you are going to want to stick around
for this if you’re trying to conceive because this is the key and identifying
what it’s possibly your earliest sign of pregnancy even before a pregnancy test
is even effective hey there welcome to my channel that mama goes today I am
dishing on all of the important details regarding implantation
more specifically implantation cramping and implantation bleeding hopefully by
the end of this video you’ll be feeling one step closer to your BFP or big fat
positive my name is Brittany and I am a registered nurse I worked at a holistic
women’s health practice where I learned my passion for women’s health and for
teaching about and learning about a woman’s cycle which is where this series
comes from that’s why I’m creating these videos I’m a mom to one my son Eli is 20
months old I’m currently pregnant and due in March
I’m having a little girl so I’ll be a mom with two come March if you are new
here welcome I so appreciate you being here every Tuesday I post videos
relating to feminine health so TTC or the trying to conceive process tracking
your cycle ovulation things like that I have all kinds of videos coming up on
that and I have a whole bunch of videos already out I also post videos relating
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make sure to join my tribe hit that Bell notification so you don’t miss any of my
future videos just as a quick disclaimer this is not meant to be medical advice
at all so if you have any specific concerns or questions regarding your
cycle and your health or even relating to symptoms you’re experiencing make sure
to pick up the phone and call your doctor okay
alright now let’s hop into the video so today we’re talking all about
implantation and symptoms of implantation I did an entire video about my early
pregnancy symptoms if you missed that go back and look at that I kind of touch on
this stuff but next week I’m actually going to do a whole video on early
pregnancy symptoms and all the general symptoms you can experience if you have
in fact implanted but today is specifically about symptoms relating to
the actual act of implantation if that makes sense so cramping and bleeding
let’s say you’ve ovulated and a sperm did in fact fertilize the egg so the egg
has to make its way down the fallopian tube and into the uterus and eventually
implant into the wall of the uterus and this is implantation so let’s first talk
about cramping this basically occurs when the newly fertilized egg implants
itself into your uterine wall this cramping is minor and brief if you
typically experience menstrual cramps and this is unique to everyone pain is
unique to the individual but the one thing that we know for sure is that
implantation cramping should not be classified as intense it should be minor
and it should be pretty brief as well so like one to two days maybe I’ve heard up
to a little bit longer than that but typically it’s going to be in that range
of one to two days it occurs in the lower part of your abdomen typically
some women have reported other sensations such as piercing so when I
think of piercing maybe like a sting that might be something that I classify
is piercing or a tingling sensation so like if your foot falls asleep kind of
that sensation some people will actually experience it in their back so maybe
you’ll have a little bit of back pain or back cramping or maybe you will feel
pressure on your sides but the key here for the cramping is that it’s minor and
brief so again if we’re talking about menstrual cramps it should not feel like
menstrual cramps it’s definitely a much smaller
lesser not as intense version of maybe a menstrual cramp you shouldn’t feel like
you can’t go on with your day-to-day activity and as far as implantation
bleeding goes again we’re focusing on light and brief so this should last
maybe one to two days for some women it’s not even a day long it’s it’s a few
hours or can even just be one streak of blood that’s what I experienced actually
was one streak of blood in the midst of my cervical mucus that was probably the
earliest sign for me for this pregnancy was one streak of blood so as far as
length of time goes one to two days I have heard up to three to four days
typically again it’s gonna fall on that one to two day category your uterine
lining is rich with blood so for some women when the egg implants into the
uterine wall that’s why you see this bleeding and that’s why when it implants
you might see some spotting this is not your period it shouldn’t really look
anything like your period it’s much lighter typically people report that
it’s more of a pink or even a brown or like I mentioned a streak of blood and
it happens a few days ish and again this isn’t there is no perfect day that this
will land on because as we have learned through me doing these videos and
hopefully you watching them that no woman’s cycle is the same even from cycle
to cycle for the same woman it’s not the same so there’s no way to really predict
when implantation like what particular day it’s occurring typically
implantation is going to occur at least a couple days before your period is
expected so if you notice like hey I’m like spotting a couple of days before my
period is actually due that that in fact could be implantation bleeding there
should not be any clots so if you’re known to have like small or large clots
when you have your period you shouldn’t see this with implantation bleeding and
the bleeding could be on and off for implantation bleeding so you may find
that you bleed a little and then stop and then you have a little bit more and
then stop it’s not like your period which kind of starts and then speeds up
you have more and it’s it’s deeper and redder you won’t find it increasing in
intensity or you shouldn’t so as I mentioned my personal experience with
implantation bleeding was literally a streak of blood it was a small streak in
the midst of cervical mucus I want to know have you experienced implantation
bleeding if you have what did it look like um are you experiencing it now
maybe that’s why you landed on this video you can just write simple yes or
no or if you feel comfortable elaborating please let us know like what
you saw because I think if odds are if you’re watching this video and you found
this because you’re searching for implantation bleeding signs or anything
like that you’re probably looking for experiences from other women so help a
sister out write it in the comments below
as soon as implantation occurs your body starts producing HCG which is actually
what is detected by pregnancy test so this is what is being looked for by the
test or by the urine pregnancy test essentially in order to either get that
yes/no or that X or the double lines or whatever it’s measuring that hormone
however a urine pregnancy test is not expected to be positive until maybe
three to four days after implantation occurs because you do have to build up a
small level of that HCG before it’s detectable in urine pregnancy tests
this is why implantation cramping and spotting / bleeding could be your very
very earliest sign even before a pregnancy test so that’s my summary of
implantation cramping and bleeding do you have any questions did you learn
anything please let me know in the comments I’m always looking for new
content to create so if there’s some topic you’d like me to do a video on I
would love to hear from you please leave it in the comments below if
you learned something or if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up
and make sure to subscribe and join my tribe I have all kinds of new content
coming up including a whole video on symptoms before your big fat positive or
early pregnancy test I have my 23 week pregnancy update coming out soon and
then I will eventually be doing a name reveal once my husband and I finally
come to the conclusion of what baby girl’s name is going to be and then if
you’re interested in knowing kind of more my day-to-day life my personal
thoughts and things like that please join me on instagram at that mama goes
is my handle I’d love to be friends so I really appreciate you being here we’ll
see you next Tuesday or if you’re interested in the pregnancy updates
we’ll see you Thursday we’ll see you next time bye


