sisters and brothers we forgot to get something from the pageant messages November 13th 1915 I am here Helen the pictures contain a very important truth that all humans should understand and appreciate I have no doubt that the pictures of a ward life will have a good effect on many by making them think before resorting to committing that act babies who come to the spirit world as a result of abortion do not ever go back to the earth parents for any purpose whatsoever there are spirits here who are specially designated to take care of these babies these spirits who have charged in these babies in the spirit will never permit them to come in contact with the earth parents because no love is there to receive these poor little waves and where there is no emotion of love there is no physical court of attraction that would compel the return of the babies once they love to earth with babies who have nothing to do with abortion or miscarriage but who die young these babies do return to the earth parents under the guidance of their of their spirit guardians and received from the earth parents the love and emotion which is going forth out to these babies the law of love always operates where there exist love the baby will return and receive this love but when there is no emotion of love there is no attraction and the baby may never know it's worth panels sometimes when the parent comes into the spirit world they have heard a year and have swords but rarely is the love strong enough to keep them acquainted the lack of attraction separates them in each goes their way Helen I've put a link of an interview with Yeshua and a little child who was miscarried in the spirit world and so it can be seen that miscarriage is a lot more significant than humans currently think it's extremely significant so just let the child and the salsa did awesome bond okay so I have a girlfriend

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