Induced at 37 weeks! Birth story with footage.

okay hey everyone it's me I am back I came to give you guys a first vlog to finally sit down and tell you guys what happened man I never excuse the noise in the background yeah so you just have to excuse that cuz Julian honey why do you waste time I start recording to be like I'll talk at it like a toy okay so this little sweetheart here this is Miss Emma Lonnie Aulani English well yeah she is eight weeks old Julie hi say hi to the people do Lynn give me a kiss yeah so this is this is my life right now say this is my nephew Julianne and we just love him so much then paint nice and high you're gonna go back and play with your toys okay so my induction was originally scheduled for the 23rd at midnight so the 23rd was Tuesday my induction was scheduled Monday going into Tuesday so that midnight I had my pre-op appointment with my OB Monday at noon so 12 p.m. and when I went in I talked to her and that was a very interesting conversation but I talked to her she checked my cervix and I didn't know at the time but she also of stretch like did the stretching of the cervix and everything you guys i'ma have video footage of a lot of this stuff that I'm gonna tell you about um so you can see what I'm talking about but I was a fingertip to highlight it and then she stretched her cervix when she does that little hand thing and um she she told me she was like oh well you're scheduled to come in at midnight we'll just go ahead and have you go to the hospital at 4:00 and I'm like 4 o'clock oh my goodness I'm not ready I thought some hours to go and like go to sleep and whatnot but she was like no no you know let's go ahead and get you done but I thought to myself like there's no way because I'm not 37 weeks yeah I'm 36 weeks in 6 days I don't think she's reading my chart right but she said come in at 4 what start reduction then so I went home grab you know whatever else I didn't have packed already and I started panicking luckily the hospital called and they said don't come in at 4 because you're not 37 weeks you won't be 37 weeks until midnight so we'll have you come in at like we had to come at 11:00 do your paperwork and then start your induction then and that way we can ensure that you won't give birth hey guys you won't give birth until you're actually 37 weeks because you're not gonna give birth within you know an hour so I came home didn't get to rest at all I had my family and my best friend here yeah I just panicked so I ended up being late to the hospital oh this my blood was boiling let me tell you so I my best friend came she and Anthony my boyfriend were the only ones who I wanted well they weren't the only ones other people were invited but they're the ones who decided to come and be there for the birth in the hospital and so my best friend when it was you know I think it was like 10 20 we're gonna stop and get some food and and head to the hospital um she had lost our phone so we were looking around for like forever trying to find her phone she couldn't find a phone I was like freaking out on the inside like all the time so you lose your phone why would you lose it now like I know she could tell that was getting very aggravated so maybe like 30 minutes we spent looking her I guess it was before 10 20 maybe like 10 o'clock 30 minutes we spent looking around trying to find her phone finally I get the idea let's log into Google and do the find your phone app you know that whole thing and we were able to find the phone okay great let's get in the hospital it's gonna be close we're gonna stop and get food maybe we can make it in the car stop Taco Bell cuz that's all I crave while I was pregnant cases um nachos not surprised in the quesadilla oh my goodness oh she can kiss Adeus so we stopped in the car we stopped at a Taco Bell on the way to the hospital we get on the highway going to the hospital I stay in Tampa in the hospital I wasn't going to the women's hospital that I I was seen before while I was pregnant um but why pregnant I was going to those hospitals because they had a NICU when I was admitted to the hospitals because I was I made it to 37 weeks I couldn't deliver at a different Hospital so I was going to a different one in a different city it was lose Florida so we get on the highway Anthony my boyfriend Little Miss Alana's dad makes the wrong freaking turn and gets up at the wrong exit and goes in the opposite direction oh I'm so pissed off I'm like all the days you make the wrong turn the GPS is right here in front of you why does it have to be the day today the most important you know day of my life I'm gonna be having a baby no one seems to care we're losing phones were making wrong turns and it's just ridiculous absolutely ridiculous so we get to the hospital I'm Daniken we check him in and you know checking our IDs and everything and I tell them I'm like I'm late like for my induction I'm supposed to be having a baby you know so they go ahead and they get me checked in so they started the induction process oh my goodness didn't tell you she was eight weeks and so I have to go back and I have to remember how this all went okay you did paperwork and they checked the cervix just again to check to see and that's to make I'm explained to me what happened the accident after I saw the doctor if I had cramping and everything and if she did the little hand motion ever like she probably