  1. Can i just say YOU have helped me ALOT to understand all this im new to all this and i can finally understand it all Thanks for your videos :).

  2. The baby we lost due to miscarage at 12.5 before I got my bfp it was arounf 9 dpo I got a little dot of blood in my cm once when I wiped I also had cramps a day before that . I'm am currently on my 2ww now . I'm 6 dpo today n having cramping light cramps so Hopfully this turns out to b our healthy rainbow baby 🙂 thanks for the great info 🙂

  3. I am wondering if I had implantation bleeding today. I am about 5 days past ovulation and for a couple hours today I had pink spotting only when I wiped (sorry if tmi!) I also felt like what I’d describe as a zing in my bikini area. Hoping it was this is my first time since 7 months trying to convince that I’ve experienced this.

  4. That’s what I had this morning! I’m 3 days away from my period – I wiped and it was a streak of blood with something in it? It honestly looked like mucous or a clot? I honestly thought “chemical pregnancy”. I grabbed a tampon, went about my day, checked on it to see a few hours later…not a drop on the tampon. I’m so confused…basically due to seeing what looked like tissue? However, it was like “bloop!” – passed it and not a trace of anything else. So odd….

  5. my period was supposed to start on like the 27th of may bc that's around the time it came in april and that was the only time i ever really payed attention for it to comw bc i started being sexually active. but now its june 7th and i still have not gotten my period. me and my boyfriend use a condom and he never cums in the condom. i have extreme anxiety about this and im stressing big time. do you think im pregnant? or is it just the extreme stress.

