31 Replies to “Immigration, abortion and surprise Spanish: Candidates go head-to-head in first Democratic debate”

  1. The government not be able to work together, is a Manufacturer crisis. Caused and made by the democrats Over the last 3 years.

  2. I came here for the comic entertainment. That political party is a disaster and it’s getting worse year after year. I love watching this train wreck! Trump 2020!

  3. Qué fregadas están diciendo, and when did it go from the U.S democratic debate to the Mexican democratic debate

  4. This doesn’t make sense at all most of your viewers are English speakers I understand you’re trying to appeal to your Spanish speakers but now it looks like you’re trying to hard just stop

  5. Here we go, the return of the swamp ! Wend Jay inslee answer What the biggest threat to American ? is just JAY looking in the mirror !!!

  6. Every muthafucka that spoke Spanish on that stage lost my vote. Stop pandering to people who come here and break the law. Enter the country LEGALLY and have enough respect to LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!!

  7. I hope all you “woke” Democrats are ready for the United States of Mexico, your leaders are making it pretty damn obvious who they really care about. Hint: it’s not US citizens.

  8. As a Latino this was hilarious to watch. Democrats are only here to use Spanish speakers for their votes and then good bye!

  9. Another Rigged debate. Admission Tickets were $4,700. Do you think there were any Blue Collar folks or poor minorities in the audience? The audience were lobbyists, and rich suburban libs. No, Bernie-Tulsi Libs in the audience. Warren, boker, Beto (The Establishment default candidates) were center stage and asked all the questions.. Chuck Todd's assignment was to take down Tulsi Todd: "When you were five years old you did not approve of homosexuality, now you are lying about your views so why should we believe you?"

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