hello my dear sisters and brothers today is a topic that is very very serious I do not have personal experience with this topic but it is such a serious topic and so impactful for people to know the truth of this topic that I want to talk about it and there is no judgment at all it's it's only about wanting to prevent future suffering of the beings in our universe the topic is abortion and what I call the spectrum that infertility miscarriage and abortion are on and I call it one spectrum Yeshua will tell you that all things are born of emotion so in my perspective the physical act of abortion is just one step further along the spectrum of event which entails and acting out the same emotion that has started with the slightest issues with infertility and has culminated in actually enacting the emotion of abortion so we can't without any further knowledge we can know that the emotion is an unloving one we don't know what the exact ocean is but we know that it's an unloving emotion that would cause this destruction so the main thing the first thing I want to say is this is a topic that both of our sisters and brothers that involves both of our sisters and brothers equally in God's eyes those have an equal responsibility for the third life that they procreate together God is not a physical being there's no nothing physical about her so that which is physical of course she can see whatever she wants to see but to reach to get this point to you that which is physical is not seen by her only what is occurring at the soul level is seen by her and is carried out by her so the physical the physical bond or the physical attachment the fleshly physical attachment that this third procreated being has to one of the two souls that procreated it that doesn't exist in God's eyes in reality that doesn't exist what exists is two souls having procreated a third physical body and spirit body for for a third soul that was created by God these two souls have only procreated flesh and blood and even that was not their own design God designed it within them so humans really have no credit for anything the the two souls that have procreated this flesh and blood they are equally responsible for in the spiritual stewardship the soul stewardship of this soul that that physical attachment does not exist in God's eyes and they are just two souls having an impact and an influence on this soul so you have two orbs procreating they're not creating that third orb they're they're creating the clothing for that more of the physical and spiritual body so these two souls there's no physical attachment of that third little soul there's no physical attachment to either one of these two souls in reality because physicality is not God's reality so all that is seen is the two souls and their impact and influence on that third soul Yeshua will tell you that many of our sisters and brothers when they transition to the earth Tenace spirit dimension they are shocked at where they find themselves initially you growth is eternal so hell is not eternal that is very important to know but where they find themselves initially when they first transition is very shocking to some of our sisters and brothers and it takes the many many years for it to dawn on them why they're there that may they have done something in there earth life that they had not considered was having any significance but to God it has profound significance and it's unfortunate that it has to be learned it takes that shock for it to be learned and it can take many years in the spirit world for that for that thought to dawn oh maybe there was something that I did something that was not right so that was the first thing I wanted to say is it is it extremely it's a genderless issue get just getting that knowledge um improves so much just that truth the second truth is that the answer to the age-old question when does the soul attach to the physical body and the answer is at the moment of conception so that age-old question has now been answered and now we make the choices based on knowledge so we cannot say that we don't know that we didn't know that the soul was attached at conception Yeshua has stated that is when it is attached a lot of a lot of these these conceived these fertilized cellular entities and the physical dimension and are put in freezers were in the future of fertilization a bunch of complicated things are done with these fertilized with these physical beings there are just a few cells pink composition and everything done with them has extremely significant impact severe and soul not soul destroying but it has impacts upon the soul adults or who's engaged in these things that humans don't your stand in the least of it since the soul is attached at conception those those beings that are on ice for in vitro fertilization what is happening to them it's extremely unloving what has been done and everything we do with love without love has such ramifications that we cannot understand and we are harming when we don't know that we're harming and we now know that we are harm when we engage in these things so there's no there's no excuse of ignorance anymore yes was teaching truth of the universe so that we can stop suffering the other thing I want to say is that God makes no distinction between a murder that a murderer that society considers a murderer and a murderer that only God considers a murderer the act of murder society will make a distinction between what is the murder and what is not God does not make that distinction so that is why Yeshua says that some of our sisters and brothers are in shock at where they initially go to when they transition to the spirit world because a distinction is not made by God between between murders that are that society and world the world will give give a distinction to what the world will pardon an excuse as being okay and innocent God does not and this physical incarnation is is the first kindergarten step in the life long existence so lended was designed by God to be that the physical experience when that part of God's design is stolen from the creation that's meant to operate within that design that's a serious it's a serious challenge to God's will when mere mortals take what isn't theirs to take when they destroy what isn't theirs to destroy what they did not create and they destroy it that really goes against the rule of God and there are consequences for everything we do whether good or bad there are beautiful rewards for everything to align with God's loving will there are consequences for everything to do that is not aligned with God's living will there are about 200 million aborted children in the world through world statistics Yeshua knows differently he knows from a spiritual perspective which is much more real perspective and he said that's much more than two hundred million and in some some statistics for the world even says 50 million is more than two hundred million he knows it from the perspective of of a soul failing to incarnate onto earth he knows it from that perspective of souls who are unable to incarnate the world knows it as abortion or miscarriage or whatnot but from a perspective of a soul not succeeding to incarnate onto earth as much more than 200 million and the resources used in that in the spirit world to address this issue once these beings transition to the spirit world the spiritual resources are immense that are needed to address this the the children who are aborted or miscarried suffer suffer much more than is known and the nurses in the spirit world who are both our sisters and brothers both genders are nurses to these babies they're always celestial Yeshua said most most of time their celestial spirits and they give the love to these aborted children that they that they have never experienced on earth but they need it much more intensely because of the fact that their first experience of existence was someone wanting to destroy them so okay so I cannot do this subject justice my friends I really hope that he will watch the interviews and openings below and share those interviews with everybody it's coming out now how to say this diplomatically it's coming out with more and more about the plight of children in a global sense and and the reason for this this global plight of children being what it is is based on the single individual having these emotions is unloving emotions toward children which are evident and manifested and evident in infertility miscarriage and abortion the desperate desire for a child causing infertility miscarriages the same is a similar unloving emotion of selfishness that it's it's not a desire for a child it's the desire for the life of the child which is a desire for that child as a resource to fulfill emotional addictions so so people think that miscarriage is the opposite of abortion the person fee adults who miscarry is desperately wants a childhood it's the opposite of abortion but in fact is it's a disrespect it's profound disrespect the abortion is the disrespect of that tells life the the miscarriages disrespected the child's soul because all they are is a life resource to fulfill their emotional addictions it's an exploit to emotion that is toxic to the connection that the soul was trying to maintain with the physical body so that the connection is destroyed because it's not I can't it's not healthy and strong enough because of the toxicity of the exploited of emotion of the two souls that have procreated it the desperation for a child is is an emotion of Martin to take from that child to fulfill the emotional needs of the parent which is the opposite of loving that individual unique soul so my friends I will I will talk to you very soon

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