Instagram Model Got Pregnant At 14 Years Old…

now I'm gonna be honest lads I'm not exactly a fan of Family Channel and like my physique the trousers of me even having a family in the future at some point a fairly slim I heard that even rice gum was a family channel called family girl not sure why you'd want to gum your own family I had no idea that rice was from Norwich he does have some truly riveting content on that channel my personal favorite is girlfriend falls asleep on me i watch it daily knowing that it's something that I'll never experience no because I don't get girls okay I get a lot of women and their per se it's just I snore a bit a lot okay I have a serious problem for one second I'd like you to imagine Shrek gargling paste trying to sleep next to me is harder than all of those thirsty dances on Twitter when Billy Irish was caught not wearing oversized clothes an almost adult woman has an adult's body did this happen even if we choose to ignore the fact that she's 17 you really shouldn't be gargling over celebrities on Twitter you should be spending your time on Twitter more wisely and following me I should really stop using pedophilia to plug my socials you'd honestly have a better chance necking on with some washed up Instagram model preferably over the age of 18 this time though okay ignore teen naughty not says the lot of you that brings me on to today's video because recently I found an Instagram account called Maddie Lambert and the first photo I saw was this Maddie Lambert is a teen mom and this is not her hahahaha basement is a picture of money and her daughter Evelyn as you can tell her one-year-old really enjoys life as an influencer I spent quite a while trying to find buddies a the closest I got on her Instagram was this photo which I assumed would be her age in balloons it isn't obviously I then assumed it may be her sub-camp but that's silly you can't get 1 million subscribers just for being a teen mom can you I believe it says Sam I mean what I hear you probably not asking it could be I'm wasting away my childhood or even I'm shocked James would say something so controversial yet so brave I'd like to clear up her but before we get into this video please don't send hate to Maddie she doesn't promote teenage pregnancies she just tries to inform other people in her situation on how they can get through it but if this video gets 50,000 likes best believe I'll promote their shit out a teenage pregnancy I'm not gonna do that I just want like please don't shag at kindergarten that goes for adults as well by the way that's a bit odd so she's not stupid and I don't want any negativity going to her from this video is just a few things she posts you know when you got wet socks on and how uncomfortable that makes you feel imagine having wet socks on and then stepping on a few razor blades that's where I'm at right now and when I get uncomfortable best believe you're all joining me and my suffering the first video on her channel that alerted me was pulled a gun wrong I'm not sure just how bad a pulled a could go baby drowned it's a bit severe isn't it JB's dead worst a pool day is gone for me is when Uncle Vernon burnt the sausages that wasn't the worst thing he's done though that was a whole different kind of sausage he was intrigued I wanted to know just how she's they have gone to warrant the caption I could have died it's pretty sure I could describe every single day of my life like that if I could describe myself in one sentence it'd be but I'm always even five minutes away from an orgasm or killing myself I didn't get a table and that I said that I spent a week on someone please rub me out but my dad still isn't proud of my trivial achievements on the Internet has anyone got a round in a single minor inconvenience just happened to me time to eat myself up the nearest cliff pay forever lead is Matty and me yeah fever of those kids say anything discernible there sorry guys it's just that I don't speak virgin hey I must be able to sign it though because all women just seem to know and stop before it goes any further if we treated sexual interaction like climbing Mount Everest then I am not even close to the deaf zone over the things I do to reach that summit I'd say I just about make it to the Khumbu Icefall every time before the other person actually decides that they value themselves I think what are the kids sets their name but I really couldn't tell you for sure everyone just makes this weird noise that's some kind of track and Shanti's don't fuck key it's name I've never heard of a child named after the thx do song by black pain and yes I know which one you lot would rather be named after five we are headed to the pool right now I think I'm gonna get like a smoothie or something and go to the pool we're gonna go swim that sounds like a last thing that child wants to do you know he sounds like it's drowning drowning in water in spit an existential fear but the kids happiness is not important as long as Maddie gets her smoothie you need them pick he's gonna exactly Chuck a babbling toddler on your Instagram story well maybe you can if your Maddie I mean the poor thing hardly looks happy here does it I'm not sure if she's asleep or Naurang her finger off in agony all I know is she's got that Queen level trick Marge Simpson called she wants her pearls back the best thing about this outfit is that it's probably worth more than any clothes I own you see this nap Ian to which I just liquidated my assets that bad boy was whipped up by Giorgio Armani himself I will be using my GoPro to vlog their freakin love this thing um oh I'm sorry I said about where she didn't just say well I think it's funny because I'm actually contemplating whether I'm gonna have to censor the word frig youtuber choking me and not in the good way although Susan if you're down I am a switch not the console I'm a yeah a Flay John a pod don't know why we'll just make an agreement here together you know unanimously I know we all struggle to leave our bedrooms make lasting relations with people in the outside world and God forbid actually start a family if any of us have kids please can we not vlog but toddler doesn't want a GoPro in his face he wants to dive into the pool play with some inflatable animals maybe take a cheeky leak to see how warm the water gets everyone did that as a kid right put the camera down and dropkick the toddler into the pool no the one the can't swim though just to clarify before we move on the reason why she almost died was because she was doing an underwater backflip and hit her head on the bottom of the pool estimated I hope the chemotherapy goes well the next video I wanted to look at was teen mum toddlers control my life for a day no budget edition I'm just intrigued at how much a one-year-old will be able to control a day I don't think I've met a one-year-old that can