tried to stretch stretch your cervix so when they check me again even though she you know tried to strip through the membranes and stretch the cervix I was still only a fingertip dilated so they started with cytotec except I'm ready for you 12:30 1:00 p.m. they're supposed to be putting cytotec and a little pillow inside of my couch so that's what we're waiting on no Thursday 12:30 1:00 p.m. 12:30 1:00 a.m. 12:00 in the morning it's right after midnight and I've been here since 11:00 okay hopefully it works hopefully at some point tomorrow we have a baby I am not thrilled about this I am like freaking out but you know such as like this little pill that like causes your cervix to ripen so it causes you to like thin out and it causes you to dilate more and once you dilate it you know far enough then they can start like break your water and start pitocin so with the cytotec it's every four hours so it was cytotec then check your cervix and determine if you need more cytotec or not so we're starting at up past eleven a little past 11:00 and I am given the Saturday checking my cervix I'm given the cytotec and then it starts contractions so so we've been here for like not very long you know we just got here and Anthony's already been asleep for like an hour GG's over here she's gonna be sleeping right there Anthony's over there missing all the action that's gonna be babies warmer baby's bassinet is somewhere this baby bassinet oh my gosh she is on the monitor are you having a contraction Shaniqua okay she's looking right now we see you baby wu chi-wai screen TV baby Danny you got something to say to the people show them the warmer oh why okay so the warmer here is the warmer this is baby she come in soon okay super big room extra-large uninsurance is good thank you for asking bathroom oh my gosh don't have on shoes Oh extra wine wait let me go back let me go back a little bit so when I was at the appointment with my OB this lady you know told me Oh miss R if you get the epidural the shoe is warning me if you get the epidural it's gonna delay your labor you know I'm telling you the epidural has no you know it doesn't delay your labor if it does it'll be about 30 minutes so it's not significant enough for you to see in pain so she you know drilled that into my head but in my head I was like I'm not gonna espadrille until I am five centimeters like I am NOT I know that when she passed for there and you know almost active labor and you won't um it won't be delayed that much you know bobble I had all this foolishness going on in my head so bring you back current I start this at otech they you know put it up inside of your services a little pill they put it inside of the cervix and it starts to contraction so okay it was painful but you know I was managing it luckily I was at a hospital that that had like wireless monitoring so they let me like walk around the hospital yeah it was okay the first round so four hours goes by and then they give me another side attack they check my cervix I was still only a fingertip dilated so I like in the back of my head I'm like panicking like it's not working I'm like it's been four hours I thought well at least they're you know full centimeter dilated you know or something like so my head oh my it's not gonna work I'm gonna end up getting a epidural on this I'm not epidural c-section this played in my head a lot but luckily I did not say anything I didn't you know Express oh let's do a c-section I didn't say that at all to any of the care providers that were there and the nurses and the doctors were great so I'm the only one up but up all night long everybody's been sleeping Wow mom are you okay lies Anthony slept this does he sat down in the room look at him snoring been so helpful mom you any messages to the fans okay so I could though society take one to next dose would it feel like way to feeling ya know if what does it feel like right now yeah you were contractions right now not super comfortable what's that first dose I heard something traction is that where like then it got down there deficit goes and now they're picking back up again oh my god it's gonna be okay all right you back to you soon nothing doctor All Right see you soon baby but okay give another round a side attack and remember what I said about the epidural I'm give another round cytotec it's causing attractions but I'm okay I'm breathing through them I'm pissed off at some point because my boyfriend is sleeping the whole time my best friend Gigi you know she she was great she I wouldn't survived it without her but she did sleep like I just felt like I was alone like going through contractions for all those hours so after the second round of cytotec check me again fingertip dilated they stripped the membranes again try and stretch it to a centimeter they tried to stretch it to another Verano cytotec goes up my couch more attraction so okay so I am sitting on a ball thingy that's my monitor probably not okay I have some contractions going on I'm still on the second dose of side attack another dose will go in and probably an hour the doctors gonna check me the core and if I mean if I've made some progress then we'll skip beside us I can go straight to pitocin but I don't know I feel the same as I did the first time so maybe there's no progress but I don't know I'm having contractions just I'm not dying but yeah so we'll see if we'll do another Saturday