Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry – Carhart

so I think for the doctors it was a bit about putting a human face on their profession they're proud of what they do it's all have a dead baby in me anything let's start to decay or something it's like putting meat in the crock-pot okay cooker and what do you use to break it up just got a toolkit yeah so what kind of procedure what I have to get that to be the same thing we do here it's just it would be a combination between a D&E and an induction we would try to induce you to just deliver the baby how you doing it like because she said summers have been something a fire shot we doing shot into the fetus then to bring it to the first day well if everything works right they come out you just deliver them and they come out fine I mean if did for some reason that doesn't happen then we have to take them out and pieces so the injection is what you stick inside desperate info to make something and just and then will I feel it like dying it's not even going to feel as I think it's just my heart slows down and it stops because I already feel it like it should be so I won't feel it like moving or anything within an hour of the injection am I gonna be like in a lot of pain afterwards you know what do you feel anything and there are no restrictions after was except for nothing in your vagina for three weeks okay did I tell everybody have that include fingers friends and fruit we haven't even I've never had to send any by the hospital of my patients okay yeah and the Christian Gilbert thing of the Internet is a that's not my patient more belly a substitute teacher from New Rochelle died last Thursday after reports say she underwent the procedure in Maryland where late term abortions are legal it was performed by dr. LeRoy Carhart one of the few late term abortion providers in the country the first time mom who was eight months along who was mourned Wednesday morning in her hometown they've got this down as a fetal indication there's nothing wrong with a baby that you know of this not that I know of okay I don't know where that came from right now I couldn't yeah does that mean feet on vacation means there's something wrong with the baby that's why you care guys no just purely this is what I want to do and here so baby at this age one of my 26 weeks could not survive if it was delivered yeah probably probably could probably it would be a 50-50 thing problem oh oh we're okay we can do by law in Maryland you can go to 28 weeks Oh either so there's only four of you okay why are there only four so you don't see a lot of women like me well it's all for this with you okay at 26 weeks Wow all right so I'm not unusual no not at all and the baby will come through that'll impress down and come through that because it's not alive and I think so when you say compress down just it's gets soft like mushy oh you put you push it through so what makes the baby mushy besides the fact that it's not alive for sure oh so I'll have a dead baby in me yeah let's start to decay or something oh no it's like putting meat in the crock-pot okay it doesn't get but nothing gets broke but it gets gets softer it doesn't get infected okay so the dead baby and me is like meat in a crock-pot all right all right and what was it that killed it I'm doing injections the first one the second one oh the second one I mean I've done some with a woman can't have that shot if they're alive I mean it's just you know I'm sure the baby feels a needle stick if the baby feel tonight and I truly believe that it does it Oh for some reason never home I'm not able to deliver what you'll be able to get it out pieces that had 26 weeks and what do you use to break it up just got a toolkit yeah it's a little bit hell I say okay well I mean there's all this just instruments that have been developed so that did happen you'd make sure I didn't have like a hand left in there or something yeah I don't know I can't like a Hollywood movie waiting yeah I would tell you that we will do everything in our best nothing okay so it's just like a normal delivery except the baby's alive okay so the baby's dead and what makes it safer is the fact that I only have the you to worry about so whatever I have to do the baby to keep you healthy I can do I have better luck standing in front of a train and getting hit and surviving than going a hundred miles an hour than the baby well cuz you're dilating me which means I'm getting ready to go into labor if I'm at the hotel and I were to go into labor oh call you all right we're on your schedule oh thank you so i call 9-1-1 and then call you know i don't know it's an emergency right now they'll take you to the hospital right they won't they won't bring you to the clinic so okay no just you're gonna be within ten minutes or fifteen minutes of quiet just get in the car call me call you okay all right if we think you need 9-1-1 then certainly call them on call you first don't call mine what am i know yeah what happens if i deliver at the hotel well we came and helped to clean up the mess and took the sheets to the wash them and send her back to the hotel okay but if I do end up going into labor like this woman you'll come help clean it up yeah okay you'll take the baby away and okay give you will you have everybody a little fat put stuff in case it does happen a pack a little brave sand okay so fight for any reason I did you've given me you've already got the stuff to take a bag to put the baby in there I mean this baby is a part of you forever okay I mean if you expect it to go away in a week that's the wrong approach okay how do you think when you tell be affected I think could be affected for the positives I think you have cooked I think you can make very difficult our decisions that help shake the life the rest of your future make you work harder for the things you know that are important and I think how to respect and love and honor for this baby that you lost you will find yourself being a better person postpartum depression is really very common but post abortion depression I can honestly tell you that I haven't seen one one person that way we had a 16 year old girl that was pregnant and twenty six or seven weeks that we did that the combination wore and she tried to kill herself and she got to the hospital and recovered and she tried to kill herself not because of the termination but because of the baby that she had before this it was already a year old she was she had not had that baby I do not have anybody leave there feeling worse than they can it's not that serious okay well thank you very much oh you came along but in the car it was reported to the car everything and they said yes she died without again in complications of the pregnancy but not in the abortion everything from abortion one time well it turns out that complications from a late-term abortion did cause the death of a New Rochelle woman a report from the chief medical examiner in Maryland says 29 year old Jennifer McKenna more belly died earlier this month after amniotic fluid seeped into her bloodstream the clinic and the doctor who performed the procedure are now being investigated

