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So Q lost Q is definitely afraid
of spiders. Q should have never told us
he’s deathly afraid of spiders. Please sign this waiver,
and I’m not joking, that indemnifies the people
that brought the spiders. And, Charles —
Charles is the EMT. He’s here
in case things go bad. So that’s a good thing. Spider pheromones. No,
get the [bleep] out of here. That’s not true!
That’s not true! Yes, it is. No, no, no, no, no!
No, no! Joe: All right.
Q’s gonna get comfortable in this warehouse of terror
that we decided. It does look like “Saw VII.” It does look like that. How is it possible you look
more miserable than normal? I much imagine this is
what it looks like when he
lays in his bed at night. I’m very worried about what
you have up your sleeve
on top of spiders. Q is afraid of spiders, yes,
but mostly tarantulas. And what we didn’t tell him was
that these are all tarantulas. We always go big.
Yeah. Okay. Here we go.
You guys ready to have some fun? Yep.
Okay, let’s start with the remote control. Start off light. Start with
the remote control spider. Murr: Oh, look out!
Here it is! It’s a huge tarantula! [ Laughter ] Oh, no!
It’s a big tarantula! Get the [bleep] away from me. Joe: Kindly, gently. Oh, well, that one’s dead. Oh, my God. Oh, oh,
what’s that over there? Oh [bleep]
Oh [bleep] We borrowed every tarantula
in New York state. Joe: All right, bud. The rules
of the game are simple. We’re gonna put a spider on you,
and then every time you move, we’re gonna put
another spider on you. Oh, God, guys. Joe:
And by spider, I mean tarantula. I quit the show. I can’t take tarantulas. So my advice to you is — Don’t move. Yeah, play dead.
Don’t move. Yeah. So we gave Q the word
“pumpernickel.” If things go bad,
he just yells “pumpernickel,” the whole thing stops. Yes. But pumpernickel
ain’t gonna do [bleep] Here we go. No, no, no!
Guys, stop! Stop, stop, stop! Pumpernickel, stop. We haven’t started. Don’t come near.
Don’t — pumpernickel,
pumpernickel, pumpernickel! Don’t — pumpernickel,
pumpernickel, pumpernickel!rted. Pumpernickel, stop! [ Laughing ]
You’re a grown man screaming “pumpernickel”
in a warehouse. This is real life. Okay, okay.
Oh, God. Here we go. Holy [bleep] Sal: Oh, my God! That’s the size of a kitten. That’s got to weigh
like half a pound. Yeah. Please, stop, please, stop,
please, stop. Q, I don’t want to alarm you, but you’ve got a tarantula
on you. Oh, I feel it crawling on me. Oh! Go, go, go, go, go! Aah! Oh, I’m gonna kill
every one of youse! You’re all dead! Oh!
Oh, you moved! We got to add another one. Add one. Stop moving! Oh, you’re all dead. Oh, my God. Here comes his friend.
Oh! Oh, my God, oh, my God! Oh, God, get it off me. Guys, his lips are moving.
You need to add another one. Another spider. That’s three. Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, God. Oh, you moved your head again,
buddy! What are you doing? I don’t know,
you didn’t learn your lesson. One more! Keep ’em coming. Ohh! Murr: Oh! You have no idea
what this looks like. Aah! Aah, get it off! All right,
let’s clear him. Get it off! Murr:
This is crazy as [bleep] It’s sucks.
Oh, my God. This is crazy.
This sucks. You did great there, buddy.
That’s great. Guys,
you just [bleep] up. You guys just [bleep] up. Hey, watch your language, buddy.
It’s a family-friendly show. You guys don’t understand,
I’m gonna get you for this. There’s vengeance
in those eyes. Season six is coming, and I’m
gonna destroy the three of you. You cleared four spiders.
You did very well. And so we’ll just have
the grand finale now. Wait a second. It’s the one last
biggest spider. Sal, please don’t
do anything else. Oh, buddy,
you’re almost done. No. Guys, I don’t like this. No! No, no.
What is that? Guys, do not put another spider
on me. Guys, get —
guys do not do anything else. Guys,
do not do anything else. What the [bleep] is that? Joe: Lights. Oh, my God,
you guys are [bleep] Get it away. Oh, God, no! We’re sorry, buddy. No, no! Joe! Get it off!

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  1. At the end, he made the big fake turantualla dry hump his shoulder and said don't #&$^÷& with turantuallas, or something like that. Lol. And the jar he was emptying on Q was dead turantualla skins.

  2. "Q, i don't wanna alarm you, but you got a tarantula on you."
    Joe is actually the biggest savage in the universe

  3. I don't watch this show and don't know who these guys are, but as someone who also has severe arachnophobia.. this really isn't funny. You can just see how terrified he is. He's sweaty and looks like he's about to cry. I'm sorry but I don't get how anyone can find this funny. I would've broken down crying.. this looks deeply traumatizing.

  4. I really do love the guys and the show, but personally, if any of my 'friends' went this far for a joke, let's just say they wouldn't be my friends anymore 😂

  5. This isnt funny. This isnt a joke. This is real psychological torture. These are not his friends. These guys are sadists

  6. I can't stand looking at spiders, so now I'm afraid that my recommended videos are gonna be full of spiders.

  7. That's. So out by. The. Good way. Apouring. Like. Love. It. Yay. 🤩👏,:".). my don't worry I'm easy on this one so basically I love it based upon the punishment he was doing so yes I love it 👍,:".)

  8. All of those tarantula species they used are docile and completely harmless to humans. Although, the first one they put on him is the most skittish and most likely to be defensive. But the rest are little cuddle bugs

  9. Why is Q afraid of spider like spider rarely bite people I once had a spider on my face when I was sleeping. Spider have terrible eye sights if they have ever landed on your face they did not did it Attentionally

  10. This is actually one of the punishments that I find really mean. It's okay if you disagree. I'm just saying.

  11. Why is it that Q always gets the worst punishments. I mean Jesus the angry mob was bad but THIS this is bad. He's lucky theyer not poisonous.

  12. 0:47 is Murr drinking? I thought he doesn’t drink. On google it said “other people search for” and it said does the impractical jokers drink? Someone googled that* and it said only Q and sal drink google lies-_-

  13. Tarantulas are actually very docile and gentle, their hairs can just irritate your skin after about 3 minutes of being held.

  14. They cut too early, he really thought they were dropping more spiders on him at the end.

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