French not my favorite day but it is a good day because we're trucks going to go get fixed from the transmission fluid didn't sleep its own last night and at 6:00 in the morning but it's beautiful out here in the canyon so I'm not going to complain my friend thank you for helping but a nice guy oh my gosh how cool is that so many fishes what do you think about it Kelly you're gonna get him out of the port hold on the bad wolf why is there a bad wolf what is she talking about fins I'm gonna write the elevator again how are you doing good we're done how's your part of the day I show that when you're up – honey great here we go which always helped them so on the left of 10 so this one looks bigger – customer how it was a little one on the side it's a seven eight five six that's on my left yeah and I'm not going to count this one out it's there we go that's up from four so it's a newcomer I see 13 right now okay so the biggest one the Wrights ten okay well I mean look at I knew that this is symmetry I can work with you gotta feel that a larger but look at always those load it's not great that's amazing like this smallest one is like on this side is that one mm-hmm so that's I mean I think that we've done the best we can with trying different the same place same time okay okay Alex coming to get you I hope your point was good who's that cutie that's gonna be pregnant in like three weeks how would it go good I still have 19 eggs whoa I however they size-wise she said now they're all more like relatively like similar size that's really good biggest one is measuring it a 10 and then the smallest one is like I don't know I don't know what that means either but so we don't know if the small ones will catch but it only takes one one that's not a true statement at all but we're gonna get the perfect number of embryos for the rest of the building of our family plus more adoptive and foster kids you know what I mean one day we're gonna have a bus it's so much bigger than this and the reason that we're doing our journey now with the RV is because I wonder how we're gonna be able bit with a truck later on we're gonna be able to do this for a year with the new boot new born and then maybe another year after that but then when we go back we'll have start to price and now we're gonna have to get more cards we didn't even really film in IKEA because we did returns and then Philip got mauled disease and couldn't handle the ball diseases real even if only I care for 10 minutes literally we didn't buy anything sand when you shop have a plan and get a how to play get on with your life for crying out loud look at that beauty the Golden Goose is back Hank is back that was a very expensive fix but I'm going to get the keys to the truck she needs a bath let's give her a big old bath big ol bath also you see it's a big guy she needs a bed bath she's a dirty girl we're at the grocery store and you guys wanted to touch everything the next store we're going into is Hobby Lobby and a lot of the things we can break so what do you think we should do be careful what's something else we can do not touch Cali what's something we can do not touch that's right so if you guys touch what's gonna happen go in the shopping cart that's right I have to say don't watch blogs and think that someone has it all together this is always my goal is to talk about the rules and the consequences before going into the store but it's not usually until after like three or four times that they're picking something up and touching something that I'm saying no don't and so anyway is this just more of an encouragement of the day to try to go into the situation giving your kids the expectations and know what the consequences are gonna be before the event mind you I don't always remember so please don't watch anybody on YouTube or Instagram or any social media platform and think anybody has it all together we don't they don't we don't no one does but we're all practicing so today is just more of an encouragement you guys promise you're not gonna break anything don't break anything let Daddy butter I spa sharing is caring and Daddy can get a spot right there cuz there's a lot of open parking spots you are so sweet right yeah doo-doo-doo-doo cuz what's gonna happen if we touch things that's right very good good job looking and not touching and again don't be deceived cally did we have to sit in the shopping cart but then we practice and remembered we're not gonna touch right no nope and so now we're gonna get out again we're gonna practice again and actually this section that's not breakable is a good push back look at that you do wish you could have that Oh Oh your turn to sit in the shopping cart okay what are we not going to do you wish you could have this okay just look don't touch what is it you don't even know is it just all the bright colors draw your attention here come on let's go look in the next room this area is very pretty huh draws our attention let's walk this way come on we're gonna practice not touching got a practice practice practice maybe another day that's right we have an arrow like this and I'm still drawn to it like those baskets up there and like I like it all I like it all I love it here I love it do you guys remember orange the last time you guys were here we were looking at the dinosaurs – same dinosaurs good job looking and not touching and very proud good job looking and went if I was in a super big hurry which I'm really hoping this RV life is gonna help slow us down if I was in a hurry I would just ignore the discipline and I would just keep going don't touch come on let's go let's go come on we're busy hi guys we get to be slow and practice and learn you know we're gonna look we're not gonna touch and there's a consequence if we don't listen to the action so anyways ah no phone no thank you okay next row come on all right stop Oh good listening come here okay here's the problem my friend's mom she told us little things to do to help improve our condo to get it to sell fast and it definitely worked she will come to a place like Hobby Lobby or home goods and just buy everything and then stage it in the house it stresses me out like trying to buy everything and then having to come back to return it I don't know why I returned stressed me out oh good job you almost wanted to touch didn't you yeah come in I am so proud of you with your hands behind your back Kenz that's a really good way to help not touch okay come on are you kissing all the froggies should we show everybody how much you like froggies hmm do you think we should find something that you can touch yeah and that you can hold that would be nice because sitting through this whole store not being able to touch anything or being reminded a hundred times not to touch something it's hard say Taco Tuesday we have so many tacos for you so many okay we are home I unloaded all of our groceries and so far so good I have been able to successfully fit everything into the fridge including my IVF meds are taking up the entire top shelf so that stuff fits and the cupboard has plenty of room also it does feel tight every time I put something in the fridge I feel like I'm taking some stuff out reorganizing eating a bucket we are making popsicles and daddy is home but this is making a big mess because I don't know what I'm doing and I don't have any counter space this year you're gonna watch the ridiculousness of trying to cook fun little 2-0 counter space anyone who lives in a studio apartment or uses a kitchenette or lives in give me any of your tips and tricks' holy mess should see my floor but Alice for the moment this is why we haven't done an RB tour cuz this needs to be put away Kenzi so yummy I searched high and low for safety cones on like Craigslist and stuff yeah they're going for like 10 15 bucks apiece not even cents store nice three for three dollars no great so like if we ever are on the side of the road changing a tire or anything like that hopefully never but if we are dollar store I never touched lemon blossom in the free stop did you really yes I just pulled them out now they're cold you work is it Charlotte's Web okay fastest are beat or those are steps inside that is storage it's amazing look see storage Oh awesome that's a way to do laundry but apparently Alex doesn't want to do that because the laundry's over there here's a light and this is our messy bedroom that's Alex's clothes Philips clothes Alex's clothes Philips clues Alex's closed these are messy beds we didn't make it cuz we got out really early this morning this is our shower this is our bathroom I built this we added a mirror it doesn't look great but it works shower gonna fix that tomorrow toilet we had to do that ah fluorine had a leak where the leak come from in there also we laid the flooring it's gorgeous Patrick kind of a nice addition light they work sofa IKEA also y2 Reds I have no idea try to explain it to me still don't get it hey this is where I told you to set an alarm on your phone to take your meds I am in the middle project totally not realized it was already 9:30 okay when you do medication with these pens there is a little bit of overfill because they say in this there's 300 but there's usually like 125 left in here or so so I don't know what what day at what point I should just suck it up and do multiple injections and just use three of them to get to 300 oh wonder if I should do a video over my channel on how to give each of these meds I mean there's plenty of videos online that you can watch but I don't mind doing a video along with you guys just so you can have a buddy to do it with okay the biggest thing is when you alcohol anything like anything you use a little alcohol square on it's not clean until it's dry like the cleaning process is part of the evaporation process so you don't just wipe it and then just like put the needle straight on otherwise everything is just still wet so you just let it dry before you add the needle good night good night go let your love multiply

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