Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry – New Mexico

HR 1797 is based on undisputed scientific evidence which tells us that unborn children at 20 weeks and older can feel pain these are babies they can feel pain and that late term abortions pose severe health risks also for the mother what we get is at your 27 weeks oh really yep so you're about a month yeah actually you're about a month off oh wow does that change how you feel about this I just didn't know I was that uh-huh before I mean is there is there a difference in terms of its like for the person you thought you were 23 weeks yeah it is a different procedure this you actually we induce labor day one yeah we do the injection that stops the heartbeat of the fetus okay and I don't know have you been feeling any movement yeah most people within a few hours they notice that there's no movement on day two we can a check and make sure that that worked okay that's not a that's not something that we're gonna let slip through the cracks and I'm the third day we will usually induce labor and it's gonna be hard yeah so cuz you're it's it's like you're having a baby basically a smaller it's smaller but it's still intense to injection it's going straight into the UM into the sack and to the pregnancy okay it's bottomed down it'll insert through the baby's bottom okay okay so it's the head down inserted through the cranium does that does it feel that um you know I'm not I'm not sure um I that'd be a good I don't believe so um I don't know if it's developed enough to feel that okay it might be okay does that idea bother you um a little bit I guess I can't I mean what about you like well I feel that it's necessary for the procedure to happen and ultimately safe kind of the most kind of humane way to do it you know because um we cannot deliver a baby so it's like having a baby but a baby yeah yeah okay oh that's what what is still blowing stillborn is though is it dead you're gonna be going through labor yeah yeah and having a delivery it's it's gonna be probably a shorter labor okay and it's definitely safer you know the bigger the pregnancy the more risks there are in delivery oh so so so this is actually safer than a normal baby yeah yeah it's a very very small risk and it doesn't go away if you decide to keep the pregnancy it just gets more right so the bigger the pregnancy your risk of having a severe bleeding surgery or death it's all higher than having this abortion so it's safer to have the abortion it is if we can't catch it early enough which I it has happened if you're feeling pressure it's moving down or something coming out the pregnancy coming out then you'll want to unlock the door back to the hotel room get your cell phone and just sit on the toilet you don't have to look at anything you don't have to clean anything up or nothing just be on the phone with us and we'll kind of you could stay on the phone with us until the doctor and nurse get there oh good so just go on a toilet if I'm having leave okay yeah and what if it what if it does come out when I'm on the toilet just you don't gotta look down you'll not do anything the doctor a nurse will come take care of it if you feel like it's too much to see any of it then do not let yourself look at it okay um just okay if you want to cover yourself even with like a towel or something okay go ahead if you're one of those lucky people that has no pain with contractions and all of a sudden you're like what are some things coming out recently go ahead okay and you fellas you know my visitor and week if I'm on the toilet yeah and it pops out and it's in the toilet but what do I do you just sit there and you'd stay there okay and you would not live until we come and get you okay I mean I don't have to worry about like taking it out or anything you don't have to do anything okay you won't you'll do okay despite these undisputed facts about the baby's level of development and a woman's health there is currently no federal law to protect pain capable unborn children or their mothers by restricting late term abortions everyone talks about the right to choose but no one discusses the implications of that choice

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  1. < Does that idea bother you?>, referring to a lethal needle injected into a babies skull. Strange question coming from a person whose job is to kill babies. That quote is almost surreal and rhetorical. Yes, it should bother any person of sound mind. That is the answer.

  2. She said it’s more humane for the baby to feel pain… let that sink in for a minute. 🤬 There isn’t a word strong enough to describe these monsters!!

  3. There is a special place in HELL for all who take part in this murdering of innocent CHILDREN…NOT FETUSES!!!!!

  4. MyGod, whathas happened to people in this world. Talking about how the best way to murder ababy like they,re discussing the best way to cook a steak. Yes ladies the baby, a human being, feels pain, just like you would if someone tore your limbs off.
    DearGod, come quickly.

  5. Personally, I would make sure I did whatever it took to get the abortion before 12 weeks. If not, I would think seriously about just having the child and keeping it or putting it up for adoption. Hopefully my birth control keeps preventing this at all.

  6. No wonder the feminuts are so adamant about having the power to murder babies without fear of pushback…in a moral society these murderers would have to face the truth of their crimes and be seen for the sociopathic narcissists that they truly are.
    Feminism is a cancer to society and all women who've chosen abortion over taking responsibility are inherently evil.
    You can't murder your own baby then expect anyone to seriously care about respecting your rights or "humanity".
    Stop murdering babies and treating men like shit if you want respect.
    Fuck Feminism!

  7. I am an atheist and pro-life. It's not about religion, but about scientific proofs and logic. My position is based on 4 facts.

    1. It's alive
    2. It's human
    3. The parents are the only ones responsible for the creation of a child (excluding rape because first we have to talk about the restrictions on abortions on demand and then move to discuss the marginal cases (and child would be still innocent)) child bares no responsibilit for being inside the mother
    4. Even if the child was illegally parasiting on the mother, killing of a living human being is a usage of unnecessary force and our basic laws prohibit unlawful killing of innocent or killing altogether, it's uncostitutional and in conflict with basic human rights

    1. I consider it alive. Living people have rights, dead ones don't. And there are many scientific proofs that life really begins at conception: (note that the Atlantic is a left-leaning magazine)

    2. I consider it human (And not a parasite. Humans are from the biological point of view no parasites and if you mean that they are parasites because they can't survive on their own (they can after the 2nd trimester), the same can be said about braindead disabled or injured people.)

    Fetuses have their own human DNA and organs. They match the definition of human body ( ). They breathe and take in food through the umbilical cord, move and grow. The only think they can't do yet is to reproduce. And you don't have to be able to reproduce in order to live, because all the prepubescent children, elderly and infertile people are alive as well. You can see that it is alive and not our body.

