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hello welcome to insight into wellness I'm Alexandra Greenberg owner of green tree Ayurvedic and today I am talking to a friend and a beautiful woman who has started her process and stepped into her own journey her name is Sabrina Elizabeth and she is a vaginal steam facilitator Sabrina and I will be discussing the very important topic of the Jat vaginal steaming or yoni steaming sabrina is also an ayurvedic practitioner and vaginal steam facilitator based in Wisconsin after going through her own journey of fertility issues menstrual cycle issues and postpartum anxiety she decided to further her own studies in women's health so that she could help others witness their own healing naturally as she did her in person and online practice is dedicated to women's health specifically menstrual and postpartum wellness she offers vaginal steam consultation services as well as education both in person and online Sabrina believes that health and happiness of women has great potential to heal the world which lights up her passion of serving women hi Sabina thank you for joining me how do I thank you so much for having me here I'm so excited to be here with you yes me too you know I love speaking to healers and people who have found their passion and it always bubbles up it always stems from a love or a passion of their own life and one of my favorite questions is just where did your path start did it did something happen as a child that sent you in this direction I mean we studied Ayurveda together you know we have a path of wanting to heal and wanting to know the knowledge learn did you so I guess my my journey with like the path that I'm on right now starts I guess when I realized that I wanted to become a mom so before that though I always had regular menstrual cycle and it was very painful and so that was really difficult and I turned to Western medicine to help me with that and I was given the birth control pill but I had some issues with that and I ended up deciding not to continue taking it but it ended up that it felt as though my body needed to detox from the pill and right around that time I also realized that I wanted to become a mom but it was it was really difficult because it was like this deep feeling within me where I was just like I really want to be a mom but my cycle was still so messed up my body was now imbalanced from like whatever I needed to kind of clean out of the pill and so I was just kind of in this place where I felt very frustrated I knew my cycle needed to become regular again to be able to conceive and so I started to look into what like what what I could do about that and so I come from parents who are both really into natural medicine so my dad is an herbalist and then at the time my mom was really into raw eating and so they were both very like the best people to go to with you know was what came up to my mind when I decided I need to do something for my health so I went to them and I told him like tell me anything I'll eat anything I'll take any herbs I don't care I just need to give the cycle on track and and to be able to become a mom and so I did and I my dad gave me an herbal tea that he formulated when I was young actually and he and he still sells now and so it's been like I think he's had this formula around for like 15 years maybe even longer than that but it's called timely relief and so that was to help with balancing my hormones and then my mom told me that she thought I should do a juice fast so I did it just fast and she recommended I do one for about three days just to kind of detox my body from anything including like whatever happened to my body from the pill and so I started to do that and at that time my period was gone I think I didn't have one for a a few cycles and on day two and a half of doing the juice fast and the and the herbs my cycle came that or my period came Wow that was yeah that was really powerful to me because I felt like I was like really frustrated with it you know and so to see that it actually helped and and it worked kind of like blew my mind a bit and so I you know just kind of tried to stay on on that path and learn a little bit more about like how I could just take care of myself and then a few months later I found out that I was pregnant which was really really exciting it meant cement so much because of all the stuff that I was had to go through just kind of like regulating my cycle figuring out what was happening and stuff like that and so at that point when I found out that I that I was pregnant I was just kind of like you know what I want to try to do this as natural as possible like the pregnancy the labor the birth and before that I always felt very just like very scared and like unsure about what like I knew I want to become a mom but the whole like pregnancy and labor and stuff like that really worried me and my mom had home births so that was really that was really eye-opening and that's kind of I think that really helped me feel comfortable but I just right away knew in my head like I wanted to have a home birth and I wanted to try to do things things as natural as possible and so I also realized then that there would be like some healing that would need to happen after I had the baby too so it's kind of like my fertility issues led up to me wanting to do other things naturally and then it was during my pregnancy that I actually came across Ayurveda when I was learning about postpartum healing and so I started to think like oh my gosh this is so awesome there's this whole science I never heard of and so I went to the library and I was like okay I'm just gonna learn this science I'm gonna