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  1. Tell me something,why would you carry a baby for nearly 8 months and then decide to end their life. I understand that a woman has the right to her own body but where’s the child’s right. He thinks it’s a big joke,it isn’t. It’s not a mess. The unborn child deserves better. He needs to be in jail.

  2. And your a doctor. Talking about an unborn baby like a piece of meat in a crockpot,shame on you. Murderer. Your supposed to maIntain life,not kill the baby . Hang your head in shame

  3. This barbaric demon should be charged for 2 murders now, she and the baby that was murdered. While tragic for the girl, she was 8 months pregnant….. sorry I don’t feel sorry for you…… you knew exactly what you were doing!

  4. Theses people sound just like satan speaking. Made me sick. I pray they repent of there sin and seek your face. We know you are patient and just. I pray your will be done Lord Jesus . Rebuke satan and please give these children peace.

  5. @ 4:12….thats disgusting! My son was born at a week later than that at 27 weeks (I did not do an abortion as I am 100% pro life…I just suddenly went into labor at 27 weeks), not only did he survive but came off the ventilator at 2 weeks old but is now a healthy 22 year old with only mild cerebral palsy that mildly affects his right leg. To think that there are abortions done on babies this far along (let alone at all as Im against abortion through ALL 40 weeks of pregnancy), is absolutely disgusting!

  6. Wow! My heart hurts 🙌 God please bless these babies and women. Lord lift them up in your hands to keep them safe and comfort the lost and confused so they may know you.

  7. So you're telling me that a lady that had a late term abortion…. Realize she was stuck with a one-year-old child and decide to commit suicide because she was so joined not have to take care of the ones you just killed…. I've never heard such bullshit in my life…..I would not want to be standing in front of the Lord on my judgment day with all this…. I've already got my own stuff to deal with but if this is his way of thinking oh my God

  8. I'm prochoice and nothing will change my mind. Not even at 9 months of pregnancy, if a woman wants an abortion she should be free to get one period. It's none of the governments business.

  9. What a disgusting piece of crap that woman is she is a worthless piece of human garbadge.thepolceshould come and put this piece of human garbage in jail. I hope she has only misery for the rest of worthless piece if garbage. She is evil a witch she is not even human. I hope she gets what she deserves. That doctor is like dr mengele of the nazi concentration camps. He is Adolf Hitler's close relative.

  10. She got what she gave to her baby, DEATH👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 no sympathy from me💁🏾‍♀️

  11. What a disgusting way to use your medical degree. I would hate to think this is my job. How can the doctor not be disgusted with himself. Soulless.

  12. PROUD and CALLOUS about killing babies… I am straight up praying for these people! They are so mislead by Satan. Even if you are Pro-Choice, this cavalier attitude about so sensitive an issue should bother you! And by the way, that line he fed her about post-abortion depression not being real… that’s a complete lie. I have had three friends who each had an abortion, and YEARS LATER , it still weighs heavy on their hearts. Which is another reason I am against abortion – it doesn’t just harm the baby. It harms women, too. God have mercy on our society for allowing this to go on!!😰

  13. What is wrong with the system?? They arrested a woman recently for throwing puppies-not humans-away in a dumpster. But do they arrest the women who choose to kill their unborn children? Do they arrest the horrible abortionists who perform the murders? No.

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