25 Replies to “Infant Annihilator – Soil the Stillborn [Bass Cover]”

  1. Awesome cover man! You totally nailed it! I'll try to learn that crazy funky bass solo, it looks so cool. Are you using your thumb and index finger to play that fast ghost notes? (3:35 and also 3:38) It looks like the technique Remco uses. Thanks!

  2. You nailed the solo, but you did get one part wrong. @ 3:42 you alternated between octaves, when you should have just played 4 to 3 on the e then pop the octave on the d string. I tried to learn this solo by ear and I find by doing that you blend with the bass easily. I’m not hating on the cover it was amazing. But I just wanted you to hear my opinion on how the solo is. Keep up the good work you’ve earned a sub

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