uh pitocin I'm like a little annoyed because I was told that I would be able to like eat during the initial induction Bart up until this part that I start pitocin but now I'm being told I can't get anything on the ice chips and I'm starving and nauseous because I'm starving and my boyfriend won't feed me I had like a quesadilla from Taco Bell that was really good and I've been waiting on that for like hours and then he like the doctor said no she can't have anything else with him to starve her until she delivers and then I'm like okay walk over the way but like give me a bite like just let me take a bite let me get one last swing of my soda and throw it away then I'll be happily starved do you know that he would not like let me bite my quesadilla and like Here I am pissed off eating fucking rice chips where the next only God knows how long and like I'm starving like I'm literally starving I don't know this is gonna work alright I'll keep you guys updated it is now 7:38 so another round of side attack or pitocin shit started like 850 ish so she was checking in I'm so excited babies like Betty's over there I'm on like wireless monitoring so I can be a bit and walk around which is good babies young good okay just cramping just hanging out at this point I've got four hours another four hours so this is the third round of Saturday and I'm like oh my goodness I think the most I will do is is for around before they like start to discuss other options so another four hours of contracting you know me freaking out it's not working blah blah blah why hasn't it worked other people only get one round date number two of induction how do you feel mama okay technically is the next day so having contractions but when I check my cervix still but I was so discouraged don't get discouraged how long you think would be an active okay so what time is it now so it's 11 o 9 now you had the third dose at what time okay so you have four more hours I don't have to the next dose per usual per sleeping that's why a girl needs a best friend to be here okay okay believe what you want to believe people okay all right people I think it's bouncing the ball for the people yeah most of the ball bounce on the floaty it'll be taken okay after the third round of psycho tech the doctor comes in I have a little bit of footage of this I think maybe not I haven't footage later on the doctor comes in and she's like okay you're about a centimeter and a half preg I'm a centimeter and a half dilated okay 12 hours 12 hours of contracting 12 hours with cytotec you guys supposed to be ripening my cervix and I'm only a centimeter and a half dilated what whatever so um I'm thinking okay she's gonna put in another round of cytotec but she's like you know she told me thankfully she has long skinny fingers because she was able to stick her hands up there they gave her this tool it's very very long tool with the hook on the end and at only a centimeter and a half dilated she stuck shoved that tool up like up my hoo-ha like through the cervix and popped my water broke the water no Anthony doesn't feel good yeah this is when got real okay so she was able to break the water wooden half centimeter dilated and I'm like yes I'm gonna start progressing so she popped the waters and instantly it's just a big old gush of you know warm fluid and this is where I am so thankful so thankful for my best friend so starting this whole journey my best friend was like don't tell anyone are miners don't tell anyone I'm a nurse of course I'm like why she's a registered nurse um but you know I told one person in the beginning but I didn't say anything so they broke my water and the actual nurse that I had there was like okay get up and go and try and pee and I mean lady there's like gallons of water falling out of me and she's like no it just feels like a lot it's not a lot I said listen I can feel this it is a locked no it's not a lot lady listen there's a lot of stuff coming out of me right now she won't listen she was like what I need you to try and pee you know we need to make sure everything's okay you don't have an infection um I couldn't do it my best friend who's a nurse was like well let's try a bedpan would that work yeah sure and I'm like weirded out cuz she's there my boyfriend's there he's probably sleeping I don't really remember where he was during this time but like they get a bedpan my best friend helps me lift my bottom up so I can pee in the bedpan um but even still the nurse wanted me to get up and like walk to the bathroom after that you know I don't I don't even remember why she wanted me to do this but what I remember getting up off the bed started walking towards the bathroom I had her a really big room but I start walking towards the bathroom and then there's just so much fluid that comes and I saw the nurses eyes her eyes got big and she said oh yeah that is a lot my best friend like well she's like shocked and stunned that you know I wasn't an idiot and there actually was a lot of fluid like falling out of my body and then I'm looking down at the ground like freaking out like okay because it was bloody you know I'm freaking out like I thought what do I do my best friend my charge into action she went she started grabbing towels throw him on the ground wiping it up don't worry about it just go to the bathroom just go to the bathroom she was great you know she was great because in that moment