16 Replies to “India Reacts: Abortion – Right or Wrong?”

  1. Abortion is horrible, it is the girls fault they need to check and make sure their boyfriend is wearing is condom poor child

  2. Anyone who aborts there baby will burn in hell unless u truly feel bad about what u did and u can't just say u feel bad u have to actually elk bad and not say u feel bad

  3. I am sorry but I support abortion,what if the woman doesn't want to take care of a child? Besides it is INSIDE HER BODY. Although a life form is born,the mind of that person is NOT YET conscious. ..

  4. all y'all saying abortion is wrong but would be ok with someone getting their balls chopped of; you're literally idiots

  5. abortion Is  murder. the baby suffers a slow painful death. if you did not want to get pregnant don't have sex idiots

  6. Just because there's a baby forming inside your stomach, doesn't mean you kill it. It's still a human being just like you. I don't think you would like it if your mother got an abortion and killed you. I sure wouldn't. My point being, abortion is murder.

  7. I think abortion is murder! People say '' oh its her choice'' no its not that baby is a human a human !!! They are killing an innocent and if they kill a baby they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. Its horrible and very sad

  8. I dont support abortions unless its for medical reasons. (or rape)
    If you're going to have sex then you should take the responsibility of it. If you're "not ready" or "to young" then just dont have sex!

  9. I just have never understood how anyone could think it's ok to kill a baby no matter how undeveloped it may be. It's still a baby. That child has a life ahead of them that they should be given a chance to live. They're always other options that the birth parents can give that child if they know they can't provide for them or even don't want them. I just don't believe that killing a child should ever be an option.

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