Induction Causes C-Sections, Pooping in Labor, & Med Free Birth? | OBGYN FACT VS MYTH EPISODE 001

hey guys welcome back this is such an exciting topic isn't fictional is it truth labor delivery pregnancy myth or fact submissions these came from Instagram you submitted like almost 300 of them so I'm gonna work through getting all of them addressed it is not all going to happen today clearly that video would be very long today we're going to be talking about pooping in labor and delivery getting pregnant with your IUD in place I forgot what the third one is where did it go if having a medicine free delivery is worth it and does having an induction increase your risk of a c-section before we go any further I would like to talk about my shirt it is care of the one and only philip defranco he sent it to me not really kind of I purchased it from his merch shop but if he wants to send me something especially if it's sarcastic I will take it it says why be informed when you can use your feelings as facts I don't know I felt like it was appropriate now I'm gonna go into why okay on that note let's just jump into it that is what Philip DeFranco says and he is incredible I don't know why you're watching me if you don't know who he is so don't leave don't leave you kill much time stay stay intro intro [Applause] okay I'm trying to talk slower because a few of you nicely told me I talked too fast which I already know and I hate to inform you of this but I'm talking like at minus-8 of them a typical speed in these videos and then some of you like totally trolled me about the talking fast thing and I can't help it I've already slowed down my brain goes this fast my speech follows right behind it and then yeah okay trying to bring it down a notch bringing it down a notch slower trying to bring it back down to earth guys I'm trying alright maybe you should listen faster wouldn't hurt you don't listen faster alright let's talk about pooping one of the most repeated myth or fact things that you guys submitted on Instagram was I'm terrified I will poop in labor is this really a thing doesn't usually happen please tell me it doesn't happen I wish I could sit here and tell you it's not a thing or it doesn't happen but that would be a lie so I'm gonna spin this and talk about it more from an angle of why you should not be worried about it first off the mechanisms of having a baby are just really similar to the mechanism of having a bowel movement the muscles you use the location all of those things are just really similar so yes people sometimes poop while they are pushing and it's fine and actually your medical team might be happy about it because it just means you are an excellent pusher I was gonna say that like it was a punch line but it's not a punch line it's the truth that's all I got so I'm clearly struggling to like effectively normalize this so I want to talk about what you could maybe relate it to in your life if you are a mom or if you know people who are moms or if you're just a human alive with a heartbeat you know that moms and dads change diapers so if you think really long hard about changing diapers you might find it to be a little bit girls when you think about it however it is so extraordinarily normal and a part of everyday life for any parent or anyone who has ever been in caregiver for a child that it's like a non-event I don't know how many hundreds of dirty diapers I've changed in my life and it's just not a big deal right because it's normal that's just what you do and that's kind of how pooping on labor and delivery is viewed by your medical team it doesn't always happen but when it does it's so totally normal it's a non-event we aren't worried about it and you shouldn't be either it's not like a highlight of our job but it's also not a negative of our job like nobody goes home after delivering a baby or working in male labor and delivery unit and goes oh my gosh somebody pooped on L&D today because it's just not like you just wouldn't ever talk about it it's just something that sometimes happens now some of you had questions about how do you clean it up what does this look like is it like out there and I you know all this it's it's usually just not a big deal it's like it either goes into the bag that's underneath you or we can covertly clean it up with a towel it's just not a big deal guys I know that is hard to wrap your head around it I've never been in the situation or you've never seen a baby born but we're so preoccupied by making sure you're safe your baby is safe and that we can have a happy delivery that it's just it's just we don't think about it so I wish I could ease your fears because it seemed like there was a lot of fear around this by telling you that it doesn't happen I hope that rather than trying to do that and lie to you I can just normalize that if it does happen nobody thought twice of it it's not a big deal so yeah try not to worry about it I know it doesn't help like I said in the Downton Abbey video it doesn't help to tell someone not to worry about something that's not good advice but I hope it helps to know that it's just a huge neutral non-event to every single person who has ever worked in any capacity around somebody who has delivered a baby so there you go let's just move right along now we're going to talk about having a baby naturally is a hundred percent worth it I think by naturally this question