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  1. Thank you so much for your inspirational guidance…. really after watching this….I got very much confidence…. thank you so much.

  2. Could you guys do a surrogacy video? I'm an intended mom and my sister is carrying for me. It's incredible, difficult, and so so joyous! Adds an extra layer to the IVF story.

  3. Doctors don’t really care about you. Your just a number with money 💴. They’ll only care if it’s their family. They don’t really care about you.

  4. Thank you for this video!

    Im going through infertility issues since a couple of years…I have an appointment in Mexico next December…I’m considering egg donation

    Wish me luck!

  5. Loved this video! So happy for y’all! I did IVF and it wasn’t successful until I used donor eggs and I am pregnant with twins!! Sooo worth it!

  6. I personally find it very very difficult to find a clinic and a doctor I could really trust.
    I mean trust needs time to build. And I would need a lot of information and first hand experience at the clinic and of the doctor before I could say I trust them. : ((
    And if you change your doctor or change clinics, that's again such a hassle. (gathering new information, pre-visit, paperwork, new additional test specific of that clinic etc.) But it can be a very necessary step to take.

  7. Thank you. I'm thinking down that road. Now I learn about IUY will check that out. Thanks ladies you are so open.

  8. It’s refreshing to see this topic discussed. I commend the mums discussing their experiences, however a lot of the “facts” and figures quoted are not accurate.

  9. hello guys! I am very happy to see all of you in this video. feeling so sorry that you have to face the complications of infertility. but I am also in support of IVF. that its really a very great process indeed. But dear I am so nervous that why this process failed for me. I joined this process to remove my infertility and has a hubby. But no success. I am feeling so helpless.

  10. Hi guys! I am totally unaware of this treatment. When I was an infertile I choose adoption for it. I don’t really know about IVF. but now I am very wondered to hear that the technology has progressed a lot. and an infertile couple can also be able to have their own child. that’s great. I think that you should always share your experience with us so that some people like me who are not well aware can get awareness from your videos.

  11. o wow, all nice guys together. I am very happy to see you guys! you are all looking beautiful. I am very happy to know the success stories of the ladies. actually, I am also an infertile lady. and I also want to join IVF. so, it takes a large time to muster up my courage. Now I want to think better. So, I have heard all of your stories. all of you have a large experience to share with us. So, keep on sharing these videos with us.

  12. Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. I understand. Infertility is really a big issue. I hope all goes well for you. Best of luck. Take care. God bless.

  13. IVF is amazing. Sadly it was not the one for me. I am just so scared after my miscarriage. I do not know what to do. I would love to try again. But i do not want to have another miscarriage.

  14. This is so amazing. I love their energy. I am so drained most of the time. Even after having a gallon of coffee. Maybe that is the reason for being so drained. Anyway, congratulations. This is a wonderful discussion.

  15. Hello moms! This was a superb effort. All of you ladies are lovely! I’m so glad that things got better for all of you. I wish that I get to experience something similar. Thank you for this. Keep it up!

  16. Hello! Your channel is extremely great. I love it! You provide the best information. I love watching these videos. They are great. Keep up the superb work. You’re providing social service with this!

  17. Hello, ladies. All of you mommies look amazing. Thank you so much for this video. It must have taken a lot of effort to do this. And, it would’ve taken a lot of bravery and courage. You’re an inspiration. Your stories will help me. And, millions of other women. Keep it up!

  18. She really looks so happy! So, yeah! Can relate the urge! Anyhow! I am also in support of an IVF. So, yeah! Things are really needed to be spread or known by everyone here. Best regards for her journey! Much positivism is needed! xoxo

  19. This is a great piece of information. All those women who are going through IVF to stay strong and brave. Everything will come to you on time. Everything takes time. Keep Calm and believe in your destiny.

  20. Such an amazing video. You all are amazing. It is so good to see this interactive video. Listening to view point of different people make it even more interesting. It is great how you shared your personal experiences. I learned a lot from that. Thankyou so much for sharing this video.

  21. Very informative thank you, ladies. What a great video, I got emotional watching this. I'm going through infertility issues. I’m glad you guys touched on this topic.