  6. I currently been crying a lot getting mad , I even through up two nights in a row ! , felt cramping like very bad I thought it was my period but nope 👎🏽 then a week later I noticed i felt like my period was comming again well it did but only lasted two days then turned brown …. can some one help? ( Btw it was heavy for two days ! Then kept turnin brown ) also forgot to mention my lower back was cramping … I didn’t think that was normal at all lol

  7. I have been trying for a year and yesterday, I had very mild spotting and mild cramping and then it stopped! I was around. 9-10 DPO. I praying that this is our month!

  8. A day before my period. I had very little spotting, and it disappeared. I didn’t get my period the day I’m supposed to. I got light bleeding second day of my period with brown spotting. Now I feel light period symptoms.

  9. Im currently spotting and it’s nothing like my regular period, I’m confused I’ve had taken pregnancy test twice and they both came back negative both taken a week apart, also before this spotting I’m having . And it is also coming out very very light pink sometimes brownish.. but not heavy at all.. can it be implantation bleeding ? My period is only a couple days from now …?

  10. Thank you for your video but for me ihad some Brown blood just for 1 or 2 days with some pain I had à blood test one week later but it was negative my menstruations should be here tomorrow ,we will see ,,,but I feel I m pregnant

  11. I started bleeding four day before my period.(and my periods are always regular,I track them)Its more then alittle blood,but alot less then my period.and it has stringy bits in it (sorry for the TMI) should I be concerned?

  12. Ok I don’t cramp at all an I was cramping 1-2 days an the day before yesterday I wiped an I was like pink discharge an a dot of red

  13. Came across this video because I’m not sure if I’m having implantation. Had cramping about 2 days , went out today , went to pee & had light brown spotting on my WHITE underwear 🤣 nothing since . Period due in 9 days . Not sure what’s going on . Hope someone can help

  14. You’ve truly help me identify that I just went though implantation, my bleeding started out really brown >light red/pink>red and clear mucus (very sticky)> very light pink and then stopped !

  15. I would love to hear a little bit more of the changes in breast in pregnancy cause right now I'm been experiencing some strange small itchy boil around my nipples it's really itchy

  16. 5 days before my next period is due and experienced light cramping and lower back pain. Just like you, a streak of blood in my discharge. I’m freaking out 🥺

  17. Definitely had some weird symptoms. Had the spotting for the 1-2 days.. stopped and then had continued spotting on and off for about a week. Still extremely light and super pink

  18. Soo i haven't got my period in 5 month's and now im bleeding verry light a little bit of cramping but not that bad the color is light pink and brown

  19. My implantation bleeding happened for more then 6 days,, extremely painful cramps,, I use to see blood every time I pee,, started with brown spots n ended with extreme bleeding.. Bt it didn’t harmed my pregnancy

  20. I actually experienced spotting 4 days before my period was due. My spotting continued on and off for 3 days wit very light cramping…I’m tryna wait it out but it’s a little nerve racking tryna wait and see what will happen next

  21. Thanks for the video.. however, I m 5 days away for my period.. but I m experiencing light pink bleeding and cramps in my lower abdomen.. can you please help me in telling if it is implantation or my early period… please advice..

  22. Hello. Has anyone experienced spotting/light bleeding 5 days after period is due? For me, it would be day 12 after conception. I'm unsure when I ovulated.

  23. I had spotting that was pinkish in clear discharge four days before my period 9 dpo i'm not due yet I still have 2 more days left til im supposed to start. My period started late last month by 4 days could i be pregnant?