buy your data so my husband got me a textbook I got like all of the books at our local library had on my air data and I sat I remember sitting down on our bed and I was like okay I'm just gonna learn this and I started to look through the books and I was like oh my gosh this I can't do this by myself so so I just you know I kept on looking into how I could learn more about Ayurveda and I knew that women's health was something that I was interested in just because of like all this stuff that I was already doing for my own health in relation to like women's women's care specifically um but I was like you know I'm gonna study I your betta however I can so I just kept trying to learn and I would look up like I was pregnant the time but I knew that if I did find a program it would need to be online because I would have a baby then and we don't really have a lot of a lot of opportunities like that here in Wisconsin at least where I live and so I kept looking for programs and I I didn't really find anything that stood out to me but then and it wasn't until my son was 2 months old so I was 2 months postpartum and I was you know just kind of going through all of the different things that I needed to balance and heal after having a baby and I just still felt so passionate about learning Ayurveda you know and I wanted to learn it for like to be able to help other people with it but also to learn how to help myself and so so yeah I was like with the baby and I'm like okay let me just look again maybe there is a program online and so I looked it I looked it up and it's crazy because I just came across the program that we did with dr. Paul called new new world Ayurveda and it just popped up and it happened to be one week before the start date of the program and so I like applied right away I was like I just have to do this I don't know how I missed this this program where the school beforehand but I just you know it wasn't the right timing then and so I sent dr. Paul the information to stuff and I was like is it too late for me to sign up he's like no we'll get everything put together I was like yeah I was just so happy and and so that that's sort of like what led to learning about Ayurveda and then all of that also led me toward to wanting to use Ayurveda and anything else I knew to build to help women along those same stages specifically now I'm focusing more on postpartum care but I just love like all of the aspects of feminine health and women's health and just kind of like how the room is such a sacred place and how therefore for that place and how a lot of our health can really fall into place when that is healthy there's so much information that iron veda has for postpartum care that and i I'm just amazed every time I hear a little snippet of it and I call yes you mentioned working or you mentioned your family helped you along your path and I know that you have worked with them through your herbs and everything that we're gonna be talking about and your Yogi's do you mean how has working with your family played a part in advancing you and your journey um I think that it definitely helped a lot in relation to just kind of be open minded because like I mentioned before I think it was up until up until then I although you know although I witnessed my mom I had home births or I would see my dad use herbs it wasn't really until this the situation hit me where I was like okay I can take all of those things my parents did into my own hands and actually used it in my life because after I left their household I didn't really take it with me actively until I really realized that I needed it and so I think that knowing or knowing that that's something that they use knowing that natural medicine or herbs or home birth practices were things that they wit that they used in their own life helps me feel more comfortable in using it I think for myself and since that was really huge and then it has definitely really helped to have them around for just kind of like another person to go to to double-check with things like when I was formulating my herbal blends I used my dad's help a lot to just make sure like I would formulate them and then just make sure like this this makes sense to you and you know do you have any other herbs that I haven't heard of that could help and stuff so it's been really really helpful to have both my mom and my dad around to be able to kind of bounce ideas off of and and just to kind of to feel comfortable because I think for me a big deal is that if my parents kind of feel comfortable with it then it's like oh they kind of did the research or they see something attracted them so maybe I would like it too kind of thing you know yeah to have to have support like that to have your family support you people who know you so well that you gotta turn to gives me the chills you know yeah I'm so grateful something that you know I I don't see that often experience that and then move on and move forward from that yeah I'm very grateful yes having your son and the preparations that you've had to make for your body and and then having your son and using your knowledge how has let's just get right into it vagina vaginal steaming or yoni steaming how is that help to you specifically so I didn't actually know about steaming before having him or in like my fertility process or even after having him I actually didn't come across steaming until I was like I think it wasn't until I was well yeah past a year postpartum yeah she was probably like a year and a half old why I've actually found out about steaming and I yeah so I didn't really get to use it for like postpartum care or anything like that but I did kind of come across it