    What determines when it's human?
      Heartbeat? What about the people living with an artificial heart and a pacemaker?
     Brain function? Fetuses have a slightly different brain function because they dont use all of their senses yet and dont move much. Its like a sleeping person. And newborns have lesser brain function than us as well.
      Having  a brain? Brain begins to develop at mere 16 days after conception (1st paragraph in the text titled First trimester: ).

    It's hard to say what's a developed brain. Most doctors consider it to be patially developed the 5th week after conception ( ).

    Brain is actually fully developed in 20 or 30 years after birth ( ).

    If you don't agree, I think that it should be considered at least parcially developed when baby moves its limbs at the age of 8 weeks ( 3rd paragraph in the text titled First trimester: ).

    If you say that before 6 weeks it's not human because it has not fully developed arms is a bad argument because there are people without arms. Without legs, even without hearths who live with a artificial hearths. Human is a living integrated cluster of cells filled with human DNA. Nothing more. And every of those clusters of cells is worth equal protection.

    Does every human have to have fully developed organs and body parts as adults do? Shouldn't we then kill children because they have no permanent teeth? Thus, they are not fully human?

    Just as the universe began with the Big bang that arose from almost nothing, human life arises from almost nothing – only one egg and one sperm. Every single one species on this planet came into being as a single cell who in most cases didn't resemble the final mature individual. It lasts from days to months and years to grow up and fully develop. Humans need approxinately 20 years to fully mature. They go through various development stages as fertilisation, embryonic development, fetal development, neonatal phase, infancy, toddler phase, early childhood, preadolescence and puberty until they finally reach adulthood.
    I'm not making this up. Development of the human organism both prenatal and postatal is on Wikipedia ( ). You can clearly see that every scientific article regards embryos and fetuses as humans who just aren't fully mature yet – just like children.

    3. The partners are the only ones responsible for the creation of a child and the child bares no responsibility for being inside the mother

    The parents willingly participated in an activity which direct and very probable consequence is conception of a child. Therefore they should at least let it survive and give birth to it. It is similar to first aid. Why do you have to help someone  in need (And the difference between this and abortions is that you don't have directly help the fetus. Fetuses will live inside you as long as you don't kill them and killing someone is considered worse than just letting someone die and therefore  the sentence is much lower.)

    Pregnancy is a natural consequence of sex and everyone knows it. You can drive a car if you want, but take the responsibility for running over someone. You can't have sex if it results in hurting someone or in violating their rights. That's why we punish people for rape. Pedophiles can't have sex with children just because they're horny. Hence, you can't have sex and then kill the fetus.

    Abortion in a nonmaginal case is something like this:
    There is one person on life support and there's a nurse that is taking care of that person. The person is sure to wake up in 9 months. All the nurse has to do is to check the life support in order to keep it working. And she is the person that deliberately put this person to coma so she is responsible for the person's life. But she doesn't want to check it, so she unplugs the life support. Or more precisely, it's like when the doctor comes in and slits the throat of the person in coma.

    Do you think that if (someone else in case of rape and basically you and your partner in case of consentual sex) stuck a head in your window and they can't pull it out until 9 months, should you be allowed to legally chop off their head in order to have a view out of a window again?

    4. Even if the child was illegally parasiting on the mother, killing it is an unneccessary force and our basic laws prohibit unlawful killing of inocent or killing altogether, it's uncostitutional and in conflict with basic human rights

    You mustn't kill any innocent human being. Our basic fundamental laws prohibit that. The UN Universal declaration of human rights does in its 3rd article ( ) and the US constitution in the section 1 of the 14th amendment (

    The United nations grant it universally with no exception and condemn the capital punishment ( ).

    The 14th amendment states that "state shall not deprive any person of life without due process of law." There are no babies being put on trial. And even if they were, they couldn't commit a crime in a uterus.

  8. "It's safer to have the abortion." Using fear as a tactic to convince her to murder her baby. I almost threw up. My heart shattered thinking how many scared women she has said that too.

  9. Besides adoption most states allow you to "abandon" your infant within 24 to 48 hours of birth at a hospital, fire department or police department if the adoption is too hard to set up.

  10. The ONLY difference between the womb and the outside world is SKIN, MUSCLE, TISSUE AND BLOOD, THAT’S IT! The baby is still just as alive inside or outside. That’s like saying it’s okay to throw a grenade in a house and blow everyone up as long as no one sees it and the door is closed, it didn’t happen.

  11. Why or how can anyone do this for a living. This just tears my heart and soul to pieces 😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  12. God didn’t put any of you on earth to judge. God is the judge. All of these stories are very sad for the child and the mother. Try to have compassion for both rather than the “innocent” fetus. I do hope prochoice sees some of this stuff and takes it seriously though, the fetus probably is feeling pain and the 2nd trimester+ abortion procedure shouldn’t be whitewashed

  13. No. You look down that toilet and you take a look at that child you have killed.
    Let it haunt you until you repent.

  14. you should only be allowed to get an abortion in the first trimester, 1-12 weeks anything after that i find so horrible, why carry the child for so long get the abortion as soon as possible, i know it’s not an easy thing AT ALL but please.

  15. Oh my goodness I can't believe how petrified I felt seeing the injection onto the baby's cranium. This is just too much. I almost passed out.

    Barbaric people.

  16. I honestly believed that abortions were like similar to when an animal is put to sleep, or like with voluntary euthanasia. Then I thought they induced labour of a still born.

    I actually feel sick learning its nothing like that…and that these are the people working in and performing abortions in clinics all over the place. Makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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