  24. Hey Mama's, I am having a light cramps and a light backpain. And I'm confused but I'm hoping to be pregnant. We had a contact after my period and now I'm having this cramps and I know it's to early because it's still 2 weeks before my next period. My partner is a seafarer btw. And right after we had a contact he went back to work. Hoping for some answers… Thanks

  25. Can you implanted late? BC I had intercourse on May 13, I had my period may 28, and den june 8, 11, 12, 13 spotted pink, I wipe it it was gone the whole day and 11, it came again I wipe it it was gone the whole day, next day I wipe it was gone the whole day, and trust mi the symptoms is real, my nipples r very sensitive right now, my headaches r very crazy right now for a whole day, my lower abdominal r so uncomfortable, my lower back to my hip hurts sometimes, craving sweets and 4 meals a day, + snacks, peeing every hour, I took a pt on June 16 negative, so right now am waiting until nexts week, please help mi anyone❗❗❗❗❗❗💯

  26. I’m on the birth control pill and I’ve missed my pill a couple times by I always take it the next day, I can count on my hand how many times I’ve missed it though it wasn’t a lot. The white pills are suppose to be when your period come on but I’m not even on those yet I’m on the week before and I’m bleeding and cramping .. could that be implantation ?

  27. How do we know if your body is working all day and night to make the baby ,for all the steps. I need help

    I did feel nausea 2 weeks before this happend, tired ness, sore boobs, lower back pain , super tired. After implantation finish I some times feel like vomiting, im still tired. I took some test they said negative ,the next day 2 of them have a 2 lines that where really really light.

    It's been 8 years since I got pregnant. The first time I got pregnant I found out I was almost 5 months pregnant never had symtoms. So
    This is the first time in 8 years i feel like im pregnant. And I have no clue what to do . I need all the help I can get . Lol

  28. Im not sure if I had implantation bleeding because it came around my period. The 1st to the 5th.

    July 1st and then 2nd it's was way shorter then my actual period. Not even half a full pad. I did have 2 small clots

    Like a tiny amount. 3 day nothing at all. 4 day I had nothing all morning until 4 30 pm, I started spotting and when I wiped myself it was light pink.
    5th day I went walking for 30 mins around 7 40 pm Got lower abdominal pain, went home to lay down when I went to the restroom it was light brown pinkish. . It's July 6 2019 And I feel like I been discharging. But nothing coming out. Please help me.

  29. * please don't pass***
    Hello, my name is Jen. I had my last cycle June 24- June28th. Around July 6th i started to experience slight cramping, hot flashes, and i was a bit nauseated. I didn't feel like moving around at all. I havent noticed anything super different with my moods, but i also take anti -depressants. The next day I used the bathroom and had clear cervical mucus and there was a bit of blood in it. It wasn't a lot and it only happened one time. My chest isn't tender, and I really have no other symptoms then what i have listed. Could i possibly be pregnant? I'm still about 2 weeks out from my next cycle. If anyone has any feedback it would really help. I feel like it is too early to get an accurate test.

  30. I had bleeding for two days…. And then I start cramping cramping back and front side to side I can't explain the feeling but the cramping off and on… It been cramping for a week now…. What do tat means could it be

  31. I think I’m experiencing implantation bleeding now…not sure, I started bleeding yesterday morning really light red thought it was period but period isn’t due for another 2 weeks, checked pad a few hours later no blood today light lightttt pink only when I wipe

  32. Hello my name is Lacey . Im watching bc I've taken 7 tests all positive . I miscarriaged 3 months ago and now im pregnant again . I started to spot not red more old looking color blood , brownish looking . Is this normal ?

  33. I've been having cramp since yesterday and today also my lower back is hurting too, it's off and on is that implantation or I'm going to have my period?