means without medication or without anesthesia and it's very hard to answer because I feel like that is extremely individualized if somebody wants to have a baby without any anesthesia then I think deciding will that be worth it or not worth it to them totally depends on their motivation for wanting to have a pain medicine free delivery what I mean by that is if your motivation to have a medication free delivery is I just really want to experience this it's important to me I want to see if I can do it I want to use hypnobirthing or I want to use Bradley method or whatever it is it's just important to you to do that then yeah you probably would think it was worth it on the flip side of that if somebody's motivation for wanting to have a medication or pain medicine free birth is that they are terrified of getting an epidural because they had heard a horror story about something crazy happening that they're just scared of and said they don't want to have the epidural place or they're just fearful of the anesthesia itself or they have beliefs around the anesthesia that are misguided either they've heard something bad that happened and they need to talk about that or someone in their life is pressuring them not to get an epidural for some reason those would be reasons that having and medication free delivery may not be worth it to someone so I think this comes down to motivation and I can't tell you yes or no that that is or is not worth it for you I can tell you no it is not worth it to me and if you'd like to know why you can go watch my birth story from pecs because I'm a big was but some of you aren't and that's fine and some of you aren't big voices and you still want an epidural and that's okay me personally wouldn't be worth it I am a wuss I would die dead but that doesn't mean that's the right decision for you and it doesn't mean it would not be worth it for you if I'm talking too fast for you just click the little Settings button down there on the youtubes and decrease my speed to like 75 percent or something that's what I do because when I watch youtube videos I can't watch them in normal speed I'll watch them in 1.5 or 2 times speed and just where my brain is guys I'm sorry I'm sorry I love this shirt and I just keep looking at it and thinking like this is just Philip DeFranco thank you for supporting science and neutrality being an excellent news resource for people I love you but not in a weird way a you to be way I'm married I think you're married to I don't love you like that I love a channel Phil Edie I love a channel ok I don't want to why do you watch me dog I am so weird ok next question I have show notes one second oh this is a good one ok if your uterus is heart-shaped you will get pregnant or you can get pregnant with an IUD in place so let's back this up and talk about what all of those things mean uterus can be shaped many ways and what we call arcuate uterus is known to the general population as a heart shaped eaters this isn't really a uterus that actually looks like a heart but the inside of the uterus on imaging is kind of heart-shaped it's really just got kind of an indention in the top arcuate our heart-shaped uterus is the most common non-typical uterine shape about 3 to 4 percent of the general population has a you that is shaped kind of like a heart and there are a whole variety of other shapes of uterus that are much less common but possible and maybe I'll do a video about uterine anomalies at some point the question asks about IUDs so intrauterine devices which I talked about briefly in my 24 hour vlog on my called a vlog are contraceptive devices that go inside the uterus we place them in clinic there's progesterone one and a copper one and the reason somebody asked about this is because the inside of the uterus being shaped differently made them wonder if that would increase the failure rate of an IUD so to continue with this conversation we need to know what is the failure rate of an ie D IUDs are very effective forms of birth control they fail about 0.5% of the time less than 1% for sure and that's about the same as a likelihood of getting your tubes tied failing so your chances of getting pregnant with an IUD in place are about the same as your chances of getting pregnant if you tied your tubes but IUDs are obviously reversible the question basically wants to know is a abnormally shaped uterus or a different shaped uterus going to increase the risk that I'm going to get pregnant with an IUD in place and the generally accepted answer is no it probably won't now could it increase the risk of the IUD becoming malposition meaning it's too low in the uterus or it's sideways or something to that effect may be so in order to decide if that matters we need to know does that make a difference in pregnancy rates the answer is in a progesterone IUD it probably doesn't in a copper IUD it might and the reason is because they work in different ways progesterone IUDs absorb progesterone into the uterus and so if they're a little bit off-center or too low they still work pretty well a copper IUD works a little bit more by a local reaction foreign body reaction and so being in the wrong place may leave some of the uterus exposed to normal and increase the failure rate the literature says uterine shape does not probably make a big difference in IUD failure rates and certainly not a big enough difference to change your