I probably would have like freaked out and had an anxiety attack but because it was a lot like our standing in a of my own fluids and blood in the nurse who didn't believe me that it was a lot coming out was staring you know stuck and and shocked that you know I knew it that allows I'm sorry mama and so okay so that happens once day I went to the bathroom I got back take depends not just for postpartum you know people are like oh should I wear the hospital pads or should I take depends take depends even the nurses told me oh you came prepared because after that whole debacle and you know I'm drinking fluids left and right I put on my defense it was like oh we usually like for you to you know have nothing you know blah blah give my defense because I'm not used to that I'm not gonna be walking around or sitting in your hospital just dripping fluids you know all willy-nilly sit and landing you know my own fluids just ran down my leg no put on my defense and that's not glamorous either but that was to me it was way better than dripping fluids everywhere laying in dirty sheets on top of these packed you know mattress topper the damn doggie pads you know like not okay put on the can I just say you're giving to my side I just so once I walk to the bathroom you know they cleaned up all the fluids I got back in bed I'm in my depends I feel better I'm still having contractions they start the pitocin so remember what I said about the epidural so they start the pitocin they hook me up to an IV at this point I'm no longer allowed to be on the I don't think I was allowed to be um with the wireless monitoring anymore maybe I was I think I was I think yeah I most definitely was able to I just had to push around the IV cart and I also was Group B Strep positive so the whole time you know every few hours I was getting anybody's – so they started the pitocin so every 30 minutes they started to – you know units every 30 minutes they bumped it up so – for they bumped it up by – so um I think this is you know what the doctor was trying to warn me about my she was like oh you know you're gonna meet an epidural if you're gonna get it you know get it soon because she knew that on pitocin those contractions are no joke so Alana is my first child so I don't know what real contractions feel like but I know what it feels like I protect your being induced with pitocin and um my labor you know it was drawn out so usually you know at the hospital they told me they usually stop at 20 units for the pitocin they went up to 28 for me at the end they had to cut it back down because her heart rate started to drop but they went up to 28 and so I was in so but hey I cannot stress that enough it hurt so bad good okay so Shanique was having contractions her water broke at approximately would you say 130 okay so the doctor did that at 1 centimeter 1/2 30 minutes very painful so now we're just walking around we have our drip going and she's leaving us Anthony go to your woman and walk with her walking around the room alone actually let me say something don't be shy okay can I have your prediction when she's gonna be born baby daddy in the morning tomorrow Oh today 6:30 okay baby mama oh my gosh Pamela got a clue this leaking the Niagara Falls all right now what you were saying earlier maybe 1:00 in the morning 2:00 in the morning yeah kind of a late baby no you can't switch how are you gonna say 12 when she said 12 watch this okay all right we'll check back with you guys soon it hurt so bad before going to the hospital I told my best friend I don't care what happens I'm not getting epidural till I'm fine you know five centimeters dilated tell Anthony you know don't let me come in shock otherwise well it just so happens during the daytime after had been there for 12 hours she decided to go come to the house walk my dogs and you know check on my brother and Julian and whatnot and so while she was there after I had been like in so much pain and the doctor came and you know told me again you know if you're in pain you get the epidural and I really wanted to wait till you know five centimeters and look for that okay so my water was broken I walked around you guys got work with me I'm trying to loosen this up my water was broken I walked around you know through the contractions it had been hours I remember it had been hours so um they checked me again we're all like oh my goodness you know my water's broken I'm honest pitocin me I'm Gigi and Anthony were like oh I bet she's six centimeters dilated oh I bet she's not this I know I have I have footage of Gigi oh I bet she's you know at least six seven centimeters and I was like oh I thought it'd be close to eight oh my goodness so the doctor comes in and she text me and she was like I think she said I was three I was three and a half three and I have stretched to a four it was he a three and a half stretch and then she stretched to a four or two and a half stretch to it three but I have a video footage so I insert that we're I'm good – yeah sorry me I'm touching your kid on hideout so now I can actually touch the head no hair – – yeah so you know she checked me and then in my head I'm like like I started psyching myself out like this isn't gonna work like I'm gonna have to get a c-section like yeah it had to be two and a half stretch two or three it had to be because I was not close to that five centimeters otherwise I would have try and