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Hey guys, it’s Claudia Sulewski. Come get into bed with me. Alrighty. What questions do you guys have for me? My favorite thing to do in bed is cuddle. I take it very seriously, but anything that has to do with cuddling, anything that revolves or you get it, you get the point. Normally I’m little spoon. I love a good big spoon moment. It makes me feel really empowered, but I’ll take either. My perfect day in bed it definitely has to be a gloomy day because I don’t want to have FOMO. I don’t want to look outside and see Sun and birds chirping. I also need all sources of entertainment within arm’s reach. Boyfriend, phone, remote, and Postmates. My favorite thing to wear in bed depends on the mood. Sometimes I just wear underwear. Calvin Klein underwear of course. The first thing I do when I wake up I make coffee at home. I recently learned how to make the best
cup of coffee and then we walk our dog, Peaches, for an hour because that girl has so much energy. Oh my gosh! Peaches knows so many tricks. We started off with sit and down. Of course. Classic. Then we went into roll over, shake, other hand, high-five. I recently taught her how to spin so she gets on her hind legs and spins. It’s unbelievable how fast she learns. The last thing I do before bed is fill out my bullet journal. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically like a personalized planner situation, but you get way more nitty-gritty. You talk about your mood, and your habit trackers, and I like to plan out my day before I go to
bed because it helps to sort of set intentions and have a purpose when I
wake up in the morning. So, I sit there. I get made fun of for writing in my little
boo Joe, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. My first youtube video I made when I was
13 and seventh grade had no idea what I was doing. Stole my mom’s makeup. Slapped on some blue eyeshadow and titled it ‘Ocean Waves’ Terrible. I started a YouTube channel because I was fascinated with the idea of being able to do whatever I want, say whatever I want, and sort of be whoever I want. My 13 year old self was like this is a fun thing where I get
to have a fresh start and sort of do whatever I want. The nicest comments in my opinion are the ones where people are just really honest and express their gratitude for my uploads and you know telling me that my videos make their days brighter and motivate them to get up I think those are my favorite
comments to read from my subscribers. Are we talking about this little tattoo? I have two and I got them on the same day That’s not very healthy
tattoo behavior. I have a little star and this actually represents my youtube
channel. My original username was ‘BeyondBeautyStar’ because at that point the internet was still scary and no one would release their last names. It sort of represents the innocence of not really knowing where YouTube would take me and the of their tattoo I have. Bam! It says the word ‘SHINE’. Growing into the young adult that I am I just got super into being self-aware in a sense of like making sure that everyone around me feels comfortable and just sort of being like a light in the room or a warm presence it’s just a reminder that I like to have on my foot because I’ll be honest I don’t look at my feet that often so I don’t really know why that’s there but it’s a cute word so it’s there. Well I love to paint. Do you guys wanna watch me paint? Alright, I’m gonna go get my supplies. Stay! Picasso Sulewski, coming through. What do you want me to paint? I’m painting a peach, and that represents my dog. She makes me smile every single morning when she sees how excited I am to say good morning and most importantly feed her because that girl is the most food motivated lady in the entire world after me. Okay, what do you want me to paint next? What makes me, me. Oh well that’s easy, I’m going to paint a camera and the reason why is because I’ve practically grown up
in front of the camera all life faces. Braces, boyfriends, breakups, break outs. I’m feeling pressured, but that’s only because we have to go and party. It’s the best kind of pressure. Tonight, I am heading out to celebrate the launch of CK ONE and CK EVERYONE and I’m gonna be taking a lot of photos. Okay, what do you want me to paint next? Got it! Immediately, got that. The last thing that made me cry was my uterus. I’ve never drawn one of these before, but I think every girl can relate to this period cramps, UTIs, anything under the Sun that has to do with the female reproductive system. I believe the ovaries are over here, and there’s another one. The fact that I’m using red paint to make this like a bloody disaster is like only giving me flashbacks to the pain that I had literally three days ago. Yup, what next? If i’m trying to have the best night and I want my makeup look to represent that I am definitely going for a super bold classic winged eyeliner. I don’t know how I’m going to recreate this on a canvas, but I will try my best. Winged eyeliners are a funny thing because you can pretty much nail the first one and then it all sort of goes downhill once you start the next one. Let me tell you, my eyeliner wings are definitely not related in the slightest. *sigh What do you think? Do you like it? I’ve got time for a few more questions before I choose my outfit. Go! My favorite look when going out includes blue jeans, straight cut black leather boots, like an oversized crew neck situation, hoodie. I like to be comfortable and then I sort of give it some oomph with jewelry. Lots of rings. I would rather show up underdressed because it usually means that I’m more comfortable and nowadays I feel like street style really mixes with sweatpants and sneakers and all things that are comfortable. I am actually very proud of how little amount of time I need to get ready. I am so into like natural makeup that I kind of just slap it on within 10-20 minutes, if that, solid 30 I’m out the door. Speaking of getting ready fast, I actually don’t have 30 minutes this time. I have maybe more like 5, so Let’s go get dressed. Alrighty, We’ve got some options so you can’t go wrong with some dark blue Calvin Klein Jeans. On top, I definitely want to throw on this Calvin Klein bra I think the repeated pattern is so cute. I’m gonna be right back. Let me try this stuff on. Okay. Frantic last-minute decision. We’re changing the jean color to these black ones, because I think right yeah. I’ll be right back. Alright, I’m feeling pretty confident with this decision I’m thinking of getting a little crafty. We’re actually going to use the white hoodie, but just the string. Here we go. This is actually cute because there’s so much white contrast happening up here. Cute! Throw on the jacket. I’m feeling pretty proud of this one. Okay. Wala! Okay. One last thing, shoes, but also your questions. What else do you have? This is actually my first Calvin Klein party. I am very excited about tonight and hopefully everyone is just down to dance and be present and enjoy all of each other’s company. There is definitely someone who has seen all sides of me and that 1,000% has to be my boyfriend because he genuinely sees every single, side, of me. Good and bad. Okay, before I go out I always like to spray myself with something delicious. So, I like to spray underneath my hair sort of on my neck so when people hug me they can smell it and then usually I do a little a little spray and juzz. I kind of walk into it. Can’t really do that on a bed and uh, I get the back. Once again, can’t really do it cause I’m on a bed. For real you guys, I have to go to the Calvin Klein party. I had so much fun in bed with you guys. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys very soon. Bye! Wanna watch more videos In Bed? Be sure to subscribe to Calvin Klein’s YouTube channel.

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