recommendations on whether somebody should use an IUD or not so hope that answers the question does having a heart-shaped uterus or an arcuate uterus change your risk of pregnancy with an IV in place and the answer is probably not okay next one is it number four are we on number four what did we talk about okay yeah I think we're on number four number four just stop making numbers list number four the question is these submission is being induced increases my risk of a c-section I love the submission thank you for submitting this why am i yelling why do I love the submission because this is such a commonly held belief not just amongst you guys but amongst all of us who work in labor and delivery we have long thought particularly in people who have never had a baby that elective induction would increase the risk of a c-section and last year an excellent study came out that said this is actually not true I think in order to discuss this we need to talk about what kind of study it is it is a randomized control trial and this is an excellent piece of literature the study said we're going to put people in two groups these women are going to be in the elective induction of labor group and these women are going to be in the expectant management group what expectant management is is we just wait for you to go into labor on your own if a medical reason to induce you comes up we move you to the induction group but you don't count towards the outcomes in that group because you still learn our expectant management the women who were included in the trial were nola pourous meaning they had never delivered a baby relatively healthy no pregnancy complications the women who were induced in the 39 weaker had not only a lack of an increased risk of c-section but a decreased risk of c-section I don't think anybody expected this why was that what happened why did the women in the expectant Management Group have an increased risk of c-section when we've all thought all along that inducing people especially people who've never had a baby before increase the risk of c-section some of the theories are that as you move through the pregnancy the baby is less likely to tolerate labor meaning as you move through the pregnancy the baby is more likely to have placental insufficiency or cord problems which cause heart rate drops or things like that and labor and necessitate a c-section based on fetal complications I don't think we know a hundred percent yet why we see that but it was significant for every 28 inductions you do at 39 weeks you prevent one c-section this is super important guys because we're moving towards trying to reduce our c-section rates and this could help now I don't think you should be forced to be induced that is crazy too this should be an individualized decision you are not a research paper this is a discussion it is not you have to be a noose at 39 weeks it's just an option in the group that was not induced at 39 weeks mom had an increased risk of c-section baby had an increased risk of needing respiratory support and mom had an increased risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and preeclampsia this is important too because we as a group of OBGYNs everybody who cares about maternal health in the United States are working so hard to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity and one of the biggest causes of maternal mortality and morbidity is hypertensive disorders of pregnancy it's still extremely rare but it not the disorder but like dying from it or having severe complications from it are still extremely rare but they are a big part of that group a bad outcome how this changes my clinical practice is that I kind of view the timeframe between 39 weeks and 41 weeks to be a gray area so before 39 weeks we shouldn't induce you unless there's a medical problem between 39 and 41 weeks what this very good randomized control trial on a very large population of women says is that elective induction does not increase your risk of caesarean delivery does actually decrease it and may improve both maternal and neonatal outcomes after 41 weeks going into labor on your own does not increase the chances that you will have the baby vaginally it might actually decrease them as compared to elective induction according to this study so all of that to say this is your decision I never forced people to be induced I think that's crazy but you should know the information so that you can make a decision that's best for you there are reasons that someone individually may want to wait I think it's important that this is out there and that women know about it because the overarching thing that I hear is women thinking that if I'm induced by c-section risk goes up and it's not true it is not true according to a very good study obviously as we talked about you are not research you are a person and your decision-making should be individualized that's why we don't do the same thing for everyone it's just really important to have the facts before you make your decision be informed I am going to link all of this information as much of it as I can in the description below if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you like philip defranco you can also give it a thumbs up because i'm wearing his shirt this shirt so good I just love it Thank You Philip DeFranco if you're not subscribed please hit subscribe below you are there hi friends goodbye