because of him in a way because I realized like okay I know my cycle was always very painful and irregular but now I have a baby and so when my cycle comes back I don't want it to be as painful and regular as it was and especially knowing like it was a lot of times that when my period came it was just so painful I couldn't stand even sometimes I was worried that it would come back around and that I would be you know taking care of our baby and I would be in that type of pain I was looking for solutions and actually it's interesting because I don't know if you remember but we had I think her name was Diana Diana Prince um who so tooted in our class yeah so she actually in one of our classes recommended a book called moon time by Lucy Pierce and and so I wanted to read that book so badly but I I was like telling myself you know what I'm doing our Ayurvedic program you know I'm just gonna focus on that so I think I had some time at one point and I started to read and that is where I actually heard about vaginal steaming so I was like hi it was just like a little paragraph but I read it and I was just kind of like oh you know that's interesting but I didn't really understand what it what it would be like like I was that I was really sure what vaginal steaming was besides that little bit of information and so I forgot about it for a long time and then it was like a year after that all of a sudden the word vaginal steam you just kept popping up in my head and it was just kind of like I I need to know more information about this thing and and so I started to to look into it more and at that point I really did need a solution for my painful periods because they did come back really painful and irregular again and so so yeah I ended up using a steaming and once I was able to create an actual like schedule like a an actual steam protocol for myself and follow that is when I really realized that I was having a lot of great results and so what I would do is I would steam for five days before I expected my period to come and then I would stay for five days after my period ended and that really really helped it really really helped my cycle so I think after that I was able to have regular cycles so my cycle started to come regularly which was really like it was I would like cry because it was a lot of times it would just be like where it disappeared but then I was just so sick and irritated and just not feeling well until it finally came and sometimes that would be like months later so it was just really hard so it helped to regulate it and then when I was able to stick to that schedule it actually like I actually had my first painless period in like 12 years like the 12 years of my like menstruating life and so that was really powerful – for me to be able to see like okay when I'm right with this treatment it actually really really helped and so so yes I was really grateful to have that experience and then be able to kind of see how powerful that was for me and and how I can just let other women know that there there are options like this like you're not meant to just suffer every month for like seven days or you're not you're not meant to be in like excruciating pain or things like that and and I love that it's a natural therapy and a lot of times people will ask like okay I have this issue and they'll give me all of the details and ask if steaming will help and I always tell people that you know it's something that is so gentle and it's so relaxing even that's kind of like why not try it and see if it does help and so I really I really love that it's just it's so powerful but then it's also like a wonderful gentle self-care method yeah so I I did some googling just to see what would pop up if I typed in vagina steaming or ue yoni steaming and a lot of what did pop up were questions from the world and safe a lot of quite Wow is this safe what are the harms you know you know we would hope that some of the first things that would pop up would be like this amazing when stepping in to Eastern medicine or holistic health there's a lot of it's being scared or hesitant what do you say or what do you think about that um so for me I feel like it definitely is something that's very different it's something that people are not really used to especially in our culture like especially in our Western culture and so to see something so different is I think kind of like a shock for some people and so of course the first question is gonna be like is that even safe and so I always tell people that you know like we could say the same thing about driving a car or drinking something you know I don't know we could say that about anything like is that even safe is it even safe to take a you know something like that but it is one of these things where it is safe if we are able to do it properly and if we know how to do it correctly so for example if somebody is trying to do vaginal steaming and they are sitting way too close to their pot or their steam is very hot and they didn't know that there need to that they need to check the temperature then that couldn't be dangerous you know like of course that could be dangerous but if you know about what herbs you should be using for your situation if you know about using a steam stool or setting up your steam session properly if you know about checking the temperature and making sure that it's never ever hot or where it could be dangerous at all then it is something that you can do in a way that is so safe and then another thing that I like to kind of say about that too is vaginal steaming is not something that's just that just kind of came up out of nowhere where it's just something that's new or you know