In focus: Your postpartum depression questions answered

in our InFocus segment this morning we are talking about a serious and important topic it can be tough for people to talk about its postpartum depression but it's really common and I wanted to bring this up because even if you don't have kids everybody can relate to this right you have a sister a co-worker or a friend and you might not know how to talk to them about it oh absolutely I mean that's the first thing on your mind because you don't want to be insensitive sorry I know a lot of your Facebook followers had questions you listen to them and the attitude of those questions to an expert yeah so about a month ago I made a post and I said what do you want to know what do you want to ask this expert and I got dozens of comments so I took them to Wendy Davis and she founded a local group called baby blues connection it's an awesome group that helps new parents and she answered your questions we got lots of questions on Facebook so let's start with Kristin she wants to know about this is a good one diagnosing antepartum depression antepartum means pregnant senior pregnant absolutely and what we know is that depression or anxiety can start any time during pregnancy or even all through the first year to this one Kari Mathias wants to know if you had postpartum depression during your first pregnancy what should you do to be proactive for your second pregnancy she wants to know do you start therapy before the second baby antidepressants right after you have the baby what should you do yes if you have had a postpartum depression or anxiety previously we want you to take steps to prevent your stress you can start therapy it can be short term you can if medication helped you before by all means that's a really good remedy to start medication during pregnancy all right we have a good one from Sharon Moore she asks how can loved ones help me yeah what do you do you know what the best thing you could do is just come right to that mom and say how can I help you right now check in on her check in on her Howard how are you doing emotionally is a great question also if you happen to be for example at the store say I'm at the store what can I bring you if you ask a new mom can I get you anything no you know that's not true mm-hmm as I say I'm at the store what can I bring you this was interesting from Kelly Gilson she says our women today more susceptible to having postpartum depression versus women forty years ago good one you know what women have always had some kind of postpartum depression it was written about hundreds of years ago but there has been an increase over the decades and we think the reason for that is that families new parents have less and less and less support so we talked about the causes of postpartum depression and anxiety are a couple different things hormones sleep deprivation stress and lack of support the thing is all of those biological things have been true since people have started having babies the stress and the support system and losing our traditional communities is something that's really changed over the years so there is obviously a lot more we can go into so what we're going to do is a facebook live this morning at 8 a.m. we're going to have windy in the studio along with a mom and a dad who have both experienced postpartum so this is your chance to ask the questions and we will have them answered all right

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