not a "kid person"), but listened to this out of curiousity. You really did great with this one!! Uh, not to get weird, but your vids have given me some measure of comfort. I'm over 25 and because of personal life issues, and sadly no "real" interest from guys, I've never had a boyfriend and no romantic interaction (first kiss), so your videos have given me a rough idea of what it's like to have a boyfriend. So I just want to say thank you for making them.

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