  34. yes ! light cramping pressure and light pink blood but not alot just enough that you can see it when wipping

  35. Please read and reply I would so appreciate advice! :/ My period ended 9 days ago, Tuesday morning. Wednesday had unprotexted intercourse later that day. On Wednesday night I had cramping and same into Thursday morning brief and minor cramps. Then Thursday afternoon I had a quick swatch of brown discharge in my panties. Today (a week later)Wednesday, unprotected intercourse again and as I went pee a few hours later there was pink coming off when I was wiping and a little reddish pink into my panties. So I’m not sure if this means anything but even though our sex has been un protected, he’s pulled out and we have been careful to not have any ejaculation inside me. Yet with these symptoms, it’s odd and I haven’t experienced them before and I haven’t been pregnant before so I don’t know what to think except wait. Hopefully you can reply and give advice

  36. Maybe I am have implantation bleeding right now. Light pink when i wiped and then next time none.

  37. I think I just had one although the cramps is kind of the same sensation I feel a day before my period think that's why I'm here. Talking about the hcg level helped me. Probably I'll take the test a few days after. Thanks for the info ❤❤❤

  38. My cramps come and go. They usually go away when i finally eat something and last week I ate pickle juice in my vanilla ice cream and i actually liked how it tasted lol wtf? And I have to have pickles on almost everything I eat. I feel and look bloated and im always hungry and super emotional at times but… Idk 🤷

  39. I was expecting my periods on the 27th of this month but i started bleeding lightly on 21st with some minor cramps on my lower abdomen and it lasted only for 2 days ,could it be implantation bleeding?

  40. I don't know if I'm having implantation bleeding or not, because ever since I got off the pill my period has changed. Sometimes I do get spotting before my period, sometimes not. I haven't for a while though and now I'm spotting again (since yesterday and I am trying to have a baby). I also have sore boobs(which never happens unless I'm on my period) and my period is supposed to come tomorrow. I do have cramping, and the spotting hasn't changed since yesterday (same brown color and amount). Crossing my fingers that I'm pregnant!

  41. I got a faint line on 10DPO but it was very noticeable . 12DPO very obvious . My period is “due” Friday . I didn’t bleed . Even after positive test am I still going to bleed a bit ?

  42. Is it possible to get implantation bleeding after when your period is suppose to come? I didn’t get my period for 2 weeks now I have bleeding but it’s super light compared to what my usual period is like and am on the 4th day…

  43. Hello, very helpful video, I started having cramps 1 to 2 weeks before my period, however my period was three days late, on the fourth day of which my period was due I had some light bleeding. Nothing like my regular period, it was running and had this dark red color to it. Could this be implantation bleeding. And if so, shouldn’t implantation be taking place before period is due?! Am confused 🤷🏽‍♀️, help me out?

  44. I am ovulating so I had unprotected sex for four days before Sat. So I wanted to know how will I know when I am pregnant

  45. I am 8 DPO and this morning I had some pink mixed with CM I’ve been cramping all day in my lower abdomen. My period is supposed to be 5 to 6 days away. Can this be implantation spotting? Or could it be the beginning of my period?

  46. Sighs… I'm so confused, randomly on Friday I used the restroom and noticed mucus and spotting. The following day I was clear but I noticed my boobs were tender and I was feeling a little emotional. Now it's Monday night and I've spotted again I keep going back to check but there's nothing else. I truly believe this may be if the implantation cramps/spotting but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. I miscarried before and I feel like I always feel pregnant each month and then I'm not… you know how that goes:/

  47. Can I just ask, I had these minor cramps in my abdomen about 3 days before my period is due, no blood, just a bit on tissue paper when I peed (tmi I know) but I’ve also been getting this butterfly like feeling in my tummy for about a week now, and I’ve been feeling pretty nauseous, I haven’t actually thrown up, but just sick, I’ve been feeling super hungry all the time, BUT I have had no changes in my breasts I did take a pregnancy test a few days ago but it came negative ? Is this all my period coming in?

