28 Replies to “Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK”

  1. What I dont understand is how they can kill a baby by abortion legally and it's not considered murder but if someone kills a woman who is pregnant he gets charged with 2 counts of murder. One for the mother and one for the baby inside of her. This makes no sense to me. Ppl who work in these places will all burn in hell

  2. Legal abortion is the real reason that birth rates are dropping all over the Western world. Our culture is committing suicide. A birth rate lower than 2 per woman means that populations are declining. Immigration is the chosen short term solution, but it is a band-aid for a much greater problem.

  3. You know it's wrong when workers can't explain in great detail what happens. Abortions,murders,boy we have some winners in this world.

  4. she lied harass ofdd. The seaweed sticks are toxic huh? And that's what causes the baby to die? What a lie. It dialates the cervix to be able to cut the body apart or use forceps to physically rip the limbs off of the trunk of the body, and if the head is too large they insert scissors into the skull and then use auction to collapse it. Since they sell the parts wholesale to bio companies to provide tissues for experiements….they usually try to deliver the baby intact depending on what orders the bio companies have for needed tissues. They make on average over a thousand per fetus up to several thousand for the parts…that's why the forms ask if you would be willing to donate the remains for research. Do they tell women this? No. Imagine how much they make per day just off of the parts they harvest and sell. This is the issue. Once dioxigen is injected the fetus tissues are unusable and cannot be used for research because the dioxigen is toxic, the tissues are tainted. Therefore the babies are actually alive and viable during theprocedure more often then not and are in excruciating pain. This is the most disgusting part. Well no. It is all disgusting

  5. I’m Pro-choice and will always be. But there’s an extent to what’s okay and what isn’t. Aborting a healthy already close-to-fully developed child is exceedingly wrong unless complications will for sure occur. Late term should only be an option under the worst case scenarios

  6. ‘Just do it!’ This isn’t Nike… we’re talking about babies, not shoes. Also, she didn’t tell her about how they actually give the baby Digoxin to stop the heart! So callous and cavalier about your ‘legal’ job – MURDERING BABIES!!!! God forgive our country.

  7. I can’t believe people can actually do this to their unborn child. They have people who can’t have kids .! This is soo evil and unfair and a selfish decision.! There’s a choice that’s called adoption.!

  8. wow this is funny to this lady …killing an innocent child. God knew us before we were born. He created us in his image.

  9. FLUSH IT! @ 4:50 THESE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING! This needs to STOP by the Grace of God, Make them defunded!

  10. Informed consent is a law. WHY is it not required for abortions? It is a LAW for every other invasive procedure done. EVER.

  11. I am very pro life but on the other hand I feel like these unborn babies would be better off not coming into the wicked world we live in today. My ex tried to get me to have an abortion but I was already a mother of 2boys. How could I justify killing one of them? And how would I explain to them how my pregnancy just went away without them finding out that I killed my baby? Needless to say, I am no longer with my ex and am raising 3 kids on my own but dont have an ounce of regret for keeping my daughter.

  12. THIS MAKES ME SO SICK 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 acting like this poor human life is nothing like it's just a piece of garbage . That's just the devil in these people ! God help these people !!!! Yes it is murder just face it ! Just go and throw yourself into a chipper shredder and tell me if you can feel anything because that's what your doing to these innocent human beings I can't watch anymore .

  13. Only god can decide if we live or die and if you were blessed enough to carry a life take it as a blessing because there are women who can have children, god please help these young girls and women who feel like they have no other choice because they do because your a loving father and you will provide for them. Amen 🙏🏻

  14. It's funny that she suggested flushing the baby and I have seen girls go to prison bc they flushed (or tried to) their babies and their babies were actually still born and just died naturally (not bcuz of the mom doing it) but it was still considered wrong in the eye's to the law.

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