help out tomorrow so after that Gigi left to walk the dogs to go check out my brother if she was God and when she came but you know I had decided you know I had been in so much pain like I would have thought I was I was ready to have her um so by the time she you know I told them you know okay I think I will just go ahead and get the weight let's go back work with me people I'm trying to remember before JJ left the hospital they were like do you wanna try some sort of pain relief sure I'll try the nitrous oxide they bought in that foolishness I am obviously still in labor it's taking forever I have the nitrous oxide which which really sucks like nothing like the contractions then over by the time in case it doesn't know at all so my pitocin is up to a 14 now and they contracture though listen for you people you know in the UK you ladies if it works for you it works for you but I don't know what kind of diluted mess they have over here in the US because it don't work what's the matter mama what's the matter you want out or you want your passing once you pass me let's see oh you want to spit on my titties okay so I the nitrous oxide did not work at all you put the mask on your face and you know you breathing in doesn't work I think looking back had I just kept it there the whole time you know maybe it would have helped the thing is you just couldn't get on top of the contractions with the nitrous oxide so by the time you throw the pain oh my goodness I'm I feel interaction coming you put the nitrous oxide over your mouth you start taking deep breaths by the time the you know you're in pain by the time the nitrous oxide hits you the contraction is over so you've experienced all the pain and the problem is you can't you can't put the nitrous oxide on your face until you you know feel the contraction coming over so it's like oh I'm starting to feel it put it here okay I'm in pain so the nitrous-oxide oh but the contractions over and out like you couldn't get ahead of it was always behind the contractions that the nitrous-oxide was working unless you just kept it on your face the whole time which they told it through not to do just when you thought the contraction so gee chica you know after that I'm like I want the epidural like I'm on epidural I'm ready this is when shit gets bad so I'm GG comes back and she was like what happened you know cuz while she was out that's when I said I want that but she's like you told me not until you're five centimeters I said I know that I'm in pain the anesthesiologist is coming but I belong so they initially tell me the anesthesiologist only wants one other person in the room so when they do the epidural who they don't want to choose and I'm like I really don't want to choose you know of course I would have chose Anthony but if I had to pick but um I didn't want to choose and he came and he was like so is it just these two and they were like yeah and they let both of them stay in for the epidural so he comes in you know they the nurses right here in front of me you know my face is facing her she's got her arm on me and tell you to crouch over for the anaesthesia anesthesiologist to start the epidural Anthony and Gigi are sitting in chairs in front of me so I had that having what's called a wet tap so because of the the first epidural I'd have like leaking spinal fluid that happened so he doesn't prep you know clean the back you know he told you to crouch down and you know he's filling around with the needle trying to you know get into the epidural space and he's pushing around you know that all hurts you know and then he you know pushes me a little further and then I thought a pop and then I felt like warm fluid go up and down my spine up into the base of my skull and then I took a big gash like that just like that and so the nurses froze because other next is watching to my best friend and Anthony and they started like freaking out if she's just like what's wrong what's wrong and I'm like I couldn't speak much that you have to speak what did you feel what did you feel and I said I felt a pop and I felt fluid and they're like okay the nurse that's like right in front of me like holding you know me looks at the end Susie ologist you know it looks concerned and then she's like just sunroof just something it's okay so I'm like okay they didn't explain to me until later what happened but you know he takes it either out and then he inserts you know he tries to do it again because the the epidural again and when it's all said and done I was still feeling contractions I had no no relief whatsoever and so I'm having to have four I'm talking about three in this video and I'll tell you the other in another video but I ended up having four epidural was done so it didn't work you know he told me I said my legs felt heavy and I said yes and he's a great you know in a few minutes you're starting to feel better so he leaves after doing you know the second one and then the nurses I could tell them that they they knew that you know because I was still in pain it it wasn't gone like immediately they knew that it didn't take so I was still like feeling pants I just was in you know absolute agony alright hey guys so we just had an epidural six o'clock 6:30 maybe maybe it's been about 30 minutes Shaniqua how do you feel the epidural help okay so what happened was anesthesiologist came in and had to go in twice he thinks when he