just some type of like popular new thing it's something that people have been doing for thousands of years and all across cultures I throughout the entire world and so if it's something that has been so effective for so long that women have been using like um once amongst themselves forever like forever then okay they I mean and and they were able to do it safely then we should be able to do it safely too so I think a lot of times it's just kind of thing like scared of something new like oh my gosh what what is that like oh no I better be you know safe than sorry but if people have like really like people have issues that they're dealing with with their like vaginally reproductive health and this is a gentle thing that we know may be able to help and it's kind of like why not why not put in a little bit of an effort just to learn how to set it up in a safe way if you're if you're worried worried about the safety yeah so diving into a little bit about the herbs I've got a few questions around this and we also have a question from a listener when we talk when we start to talk about the herbs and what we're using to gently affect our health what are there any like contraindications and this question comes from Kavya there any contraindications for using these herbal tea yeah so um so when steaming in general vaginal steaming in general there are some contraindications so you do want to be aware of those and those are just that you would never want to steam when you are pregnant or if there's a possibility that you're pregnant and then if you're somebody who wants to be pregnant you want to make sure that you're not steaming after ovulation because that ovulation there is a possibility that you can receive and so you want to make sure you after that time though you can seem like after your period or before ovulation so yeah so pregnancy after ovulation and if you're somebody who experiences like heavy bleeding or I mean and heavy bleeding I mean if you're experiencing two periods per month so if your so I guess it's not necessarily heavy but it's more of like if you had your period and then you had like another period and it's still the same cycle to two periods in the month and so with bad that means that there is something going on and that you you have more of like a sensitive situation and steaming creates more circulation or promotes circulation and that could cause for you to bleed and so with those types of situations we want to make sure that we're not using steamy and then for some people they have the opinion that you don't want to steam if you have an active infection do this because of the warmth from the steam and so those are some of what did you say yeah yeah and then also if you're currently bleeding so if you have your period or if you're spotting any type of bleeding with you know in relation to that so like outside of postpartum like just with your menstrual cycle or spotting you want to make sure that that you're not steaming then either so those are some of the contraindications and then with herbs it's really important that we're using herbs that are going to address our specific health issue that we're dealing with so for some people they have heavy periods for other people they have periods that just kind of disappeared or there's like a stagnation aspect some people have their you they want to use steaming just to help with infection like chronic UTIs things like that and so it's important that we're picking out the proper herbs for each of those situations but we're like a contraindication would come in with that is like of course you want to be aware of what you're using because you don't want to just use any random herbs for this but one one area that we do want to be extra careful for is with women who have short cycles so cycles that are 27 days or shorter and women who are who experience more like heavy bleeding or spotting so we want to make sure that with those women were using very very gentle herbs and herbs that are more like nourishing and strengthening supportive rather than herbs that would create or trigger for for bleeding to happen like create circulation for some pleading to happen so that's just kind of where it's just kind of getting to know what your cycle like what's happening with your cycle and then figuring out what herbs would help your specific cycle and what what your goal is that you want to like what you want to do to improve your cycle yeah and then you developed your own herbal formulas yeah I don't know if you wanted to just talk about them and also the beautiful chair that you've made and how you really set up this for people to you yeah so I have some of the herbal blends here I I have three out of the four of them but they're just little tins and I'll show you what they look like I don't know if you can actually see very little bit it just looks like flowers so a lot of them have like rose and herbs like calendula or sage so lavender and mint so they smell very good but basically I created four different herbal to address specific issues and a lot of times the majority of issues that women are struggling with will fall under one of those four and so I actually have a fifth one coming out soon and that one will be just dedicated towards postpartum care but the four that I have right now one of is specific for infections and so that helps to take care of like UTIs or yeast infections things like that and then I have another blend that's dedicated to kind of like menopausal symptoms so like hot flashes vaginal dryness things like this that's more of like a cooling blend and then I have a blend called nourish and that one is for women who have like the short cycles