Iman Shumpert On Falling In Love w/ Teyana Taylor | Teyana & Iman | VH1

their go-to quick version how you wanted see on the myth looted a weekend comes girl with curly hair goes out tall boy with loaf a girls in the stands go crazy Teyana Taylor checks in a girl with curly hair guards Justin stops Justin from scoring plays ridiculously hard with all the curly hair in her face turns on tall boy answer Iman turns on tall boys all boys spends the rest of the game trying to figure out who girl curly hair is girl with curly hair leaves tall boy tries to talk to her curly haired girl fades him see curly haired girl out that night tall boy gets drunk approaches curly haired girl on the bar with curly haired girl turns tall boy down twice by third time talked way removes shirt is belligerent drunk tries again fails again and tall boy spends the next couple of years in New York every time he sees her trying to make some sort of sparks fly curly haired girl says no due to curly hair girl having a boyfriend which lets tall boy know that if tall boy ever makes curly haired girl is his girlfriend she'll be loyal she's smart she's loyal curly haired girl tries to get tall boy to go back to his ex tall boy fails the mission curly haired girl changes no no no changes her whole schedule for tall boy because nobody was nobody was taking care of the tallboys all boy was limping around the house on one day curly haired girl comes over changes our whole thing takes care of tall boy cleans up cooks great food I might add yeah sit down on the couch curly girl touches tall boys legs sparks fly amen you touched my knee toe boy touch cruelly Oh talk about touch curly girls me well he was icing on a game ready this is the most important part because without this part it would be no this so the part when a female catch butterflies you know it's real because up to that moment I didn't like him on our level no no not curly tall boy you messing up this story does now get tongue to the desk outside when your side is good I'm just gonna finish it okay so what I'm saying is bless you what I'm saying is you know when you catch butterflies it's almost like do you run away from me and get scared and miss out on love or do you just follow your gut where's your gut – you know I'm saying and at that moment I caught butterflies imagine what my feelings were on him five minutes prior I was in love I always had strong feelings toward the mother I thought she could be anytime you picking a woman I feel like with all my unsuccessful stories with women one of the qualities that always stood out as if I if they had a quality that I felt like you're gonna be a bad mom a complete turnoff and I would leave him alone never talk to him again I also had the ability to break up with women and never never call back and never really miss them or you know feel like I need to double back and me and tiana have gone through before we went public we went through our couple of rocky situations and every time I came back begging so I kind of always knew in the back of my mind you know this pretty strong this pretty pretty strong chance here you know I mean and uh he was so in love it scared this is not a slide and then when she got pregnant with this one kind of knew it wasn't like a pressure thing or cuz we were it wasn't like we weren't trying to get pregnant we were trying to get pregnant but uh when we added this one to her stomach I kind of nude yeah we need to we need to do this and get this you need to nip this in the bud I don't need her feel moment says six-pack turned into a Teddy Graham hey I'm oh damn joints you

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  1. “The moment that six pack turned into a teddy graham he ain’t have no gotdamn choice” 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  2. Now this is goals to me.
    She can be her own self and hes not offended like a little boy. Man these is goals for me.

  3. Rumbounxious child, my child is the same way. Though I call it "Terrific '2s"

  4. I honestly hate stories like this cause it makes guys think that every woman is just gonna fall for the persistent type and that men can just get what they want if they keeping going plus real love should have initial sparks between both parties. Also…he really sounds very sexist just saying he chose her cause he thought she'd be a good mother and I really don't like how he interrupted her 💀 anyways….I'm over them.


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