45 Replies to “Induction Causes C-Sections, Pooping in Labor, & Med Free Birth? | OBGYN FACT VS MYTH EPISODE 001”

  1. I am wondering when they say “natural” if they mean “free-birth” too? Would you do a video about that, or about “lotus births”? I think those are where the umbilical cord stays attached after birth…but I am not sure. How natural is “too natural”? How risky is having an unassisted home birth?

  2. I was induced, twice, with my last baby. The first time, I was 40 weeks and begged to be induced. This baby was a vbac. I went in, got the pitocin, nothing happened. Got an epidural hoping it would relax my body and allow the meds to work, nothing. I did not want another C-section, (huge phobia of operating rooms). My waters were intact so I asked to just go home and try again later. At 42 weeks my Dr said we need to get the baby out. He sent me back to the hospital, hooked up the pitocin, bam labor started. My husband snuck me some chocolate cake (I hate cake but oh it was sooooo good). As soon as my epidural was in place I went from 4-10 centimeters in about 30 minutes. It was awesome. Without the induction I would have had to have a C-section. I would have missed my daughter's birth, I just couldn't go into the operating room again. Love love love pitocin.

  3. That is really, really interesting. My water broke on its own at 41+1. After 48 hours of baby not dropping below 0 station, I was wheeled off for a C-section. When they got in there, they found out how unexpectedly huge my baby was ( 10 lbs. 1 oz.) and he was so wedged and stuck, there was no way he could've moved down on his own. He's totally fine and I recovered very well, but I wonder if we'd known and had induced a week or two sooner, he would've been small enough to descend…….

  4. You being so fast is probably a good thing since you are a doctor. 😂😂. So other people can shove it 😜👌🏻

  5. If this helps anyone in the natural vs. epidural decision:

    I got the juice while in labor. I felt nothing. Blessed, glorious nothing. (Ok, not totally. In the latter stage, it felt like mild cramps.) Sure, I couldn't walk for a few hours, but what did I care? It's not like I was going anywhere.

    My sister decided to do it natural. She felt it allllllll. It was absolutely horrible for her. Weirdly, the worst part for her was after the fact, when they had to stitch her up. She had some significant tearing, and she felt it all. She said them stitching her up hurt worse than the labor and delivery.

    No, everyone's experiences are not the same. But there's some food for thought.

  6. I was induced at 41 weeks and then had an epidural placed. After 12hrs the Dr told me I would not dilate anymore than I have, as I was 100% effaced and said we need to do an emergency C-section. I agreed to it because my daughter was pushing on my urethra SO bad to the point I was crying from the urge to pee. They administered the spinal anesthesia through the epidural catheter to numb me. I remember having trimmers for the first time ever. Shaking very bad. The Dr told me it was fine and normal. The emergency C-section started and I didn't feel anything UNTIL my Dr started pushing and pulling. It felt like they were ripping my insides out. I was crying and saying it hurt very bad. She asked if it was pain or pressure. When I said pain, they gave me general anesthesia after pulling my daughter out. It hurt so bad. Was the pain likely from the anesthesia being put in through the epidural catheter?.. also, my daughter had a giant bump on her head for a few hrs after birth. My husband said he was scared I would die and that the baby had a tumor. It was funny when he said that because I knew she and I were fine at the time. She also had her cord wrapped around her neck 3 times. I'm just happy she was fine. I'm now done having kids and I'm getting paragard in 2 weeks. Birth can be so difficult. It's so different for everyone. A funny thing was I had a friend a room over who I knew very well (didn't plan it). She was induced after me and had her daughter vaginally hours before I had mine. She is so short and thin too. Everyone told me I had child-bearing hips. LOL. Well they didn't work.

  7. Wait, how was the random assignment done? If they were elective inductions, doesn't that mean the mom chose to be induced? Sorry I think it's just a failure on my part to follow but I teach research methods and do research on moms so probably should just go read the paper.

  8. Why is it in the USA mums are not given gas and air straight to en epi.
    So hands on and medical.
    My first I was in labour 56-58hrs no pain relief no epi nothing.
    Hot shower walking around and rocking….
    I had 3rd degree tearing had gas air for stitching.
    2nd birth was an indication 2hr 20mins total again no pain relief.
    Apart from gas and air at the end.
    I almost ended up having c section.

  9. However, there are PLENTY of L&D horror story's about you crazy ladies out there who decided to drink a bunch of castor oil to induce labor, had it work, and ended up with a shitty labor experience.

    Get it? 😂🤣

  10. A good labor and delivery nurse will wipe that 💩 away, never make a face, and never say a word about it.

  11. No joke, i had to check and see if I had the speed turned up on the last vid of yours I watched. Love your videos anyways though!

  12. I watched this video sped up from the beginning so I found it funny that people were giving you a hard time for talking too fast.

  13. My 17 year old daughter is the product of a failed IUD! My OB/GYN said it was a 1 in 1000 chance. I think I was his first patient to experience this.