  48. We're currently trying to get pregnant and I know this might be tmi but yesterday I went to the bathroom and wiped once and had a very light pinkish bleeding on the toilet paper and then I haven't bled since so I don't know whether that's a sign that I'm pregnant or not, we have tried before in the past and have been completely unseccsful and have only just started trying again and this has never happened so your video really helped me have a better understanding of what it could be but I guess we won't know for a few days fingers crossed and thank you ❤😊

  49. Hey just wanted to know I did not received my monthly period in July then on the 1st of August I did, I did a pregnancy test it said negative but I did have simtem of pregnancy, I had craving, bloating, and some other simtem but still getting a negative pregnancy test…can you maybe help me please thank you

  50. Thanks for this information which help me too. For myself I've experiences crampings and high body temperature which happens ion 5th day of my embryo implantation. I'm suppose to start my period as in tomorrow on Saturday , not sure what i should be expecting. Also on Monday I'll be going to the hospital for pregnancy blood test and I'm praying for successful results. Please just pray for me to get my bundles of joy

  51. Happy pregnancy to all women and thanks a lot lady mama goes. Your information is so helpful and I am really hoping for the best. First time mum

  52. hi yesterday i had a light bleeding just like what you experienced, it was a streak of blood with some cervical mucus. it’s 10 days past my ovulation. im gonna go get some tests, but what do u think?

  53. My cramps don't feel too much like my pms cramps, main sign that I'm pregnant cramp wise: Different intensity and it WRAPPED AROUND MY BACK! Not usual at all for me, and it isn't that long of a cramp, but it is pretty intense 😂

  54. Im so confused. I started bleeding yesterday afternoon and it is red however it is relatively light and I am not in pain which is a huge indicator to me that something is different because I have recently been told I likely have endometriosis and my last cycle I had to go in an ambulance to the hospital due to the severity of the pain of my cycle. It is so strange, I usually have heavy periods with huge clots which last about 3 days and are between 29-31 days. If this is a period it would be 26 days… am I crazy or could this actually be implantation?

  55. I am feeling some little cramping in my lower abdomen and it in my back but i am 3 days late and i did a pregnancy test and it say negative .what di you think i should do.

  56. I do need to understand what's going on . So my period is 5 days late today would have been 6 days late but earlier my stomach had a slight cramp and my back is hurting all day . Also im bleeding now not heavy but idk what's going on. I am ttc so if anyone can help me understand then please say something.

  57. Looking for advice, I’m 6dpo today, yesterday I had slight cramping and very light brown discharge. Today still cramping but not as much and I had bright RED blood but not enough to even need a panty liner just a single wipe ? Any suggestions 🙃😅

  58. Can u please help me I have an irregular cycles… Sometimes I have 22 or 32 cycles and sometimes 45 days before my period every month… Last June 22nd is my 1st red days that last for 7 days… By July I dont have my period… On August 2 I had a small drop of blood and crampings I thought it was my period but it stop… I have test home pregnancy test already but all is negative… Is it a possibility that I can also be pregnant? Thank u… Love lots from Philippines

  59. Hi thank you for the information I am really concerned about my ministration me and my fiance are TTC for a year now I have 5 kid's I'm 42 he's 34 with no kids this is my first time actually tracking my cycle which is 35 day's I don't know if it's me because of my age or him

  60. I think I just went through some implantation bleeding. I really want to have a baby and start a family but since I'm only 21 the people around me will be ashamed of me. They keep saying that I'm so young I should enjoy this time that I have before I have a child and I completely understand but personally I want to have a child, I want to make a little person with my fiancé. I know what everyone else says makes sense but I've been thinking about this for a while and I know that I would love that tiny human more than anything in the world.

  61. I’m not sure if I’m expecting implantation bleeding or AF I’m 14dpo CD29 and I’m having light spotting a bright red color and expecting AF TOMORROW 🤦🏽‍♀️ HELP 😩😆

  62. For the last 3 months in my TTC journey I have been getting brown/pink spotting for 3-4 days, but then I get my full on period. This was never something normal for me before. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

  63. Hello. My wife is supposed to have a period but 2 days past and she hasn't had it. She also hasn't felt and cramping. And also doesn't show any sign of pregnancy. So what could this be?

