Intelligent Design and Childbirth

my wife and I are neither of us are religious people and in fact we're both very very offended by the whole concept of intelligent design you guys familiar with intelligent design basically the idea is that life is so complex that there must have been some sort of you know Creator behind but to see the thing is the whole theory falls apart when you look at the human body and how poorly it is designed mean except for miles Kyle horses is the perfect being so other than Kyle our bodies are fairly poorly designed I mean think about it you've got you've got teeth wisdom teeth jammed into our jaws that we don't have any room for we've got an appendix which is a ticking time bomb men have nipples and Arjun tellya are unattractive so but the one that really hits me is childbirth now some of you probably had children of course due to my keys right here and I just remember when she was born and I'm there and her mom is there and Emma comes out and they take her over to the little table where they process babies when they come out so I wander over there to look at her and she looks exactly like she's been in a bar fight she's bruised she's scraped up her head is all the wrong shape she's pissed off I mean you know it just was like she's just covered in goo so I watch what they're doing for a little while then I decided I should go over and see how you know my wife at the time was doing sochi i wander over there and i stand there in on this table there is a bowl full of nasty i need i found out the technical term for that is presented there's a bowl about on the table is gross the doctor is kneeling in front of Emma's mom and there's blood everywhere and she's stitching her back up okay and I thought you know what this is not intelligent design this this is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre this is the disgusting process and I thought you know if God exists and he designed this then he had to have been you know sitting in his desk had his laptop open at Facebook up and you know he's saying they're trying to figure out it's like okay I've got all right big baby little opening I'm gonna make this work Oh a kiddy with a frowny face i'm gonna i'm going to forward this to say because they were really brighten up this day he's such a sourpuss

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  1. I still think the killer argument is:

    Combination reproduction & pleasure center, located smack in the middle of a sewage farm! If THAT is intelligent design, I'll eat my hat!

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