or the heavy bleeding that is meant to really support and strengthen and nourish the uterus and then and the female reproductive system and then I have the fourth one which is called cleanse and that one it helps to promote more circulation and so if you are somebody who has like a regular cycle but you have you just want to have maintenance or you want to take care of like brown blood or maybe your period comes late or your cycle is just long with those types of situations we want to use an herbal blend that's going to promote circulation and so that's what the cleansing blend does it just wants more of like a gentle cleanse and so I had those four and then I I wanted to be able to create a steam school that would be affordable to people something that people would be able to use for steaming in their own house because I really like the idea of people using are setting up steam sessions for themselves as like a self-care because I really feel like if we take part in our healing process we can feel like it's just so powerful in that and so we what did you say hallelujah yeah yeah yeah so see how we created a steam stool my dad helped me design it and for a long time I was the person who was making them but now my dad helps me as well and so it's really nice to have that support too because well it does end up getting a lot like doing all of the different things and so so yes so we have a stool where the lights actually twist off and so it's easy to take with you or to store away and then that way you're just able to kind of create your own Steve sessions in your household which i think is really really special I think one idea of the legs coming off and being able to travel with it because yeah times are we traveling with our family with our friends something happens we need nourishment we need their time and having that to be able to go with you is genius yeah yeah yeah I'm so glad when my dad mentioned that and when we were designing it I was like oh I don't know but then I ended up being a big hit because I think people appreciate being able to like even put it just put it away and you take it easily and stuff yeah um just to clarify we spoke about you know not not doing any steaming if you were having any infections but when it comes to a UTI or a yeast infection is that you do not steam while you have it and it's just an aftercare or how does that work so I've seen two different opinions with some people they feel like if you do use it when you have a UTI like if you do steam while you have UTI the symptoms may become more uncomfortable as as it's kind of taking care of care of the infection or like clearing the infection out and then others say that it's just safer to wait until all of the symptoms go away and then use it to kind of like clean out anything that may be left over and then prevent it from coming back and then I'm so it's just kind of like figuring out what it is that you feel comfortable with and then for me personally recently I had the symptoms of a UTI and so it was like I didn't want I knew that it was it already had started so I was like okay I had these symptoms I have I'm like getting a UTI and I didn't want it to get worse and so I just went ahead and steamed and I did that for about 30 minutes and that's something – like the time is different for different people but I stink for about 30 minutes and by the time I stood up from the same session I felt like all of the symptoms were gone and so it was really effective but I do feel like especially for people who have chronic UTIs they could wait until their UTI is gone or their infection is gone but then he use it to perfect the to heal to heal the the vaginal ecology to be able to prevent another one from coming back again great I feel like I'm ready to start a actually store come sigh and I was naturopath and she suggested getting some herbs and I did it once or twice and I really did feel refreshed and cleansed and it's almost like yes feeling yeah it's not crazy so like with the first time I did it I felt that to where it felt like fresh and stuff but there was like a free or like just a very light like relief kind of yeah exact it's so interesting but I yeah it's so interesting that you said that too because that was my experience yeah well thank you so much for speaking with me today I would you like to let anyone know how to contact you connect with you where you saw your herbs go for it yes so I am most active on Instagram that's the platform that I use the most and my handle on there is Sabrina dot wound so WOM B and then I have an Etsy shop which is where I sell my herbal blends and my steam stools and so that is called the Sabrina Elizabeth shop and so if you search that on Etsy should be able to find it for some reason it seems like you have to like do it without spaces so all of it all that's put together but that's those are the two best places to find me and I try to provide a free content just information on my page of my Instagram page so that's where I talk a lot about steeping in and things in that relation great and I'm gonna make sure and link all of these things her steam her herbal remedies your you link all of that for you on my website thank you so much and you can re listening at Green Tree Ayurveda forward slash insight into wellness and if you have a topic you're interested in hearing about or you're someone who is a holistic health leader in your community I would love to speak with you you can email me at hello at green tree Ayurveda calm thank you so much for listening to insight into illness and I will talk to you all again thanks Sabrina yes thank you bye

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