In N Out Mukbang/ Glucose Results After Having Gestational Diabetes Update

hey guys so today we're gonna do another book long and I'm gonna do in and out got me something lemonade ice is already probably melted by now set it to the side let's open up ready that's my drink and my animal style fries which I love oh my god look at that guy's yummy all right let's pig in I don't know why but I always like to start off with my fries first I'm gonna add a little bit more spread once I get this mixed up because it's only they only put this stuff at the top at the bottom look how it doesn't have another that sauce down here so you're gonna kind of mix it you want to spread this one spread that baby on there just like that I love this sauce is like gives the fries so much flavor and the grilled onions gives this so much flavor and I love cheese so you know that gives it extra of that flavor anyways let me dig I like in-and-out fries but am I gonna say that the best fries you know because I think Burger King fries are like better I know there's a lot of people that say McDonald's are you know they had the best fries or whatever I don't think so all right Burke and fries I want drinking like about these parties is that they're freshly cooked they're not frozen out of a bag or anything you could see them you know cutting them up with the machine they're freshly made and they had like that like that nice little fried to it like like that crisp crisp to it thanks Bob anyways this time I got a protein style burger so instead of the buns it's actually the lettuce and the reason is yeah yesterday I wanted to go get my glucose done cuz you know when I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes so I had to go get a glucose done yeah it took me three months to go get one done you're supposed to take one I think right after a month passes but for some reason I was just lagging on it because I was afraid that I was gonna you know the diabetes was gonna stick to me and yeah I did it I was just scared about that so anyways I got that done yesterday I drank that nasty-ass drink again and um I'm about to put some spread onto my burger anyways and so I drank that drink I had to sit there for two hours and yeah I got it done my results came in and they were negative so I'm like so happy about that like you guys don't even know I was afraid that he know it's gonna really stick to me cuz I'm such a bad eater I love carbs pasta bread I just love all those things fries yeah oh my god just a lot of stuff that's not good for me so today I decided just to go in get me a protein style burger make it a little bit healthier so much for the spread right yeah but just kind of one of the reasons why I wanted to come on here let's just a guy just to update you guys on that it's this burgers good um I would have preferred their bread honestly like I said I love bread that's my dalbol mmm just chase really healthy either way it enough burgers our bum I love it in out bears along who is that they're birds are pretty small there anyways guys I also went shopping I went to go get the baby some tote mule cereal so you can try and try that out since he seems like he seems tired of the formula but gets hungry every three hours he used to drink five ounces and now he's only drinking four ounces sometimes even three and I don't know I just feel like I should ask him cereal you know just to have his tummy a little full full fuller then having just formula because I mean he pees that right out you know um I hope that would you know kind of balance his hunger and he doesn't feel so hungry after you know we'll see how that goes oh my god guys now that I just touched my hair I've been shedding like crazy there's like hair everywhere on the floor my bed my clothes they're just everywhere like I don't know how even they end up there last time I boyfriend was I like how did your hair it ended up in my down there area and I'm like I don't know like probably when I wash clothes the lake the hair strands that are stuck to my clothes end up on their clothes they'll gonna end up on his clothes go dry wash my baby's clothes separately but yeah I'm like I have no idea how I got down there but yeah I'm shedding and then like I've noticed earlier when I was in the car I noticed that there's like this little balls bar here I don't know if you guys can see that look see it or is it just no it's not just me I can see that boy yeah no um I honestly didn't want my hair to fall off at all I've been taking my prenatal pills and all that stuff and using like this biotin shampoo which I love that shampoo I've was using that when I was pregnant even before when I was pregnant I loved that shampoo cuz it makes my hair nice and silky issues I'm making like super frizzy or anything like that it just lays nicely you know and my curls become an out girl you know but yeah um yeah I love that shampoo a lot but yeah none of that helped because obviously I'm still shedding like a cat girl no anyways like I was saying I went shopping her deuces like write a couple of stories down so hey there goes me going to Carter's I come out spending a lot of money again I don't know what cars it just has like the cutest stuff ever but they're a little you know up there hmm and they're they're like clearance section doesn't have like a lot of clothes that I really like or that I find cute I honestly went in there just to look for some jeans for him because he doesn't really have any jeans all he has is like sweatpants yeah this weather out here in San Francisco is like bipolar one day it's hot one day it's cold one day it's foggy one day it's raining night it's hard to tell I'm wearing this summer you know so the past two days have been hot today it's like windy so yeah it's hard to predict the weather out here so I went for those reasons I want to go see if I can find some jeans but they didn't have any the only pair that they had was um had some like tractors on it some tractors on it and that was about it there was only those pair of jeans and I don't want any design on it I just wanted a plane you know Jane but I didn't find that but I did end up fighting like some pullovers for him which I've been looking for those for a while because he needs like jackets like that so I was able to find some of those and then I just ended up buying clothes that are a little bit bigger so then when he grows out of these ones he has some already you know in his dresser these burgers can get messy because they cut that yummy soaps usually I would have been ate the fries first but somehow I'm eating the burger first the reason why eat the fries race is because then they start getting soggy and cold drinking mushy but they're still good anyways I have the clothes here that I'm gonna show you guys in a bit all because it's in our rap rap of lettuce now to finish my delicious fries whether I should put the clothes that I got him in this video or should I make a different one because it's already looking like this is a long video already I'm at 16 minutes already so I'll probably do another video with his clothes yet I got him and then I'll also add um some products that I do like using on him yeah I really I'm going to go ahead and do that better where there's two videos up for you guys mm-hmm I'm done so that was that for this video I'm gonna go ahead and into another video so I can have them up like tonight but yeah I'll see you guys on my next video

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