call it he call it a wet tap you guys looked at it that ain't normal and we're still feeling contractions which we saw it's epidural to help with the pain don't you feel your legs can you wiggle your toes okay we can move okay we got movement and a little bit they're gonna come and check her they're gonna kick me out I know they can't wait to do that put in a Foley and check her see how many centimeters we are hopefully we're halfway there I was in absolute agony and so they finally called it an anesthesiologist back in and they're like it didn't take like she's in pain you have to come back so he comes and you know he asked you know are you still in pain and he's like oh I don't know why you said your legs were heavy you know if it wasn't working well my legs are heavy bump so I have a baby you know in my couch and you know all this other crap I have my legs felt heavy that's what she asked him my legs my head you didn't ask if I was in pain like I told you the whole time I still felt pain you say it'll kick in in a minute regardless so he does at the Douro the third time and the third time you know he took that that's a going-out the third time it worked kind of I'm gonna tell you in a minute why is it kind of is currently 1:11 a.m. on the 24th I believe I've been in labor for days now they're gonna come and check me at 1:30 but I do finally feel some pressure like well you have to poop really but like I couldn't push a little pressure down there so my epidural they had to stick me three times well they had to do it three times it was like the whole time I was having contractions I hadn't cried anything and so I got the epidural and I like broke down because there's just too much and Gigi and Anthony are sleeping they've been sleep on that maybe she's not sleeping but yeah I really hope that this can be over today but I was you know I had relief you know after that third one where I ended up having to have the fourth epidural was because I had to have a corrective procedure done for the the leaking of the spinal fluid that caused the spinal headache and whatnot um that whole thing was called a wet tap and I had to have a blood patch done for that but that's another video so he um he does uh the the third epidural and I felt better I was able to relax you know I could still feel pressure I still had pain on like the left side of my hip but you know some people are like oh it only took on one side for the most part it was gone like the legs were numb I don't know what it was about that hit but you know it was gone aging it just if that part was painful everything else was not like and I was able to get some rest so um and wait they do they put like a bolus like a lot of medicine through the epidural and then excuse me and then they give you a button to push so I was able to push the button I want to say this was around 6 or 7 p.m. the next day that I finally got the epidural and so um through the night you know I kept having contractions kept having contractions I was able to press and utg they went back to sleep you know they went back to sleep while I was going through this whole you know situation no they were great but they did go back to sleep they went back to sleep and what happened I remember the nurse Asian how they are coming in periodically to check me I was given the peanut ball so I was going from side to side with the peanut balm on between my legs and that really helps it really helps you to progress because the next thing I know they come in and they check me and I'm like I'm at a 7 and I think like 30 minutes later I'm like I'm like oh I felt pressure I feel like a lot of pressure you know like do you want me to check you again and I'm like yeah check me again you checked me and I was at like an eighth or something and then like right with him at 7 or 8 range I was in pain again that had the both the the button for the epidural wasn't working but I wasn't you know and it would work because I would have you know be numb the rector most of my body but the left side of my hip I was in the worst pain I thought my hip was breaking like I was crying out screaming like my hip is breaking now mind you my left leg is numb my left torso is not my whole right side of my body is is no but my left hip was about to break like there's nothing you cannot tell me that it wasn't breaking I don't know why I thought this early oh we have to call an anesthesiologist again I don't understand when she's feeling pain so they call the anesthesiologist and I'm he's like what's going on did you press the button sure I've been pressing this button like my hip is break me like you have to do something he was like I couldn't give another bolus which is the the big dose of the medicine it's much more than what you get with the button but I don't want to overdose you and I said sure you have to overdose me I was dead a serious excuse my language sweet but I was dead serious I was like Sir you have to overdose me because I'm in pain like I am anything my hip is breaking why aren't you listening to me so he goes and he gives me the bolus he gives me the bullets on and then I have which just took the edge off of the of the the hip pain and then of course I had my button that I could still press so I think that the the hip pain was like either like shoulders or something that was like moving around in my pelvis like cuz I know she always was like laying on the