  22. Hey. I am so happy. It is really surprising video. I know that infertility is becoming common nowadays. Many couples are fighting infertility. It is a really hard phase. many women are suffering from it. Well, I am so happy for you. You got a wonderful surprise.

  23. a very beautiful feeling is always related to motherhood. it's a lovely dream. I can understand your whole infertility journey. it's very painful. I know you suffer from o lots of hardships. but in the end, I'm feeling very very happy to see you as a mom.IVF is a very cool treatment. I always suggest to all the couples about IVF. its painful but its also fruitful at the end.

  24. hi. how are you? surrogacy is the best option for the infertile women. Go for a checkup if any got indulge in this disease. Surrogacy may serve as a last option. there are many other options like IUI, IVF. But surrogacy is the best.

  25. Hey ladies. Thankyou for sharing the journey with us.I'm thankful to God that these women are so brave. To tlak about the infertility. It's such a hard task. Take care. Much love.

  26. Infertility is the very heartbreaking thing for women. I remembered when I first came to know about my infertility. I was in the state of shock. I was thinking that I have nothing in my life now. But then I came to know IVF. I and my husband had a treatment of IVF. Now we are blessed with a beautiful angel.

  27. Wow you are such lovely ladies. Such a cheerful mob of girls. Talking about infertility like it's no big deal. A lot of people will get inspiration from you. It's a great thing you are doing there. Staying positive is the key to successful pregnancy. A happy mom can bear a healthy child.

  28. IVF is a real help. It is apparently something complicated but the results are far reaching. My friend's story is clear before me. She had lost the hope of getting motherhood. In this despair she tried for IVF. The first cycle was a failure. This was followed by a successful second cycle. This made her a happy mom after the second cycle was over successfully.

  29. Hi ladies, U guys shared an amzing video to motivate others. I loved the smiling faces of yours guys. I am upset because of my infertility as i am married since last more than 7 years and still don't have my own baby. Recently my husband asked me to try for IVF and surrogacy any one which goest best for both of us. Please suggest some more info related to it and we are also searching for the good clinics offering the best IVF and surrogacy and hope to share my story with all soon. Regards!

  30. Majority of women are victim od IVF. You raised the best topic for discussion itis going to be very helpful to people. Thanks for sharing this great piece of information with us. I really appreciate your effort. Good luck!

  31. Hello. It is a spellbinding video. A person wants to know more about everything. Everything is clear with video. IVF is a good process. People want to know more about it. Well, it is an informative video. I appreciate that you made it for us. I hope people will like it.

  32. OMGGG! that's so beautiful to see her pregnant! Really gives me hope. Best regards with her remaining journey. I think IVF is really a miracle. I'm also going for it already. Anyway! PROs are much and more. I feel.

  33. "So nice to see you together and discussing such a big issue of couples. This video is very helpful for me because IVF and Surrogacy are so expensive and the waste of money if you don't have infertility issue. May you live long and happy.

  34. Hello ladies! You all are looking so great. I appreciate your courage. You raised the good topic for discussion. This must have to discuss. many ladies are suffering from infertility. I hope this will help them a lot. Good luck to all of you too.

  35. Woman power! You both are amazing. The way you speak, it's mesmerizing. This is such an interesting video. Infertility is rising up on the horizon these days. So many people are affected by it. Be it male or female. Infertility never chooses a gender. It doesn't spare anyone.

  36. You all are looking so pretty. I know had a struggled a lot. I appreciate your efforts. IVF is the best treatment for infertility. But it has lack of success rate. Anyways good to watch this video. Good luck to you guys.

  37. This is always a pleasure to listen to the struggles and then its results from a woman. I am really happy that I found this video. I love your outfits. You all are looking lovely. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. IVF is a great alternative. And it is always the first priority for an infertile woman. More and more videos should be made so that people get aware of this.

  38. Thank you, girls,, for this informative video. I am married for the second time at the age of 43. I knew all my complications about my previous pregnancies. So i told my husband everything about my issues. He said he is fine with my complications. Then we decided to have a baby via IVF.

  39. Hi guys. How are you all? I hope things are going great for you all. I wish you a happy and smooth fertility journey. Infertility can be really hard. I can relate to the pain it causes. The good thing is it can be treated. All women can become mothers through one way or another.

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