adequately control their bowel movement he forever leaves it's Madi and thank you that's what your name is that a new word congratulations Everly you learned how to say what did she say exactly thank you belly she think that's her name I don't blame you Everly I always wish that I was named after my insatiable stomach this is no lie by the way my first word was more which is appropriate for me in many situations loss sadness as I've grown older more subscribers please I just want to hit 1 million by the end of the year please I'm begging just do it for me especially more fun food dress me in a cute phone babe and chunder some mayonnaise down my gullet like a mama bird that wasn't very to anyone in particular especially not Maddy okay but if anyone out there so can sending out oh I just you know I think about it a lot okay so today we are going to have Everly control my life free day how is this different from any other day you know this kid that I had when I was 14 that I have to look after on a daily basis today I'm gonna be basing my day around there will color me fucking shocked Maddie if you didn't do that you wouldn't be a mother oh you'd be my mother just wanna be romain lasagna one more time I'm going to let her pick out what I wear so I might have a got two outfits for her to choose from my worst fears have been confirmed Maddie Lambert has truly lost the plot she let her toddler pick from two outfits she prepared beforehand how could someone bestow such immense responsibility on such an inexperienced toddler so I'm gonna let every Lea pick out which one I wear which one oh you like that one Emily came out of the blocks like a fucking racehorse there you can imagine Maddie behind the camera positioning Everly towards the better out fairly be she put a little doggie tree under the trousers oh you like that one a really colorful one but I definitely don't want you to pick damn this toddlers really controlling my life for a day okay so I really chose to watch TV with slate instead of playing are you having fun she just got her shoes on because we are about to go shopping oh the hell's that a babbling child just expressed that she wants to go to the show am I missing something here she was just watching TV like a vegetable oh look Everly got her shoes on where do you want to go Everly do you want to go to the Super Bowl I mean that's difficult Everly but we can go to the Super Bowl that's cute Walmart it is Everly thanks for controlling my day why would a toddler actively decide to do something so tedious the only way you could get me to the shops as a kid was if you promised me a pack of Pokemon cards and one of those big baguettes to eat whilst you push me along in a trolley and that one for parents and predators are like by the way I'm really not that fussy I'm gonna like I really pick a song ya think I wouldn't wait which one you want he picked left hand free by all Tejay oh she keeps cutting out the good bear I'm not entertained by this I swear would you look at that she picked the song that I've been bumping regularly for the last few weeks haha I'm not gonna show you the clip where she picked it though because for some reason she said the n-word ha ha classic Everly so so far we got Everly some shampoo in her shirt and some diapers wow what a sensible child do you remember that toy dog she was playing with only seconds ago now she doesn't want bad she picked out the perfect shampoo for a toddler hooray and also a pack of four Huggies diapers she'd usually go for those Tesco value diapers but she's feeling a bit highbrow today Maddie did say there was no budget for today's video she wanted to pay for that premium and I just say no my mother clothes she like she just moved up into a cheese oh ok so say num num is baby language for yes that would have confused me because I use those words to describe how I'm constantly feeling um it's pretty crazy that the clothes she chose were in her size though for someone with such basic knowledge of the English language at least she knows which angles suit her best job sitter and this karaoke machine well she picked up two things from frozen there's such consistency in her choices I'm so proud I genuinely believe that Maddy is young enough to what those toys her so this video is a perfect excuse for me to get that Elsa doll but I've wanted for the whole nine years I've had on this earth she's probably counting down to frozen to his release day in a phone Thomas the Tank Engine diary he pick up some solos it is he look cool and really cool oh you know what lads all admitted I'm only jealous because I can't pull off sunglasses like ever leaked and it's something I've struggled with throughout my life I didn't think I've even tried on sunglasses since I've become an idol arguably not really an adult to be fair even my regular glasses have just completely given up on me editing this video is gonna be really fun leave a like to make my suffering worth it please but again before we end today's video please do not send hate to Maddy the way the majority of you react my videos is wonderful when you leave a little comment down below it makes my heart flutter but before I make my last video I quite tweeted a tweet from a Dan and Phil Stine and a load of people went over and told that stand to kill themselves that isn't what this channel is for all my presents on the internet for that matter I don't make videos to harm people I make them to try and make everyone laugh even the people I'm talking about so let's all chill okay let's get along and please stop taking everything I say too seriously with that being said I hope you have enjoyed this video if you have please leave a like down below subscribe for your new or have not done so already and I will catch you next time

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  1. Hey lads! Hope you’re all doing swimmingly. Thought I’d come on here again and clarify that, whilst I do not promote teenage pregnancies AT ALL, Maddie is a good example of a mother for her age. In other videos she is rather informative, and she has my respect. This video is more clowning the situation than the people. Much respect to Maddie and, as per, no hate!

  2. Is your school trash and doesn’t teach sex education? Watch this video or show it in class!

  3. Yesterday I saw someone filming their shopping trip in Tesco and I realised how weird vlog channels really are

  4. Ok my dumbass read "instagram model got pregnant at 41 years old" and i was like..okay hows that a problem…and then…i started to realize

  5. No joke I accidentally pressed this and I don't regret it and please press read more

    Sub and like or say bye to your mom

  6. Pls dont hate Maddie, she is so gorgeous and a good mother to Ev.. Also she suports things like #normalizebreastfeeding and so on

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