the left side because once it passed like magic contractions are just pushing her down pushing her down because once that passed was when I started feeling that you know infamous oh you have to go poo so once it passed um that that pain that you know my hip was and even again after having the Polish in Ecuador I still felt pain it just took the edge off and it you know made it more comfortable for me but I did still feel the pain I still thought that but it did eventually pass once you started passing that's when I was like I feel like I have to go you use the bathroom so I figured are you gonna go I'm gonna take you out in a minute dogs so once it passed and that's when I felt like I have to go use the bathroom so I told the nurse oh I'm like I have to go like I think I have to you know go use the bathroom like I said I have to go poop and she was like oh that's good that's good that means you're getting closer she was like I need to check you that need to check you it's time to do the thing for 19 in the morning are you ready huh can't stop shaking it'll be over soon all right guys we'll see you soon okay so she um she goes and she's like oh like 9 centimeters we got called the doctor and so they you know people start coming in there's like lights coming on ba ba ba ba and call the doctor and they at this point it's maybe like four four something ish in the morning and so they're you know I'm yelling at you GG hey I'm like nine nine five centimeters you know stuff is happening I'm gonna happen I'm gonna have a baby soon like and so they get up you know from their slumber you know their sleep and the nurses come and put on you know their gloves they said they called the doctor but I don't know and so um they're like okay the heads right there we can see it we couldn't have you do some practice pushes so in my head after you know we're you know 27 28 hours into this thing I knew after that hip pain you know I knew what I felt when she said oh we gonna do some practice pushes I said in my head we're not practicing anything lady we need a doctor are you gonna be – baby those were those were my exact thoughts right it's cool honey buddy and so on she's like okay we're gonna do some practice pushes and then doctors gonna come in and we're gonna have a baby so they told me to hold my leg no I have the side of the bed first you know Anthony's here and think Gigi's back recording this footage that were not supposed to have and so you know there's they're like what the next contraction push so I am gonna push no you want out okay this little lady is this Omani Elise along at least folios she's 8 weeks old she's my sweet girl and she is knocked out it's like she left you in that huh say hi mama say hi sweet girl okay so what where was I so they um in my head I'm like this like you're going to deliver this baby because I'm not practicing anything so you can't intentionally put the oxygens No hold your lesson instead of the handle let's try it out so they tell me with the next contraction you know to bear down and push and I didn't need any coaching because again in my head I knew this baby's gonna come out so you know contraction came I'm buried down and like one two three four you know like oh she's gonna do that we need the doctor another nurse is putting putting on her glass or on her um her glove I have footage of this too and she's like oh I could deliver this baby but you know we're gonna try to get the doctor in here and so they're like stop pushing stop pushing nurses do all the work well you can record cutting okay so just [Applause] so the doctor like comes and they tell me to stop you know after one push the doctor comes in puts on you know her gloves and they're like okay next contraction push three pushes and out comes all my money and I tore like I was laying there and I hear I'm listening to the doctor and they're like oh she's bleeding and they're like well let's give it a second to see if it's gonna stop and I guess it didn't because she was like put the pitocin back on pitocin is too you know could track the uterus and try and stop hemorrhaging and then she also took the cytotec which is what I had in the beginning of the labor to start contractions she put another cybertek up inside of my uterus to I guess try and stop the bleeding because and I don't know if it's because I pushed her cuz she was small she was 6 pounds 2 ounces and I don't know if it was but she didn't have a big game I don't know if it's because her hair always measured you know three weeks ahead but I don't know if it's because I pushed her out so fast so the doctor didn't have time to you know make sure I didn't tear while crowning but I did tear in three quick three places I tore on both sides of the labia and of the the middle of my vagina and so I had to be stitched up yeah I had to be stitched up and that was not fun but yeah so that's the story for my labor and delivery blog you know vlog or footage will be added that's the story of how polluted mrs. imani lease came into the world yeah it was terrifying painful but it was absolutely incredible yeah I will have more videos coming up like with a day in the life for us and also a video about what happened because I think it really dates to the hospital three days postpartum okay thank you for watching say bye sweet girl mama say hi to the people yeah you

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