This is something that’s been going on for quite a while and it is a pregnancy symptom that I think a lot of moms have when they are getting close to their due date *Intro Music* Good morning, y’all. I hope y’all are having a great… I don’t even know what today is… Monday Jaxon, say good morning! He’s already ate his breakfast. He had some cereal. I’m going to make some cereal in a second, but I really wanted to start this vlog out today and I wanted to tell you all what happened last night and what’s been happening a lot lately But let me first get some cereal because I’m so hungry. What are you doing? He’s already had cereal. You want some more cereal? No You want my cereal? “Yeah” It has been quite a day. I have not recorded, but I just got ready and I wanted to talk to y’all about what’s been going on. Last night. I’m really tired. I’m not going to lie. But I wanted to talk to y’all about what happened last night. This is something that’s been going on for quite a while and it is a pregnancy symptom that I think a lot of moms have when they are getting close to their due date. Last night, and the past I would say week maybe I have been waking up at about 3 o’clock am to 4 o’clock am and not being able to go back to sleep I toss and turn and it wakes up my husband, so last night I came in here and sat on the couch instead of staying in the bed. I looked up, I watched a lot of my older videos it was really nice to just go back and see how far I’ve came in such a all year long, basically. I think a lot of the reason why I can’t sleep at night is because I’m so… I feel so Underprepared for our baby even though we are way more prepared this pregnancy than I ever was with Jaxon. it It just feels like I didn’t do as much as I wanted to. There’s so much That I haven’t done yet that I really want to do. I wanted to totally clean our house up and totally organize it. We’ve got a lot done, but it still is just not 100% perfect the way I want it to be. We still haven’t finished her room. That is definitely bothering me. I still need to get her a crib mattress for her and I mean other than that, I mean we really are prepared. It’s not that we don’t have the stuff we need. It’s more so that we just haven’t put it all together. You know, we have the crib. I don’t know why we haven’t put it in her room. I am getting frustrated because whenever I do anything small like we’ll say Do a load of laundry and Fold them and put them up in our closet it causes contractions. As a lot of y’all know, I’ve been having a lot of contractions this pregnancy. I never had any with my son until I was in labor. I do think that they are Braxton Hicks contractions. At least, that’s what I hope and knock on wood And it’s frustrating because it feels like I can’t Get anything done because any time I do anything Significant, I start having contractions So Thankfully, though, the other day my mom did come over to our house, and she helped me clean a lot Because I was getting behind because even just picking up my son’s toys it winds me and I’m like winded right now and it hurts me and it’s just very frustrating because I want to do way more than I’m doing. Even on YouTube, I feel like I haven’t put out enough content and I just I’m not happy with Not posting more I’m going to definitely try to post a lot more because I don’t have very long and I really wanted to document my pregnancy Let me know if y’all have any video suggestions down below In the comments what I should do for any pregnancy related videos Because I really want to document in it as much as I can And share it with y’all Y’all have been here with me through everything and I really appreciate that so much. Y’all just don’t know how much I truly love and Appreciate y’all. I really do. My husband is about to Be home and or I’m going cook something to eat. We’re starting to try to eat at home a lot more because it saves money and it also is a lot more healthy for you But I think I’m going to rest a little bit And Yeah Oh my gosh. But I will go ahead and show y’all The baby bump Whoa, I don’t know what she’s doing, but she just did this Whoa, baby girl is like pushing up Baby girl is kicking. And I just changed to a different shirt because I was doing another video really fast Jaxon, hey! Look who just got home! You look really tired. I am. I don’t have a phone. Yeah, it just disappeared. All right now. I said I was going to cook, but I just got too tired. Shane: You too tired, and I’m too tired. Yeah, so he brought us some food. We’re about to go to bed. It is getting really really late. But before we go, I do want to give a shout out really fast and Today, I wanted to give a shout out to a new subscriber and That is to MamaBear I really appreciate all of your comments and I also appreciate you subscribing and joining our family. If you are a new subscriber, comment below and let me know, and I will give you a shout out, too But we are Getting ready for a bed. So I think Jaxon is already asleep and my husband is playing some video games I’m about to go to bed because I’m really really really tired. I definitely overdid it today I cleaned a lot and recorded several videos and Yeah, I’m just freaking out because it’s getting so close to her due date. If you are new here, I would absolutely love for you to subscribe to our Channel and also if you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up. That does help us out a lot I guess I’m going to go now Good night.


  1. Video suggestion: a message to your baby girl! Maybe make a video message to your baby girl taking about your hopes and dreams for her

  2. Jaxon is such a cutie pie. And smart. New subscriber here well sense right back before the last miscarriage lol.

  3. You should watch Crazy Cleaning Mama, she posts a lot of motivational videos and quick dinner recipes that are easy to make. She has 3 kids with another one on the way. Also that mamagoes, has some really good videos about motherhood and advice. Video liked! 😊

  4. Heather you're such a wonderful inspiration to me I love how amazing every one of your vlogs always are they are such a pleasure to watch and I truly appreciate all the work that you put into editing your content

  5. Apparently it is normal to wake up multiple times during the night and/or have insomnia as it is your bodies way of preparing itself for cluster feeds and waking up to your newborn baby.

  6. Maybe a hospital bag video I’m trying to learn before my due date. This is my second baby first baby I lost at 17 weeks so I did not get to have the whole experience until now

  7. You look great momma totally got the pregnancy glow. You are a beautiful pregnant goddess. Pregnancy so suits you and got the cutest bump. Have you ever ever had anyone ask to rub or touch the bump to feel baby move or kick? How do you feel about belly touches? How many kids do you want? You should do the baby momma dance video and pre pregnancy clothes try on challenge video. Hang in there momma your rainbow baby girl will be here soon!

  8. Hi Heather,
    Mumma of 10 here. Insomnia in late pregnancy is comman. With my 9th, not only did I have horrible heartburn, but bad insomnia. For the insomnia I managed it by walking laps around our house and doing loads of laundry. I used up enough energy to allow my body to rest. I basically not got 3 hours of sleep from week 28. But I was able to endure it as I knew it was only temporary.

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