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the word in vitro is a common word that is used when we talk about in vitro fertilization or IVF for short meaning fertilization outside of the body IVF is the most effective assisted reproductive technology treatment effectiveness and it is often used for women when a woman's fallopian tube is blocked or when her partner has an issue with sperm count by the way my name is Hannah Badger and I am a certified nurse and Midwife for over 30 years and I am dedicated to help couples like yourself increase the odds of in vitro fertilization working for you or to help increase your fertility naturally so you can have the baby your dream enough I'm going to give you a little history about in vitro fertilization to date there are over three million babies worldwide that have been brought into this world true in vitro fertilization or IVF but only 3% of couples with infertility will actually choose IVF and IVF was first introduced into America over 32 years ago and initially it was called test-tube babies during an IVF cycle your infertility specialist will prescribe specific medications and initially these medication may even be birth control pills because your doctor wants to totally control your ovulation pattern and once you start the IVF cycle your doctor will prescribe a variety of medication and most of them will be injectable medication and you are going to become an expert at injecting the medication into your abdomen every day these fertility drugs is going to force your body to produce and ripen several eggs within that month and once these eggs mature they will be physically removed by your reproductive endocrinologist from your ovaries and placed into a dish within the lab where your partner's sperm will be added to your eggs are added to with the use of donated sperm the lab specialist that is going to take care of your little egg as it attempts to fertilize and grow is called a reproductive embryologist and he or she is an expert at monitoring fertilization and once your egg has grown to good size and the cells has duplicated on itself which takes about three to five days your eggs will be removed from the dish and inserted into your womb are your fallopian tube via a long plastic catheter and this procedure depends on what sort of in-vitro fertilization that you are choosing to use IVF is extremely expensive and it runs about twelve and a half thousand dollars for one month cycle in America and this includes the drugs and treatment itself if you live in Europe it's about 5,000 euros per one month cycle and not all insurance companies is going to cover in vitro fertilization and if they do the normally cap or limit the amount of money that they are going to pay for you to do IVF are to even limit the amount of cycles of IVF that you are going to undergo so if you're listening to me right now either you are a loved one maybe struggling to get pregnant and if so please come over to my website where I offer amazing easy-to-understand educational videos that will help you increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally our help you improve the success rate of in vitro fertilization working for you and my website address is luma just click on the website link below and my website address is luma and luma love is spelled L u M a LOV if you have watched this video and you haven't already picked up a copy of my ebook Bertha conscious choice which is a free gift from me to you then press on the link below this video are on the free ebook link on my website and you can read for yourself the profound message that my son Kyle dictated to me for Humanity when he was six weeks old I'd love to hear from you so feel free to leave your comments below the video

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  1. I had no idea that trying to become pregnant would be so difficult. But I managed to get pregnant by following this method
    Since I was a teenager I had been bombarded by cultural and media messages that said it was okay to postpone childbearing. I wasn’t aware that women’s fertility declined so rapidly after the age of 35, and dramatically more after the age of 40

  2. And that's why I point anyone to Nerktrols Infertility Cure, anyone who wants to get pregnant within 60 days, that is. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just find it on google. If you think this video was good, just wait to read what she has to say 😉

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