  14. Any one elce got pregnant on a iud? ✋✋✋ Haha it slipped I got pregnant and then lossed that baby before having my daughter my hormones iud fell out and then after I had her I had a copper iud and guess what fell out iud failed me 3 times 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what make it more funny last year I was gonna give up trying for a baby and just go back on birth control my doctor said why don't we try a iud. Dude they fell out 3 times.

  15. I pooped during my second delivery. My husband says they quickly whisked it away and it wasn't a thing. I'm mostly traumatized that my husband saw me poop.

  16. Hmm…I wonder if the study about inductions would have a different outcome if they were dealing with a VBAC candidate? We have had 2 c sections, bit that I felt were necessary, but my OB is very encouraging in a future attempt at a vba2c. My OB would prefer the mother try to go into labor on her own to have a higher chance of a successful TOLAC, but IF the mother needs an induction, he would do something gentle, like low dose pit, foley, peanut ball, those options over going straight into a c section. I would like to see a similar study with VBAC candidates.

  17. I'm gonna be completely honest here, guys. I pooped during labor and nobody cared, especially not me. I was too busy having my vagina ripped open by a tiny human with a big head. It didn't matter.

  18. I’ve been induced 4x with just cervidil and never had a csection. I’ve had 8 babies so far and expecting triplets in June/July 💙💙💙

  19. I always watch you tube at 2x speed so I didn’t think you talk fast, lol. I was so worried about pooping before giving birth, but during I wanted that baby out so I didn’t care. I also realized pushing like pooping was the key lol I don’t know if I poop, my bff said I didn’t, but I don’t believe her.

  20. copper IUD, diafragm and condoms are like the only non hormonal contraceptives avaliable. i purpously left out the woman condom because i cant imagine anyone would actually do that. do you think talking about non hormonal birth control is important? i think its definitly a topic that we dont talk about enough…

  21. My fear of anesthesia/epidurals/prescription pain meds totally made a pain med free birth worth it to me! I’m so scared of being out of control.

  22. I talk/type/write really fast too!! I jus think really fast and I think it’s a sign of being intelligent 💁

  23. Had a medication free delivery with my first because I was socially awkward and wouldn't ask for drugs until it was too late. Now pregnant with my second I am not scared at all because I know I am capable of doing it and I know not a chance in hell am I doing it without drugs again

  24. Dr. Jones! I love your videos!!!! I am interested to learn what you relationships with midwives and doulas look like? I am so inspired by your videos. Thank you for making them!!!

  25. Love these answers! Favourite discovery is that you can speed or slow videos! I tried you in 1.25, I preferred it 😂
    I had a pain free birth and for me it was 100% worth it. I'd love to do a home birth next time.

  26. I had an emergency c section and my epidural actually really hurt. He was a millimeter off the first prick and the second one when I felt it hit my spinal cord hurt. Plus it didnt help I was 9 centimeters dilated already. It was so hard to hold still through those contractions. I'm definitely not having optional pain medication for this vbac Haha. Nope. I'll take the contractions.

  27. Not afraid of pooping on the table. However im terrified of tearing coz im scared if it will ever be the same. Also if it hurts more than not tearing. Also im terrified of needles. So an epidural for me would be only if i was going for a c section.

  28. Could you please do a video about tearing and other injuries that can occur during vaginal birth? How common is it, and what are your expert opinions? Asking because I'm terrified and would like some reassurence. :/ Love your videos!

  29. You just made my viewing so much better with the playback speed!!!! I also watched this video in 1.5 😂. I had no prob keep up!

  30. Can you post on the other risks associated with induction though? Even if it doesn't increase the risk of c-section (and that's not the stance in the UK, based on all the other research that's been carried out), there are so many other risks – increased risk of assisted delivery, third and fourth degree tears, haemmorage, postpartum depression and PTSD, rapid response or failure to progress, both of which can be really distressing. Please don't present induction as non-problematic simply because of it not leading to c-sections, when it can lead to so many other really traumatic and dangerous outcomes.

  31. I have a regular shaped uterus (as far as I know I was never told otherwise during my 3 pregnancies) and got pregnant with the Mirena! I couldn’t believe it, and people can’t believe it when I tell them lol but he’s 6 months old now (and our last two are 17 months apart!). It’s crazy to be a part of the 1%!

    Ps. I just found your channel and I love it and find your hilarious! I could binge watch all day if my kids would let me 😀

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