  64. My implantation cramps come and go and the feeling on my sides and stinging i also feel like I have a head cold or the past two days I did have some spotting very small went from red to pink with the discharge and then nothing within an hour and having to pee more

  65. My cycle is usually 25 days long . I’m currently on CD26 & I’m 12DPO . I started noticing really faint pink bleeding in the middle of the day (around 3ish) and since then , it has turned into sort of a darker brown color . Could this be implantation bleeding ? 😭

  66. I felt very dull impantation cramps with my 1st 7 yrs ago, 2nd baby 5 years ago the cramps were intense but i dont remember feeling cramps w her till after my BFP. 3rd time ttc I am currently experiencing some dull aches and back pain! The back pain is new for me. Started expereincing this at 5 DPO. 6DPO slight back pain some dull front aches. Hoping for a BFP in a few days!

  67. I am watching because I am cramping a bit today, and when I press on my lower abdomen it’s jabs with pain, my period is due next week, could I be pregnant?

  68. I had light pink bleeding this morning and I've already missed my period it's been 3 days late, what should that mean?

  69. i just want to period start at aug.12 last til Aug. 16 and i have a spotting on 23rd of ot normal?

  70. What if you don’t feel any real cramping but really tired and bloated- oh but I did have back pain for a couple of days after transfer

  71. Hi my actual period date was 11.08.2019 and its postponed till 22nd but on 23rd I got mild period and it has stopped on 24th before noon I can see the difference, period the flow level is low I dont know whether it is implantation bleeding or not… my question is when should I check my hcg home test can u plz suggest me the time to take test

  72. Pls mummies my period is always 21 days cycle but now is 32 days and am thinking am pregnant because I was 5 late on the 6 days am bleeding I think is implantation bleeding but home test is negative pls wish me good luck on my next test

  73. I experienced a really light red when I wiped on Sunday which was 9/10 DPO. Its 11/12 DPO today and I'm still getting BFN. AF not due until 4 or 5 days from today. My thoughts are all over the place right now. Could I still be pregnant???

  74. I had a bit of cramp 2 days before my period (90% implanting cramps), no spotting. 4 days later still no period and I was tested pregnant. A week later, today I am having brown, dark red discharges. Are these old blood from the implantation? I am quite concerned.

  75. So I’ve been sexually active this whole month. I’ve had more regular periods since last year after changing my diet a lot… so this month (last week) I bled for 3 days kind of heavy and had bloating. I said this is my period! Then last weekend I fainted… someone called 911… they did ultrasound, blood pregnancy test. Negative . No cysts no inflammation. Now… I’m still bloated and cramping lightly on and off. I’m so confused ??? Maybe I tested too early ? Idk

  76. I’m Experiencing This at the moment but on my pregnancy test came back negative maybe it’s too early to tell I have a feeling that I’m pregnant though

  77. I just found out I am pregnant. My period was due 4 days ago. I had symptoms about 3 days after I tested positive for ovulation. Around that time I had thicker saliva and always felt I needed to take a drink. That only lasted a few days. I also had mild cramping off and on during the week after ovulation. Finally about the time I was supposed to start my period I had a fullness or bloated feeling in my uterus, and an increased need to urinate.

  78. I’ve seen a spot of blood when I wipe but it was red … and Its been 3 days and I haven’t had no other blood . Negative test also

  79. Can someone help me I started cramping this morning wiped it was dark so I put a pad on nothing went into the pad I was bleeding brown then red it goes back and fourth and one streak of blood is in my pad now I’m just so confused 😭any advice helps

  80. Someone please help me.. I ended my period about a week and a half , two weeks ago.. I had unprotected sex about 4 or so days ago. yesterday I saw some light blood coming down and I’ve been having some minor cramping.. but I just ended my period not long ago so.. idk could that be implantation bleeding??!! Am I pregnant?!? Help I’m freaking out!!😥😥

  81. Concieved Tuesday…. getting cramps and spotting yesterday. Started with red orange n brown… now its brown spotting… and its Friday… is that pregnant related?

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