28 Replies to “Infant Annihilator – Soil the Stillborn – Guitar Play-through [OFFICIAL]”

  1. So what's the deal with this band? Do they ever play live? And if so, will you play South Texas sometime? The metal scene sucks down here but hell I'd go…

  2. I can appreciate your skill and the original artists skill but I feel guitars only need 6 strings. Let the bass player do his job! What I'm hearing is the bass from the lower strings getting lost in the mix. Sounding a bit mushy but if that's what they are going for that all good and well. But anyway good playing!

  3. Why all the invert cross and pentagrams, it's like fashion, these mofos don't worship satan. I love just about every genre of metal and the shock value thing is over with, so don't advertise or give Satan any credit………ahh..who gives a shit what I think anyway

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