Increasing age requirements of children in booster seats

so across the country four children are killed 490 injured every day in traffic crashes and more than half of the kids are completely unrestrained joy is here now with how state lawmakers are working to make the roads safer for children joy Oh Mary Kent lawmakers they want to increase the age that kids must be kept in booster seats but some say the government should not be playing the role of the parent Jimmy Horton son is just about the age he’ll no longer need to use a car seat and can move to a booster seat probably would keep them in the car seat in anyway just because he is a little smaller and we go by the weight as well when we caught up with the two here in Atlantic Beach Horton said safety is their first priority Florida law only requires a booster seat for kids five years old and younger but new legislation would raise the age to six and younger something Horton feels won’t make much of a difference that’s just kind of a waste of time when lawmakers I’m like and there’s probably other laws I could be worried about the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration actually recommends kids ages 7 and younger be restrained in a booster seat but supporters hope increasing the age gradually will give this Florida bill a better chance of passing just put a twenty thirty dollar booster seat and potentially save kids from long-term disabilities and traumatic brain injuries we’ve seen that last a child their whole life on the other hand house transportation subcommittee chairman Brad Drake says he does not intend to give the bill a hearing arguing it’s not the government’s role I’m not real comfortable with the government making those poppers do those choices that belong to the parents Mary Lynn Cullen with the advocacy Institute for children has been pushing for the change for years the fights not over yet saying the $60 fine in the bill can be waived if the parent takes a booster seat safety course this really is a learning bill it’s not a gotcha bill but local mom Melissa Whitney says she doesn’t even plan on moving her five and a half year old to a booster seat yet regardless of any law from all the studies I’ve read it’s more safe to have them in a five-point car seat the longer you can keep them in I think the more safe they are well tomorrow supporters of raising the minimum age for booster seats will hold rally in the state capital speakers will include former first responders who say they’ve seen firsthand how dangerous it can be for young children to ride without booster seats

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