Into the OR | A Planned C-Section Experience

I've worked at st. Luke's for seven years on the birthing center for five I love my job I love working on the birthing center every labor is different every c-section is different and I get to help people a little it's pretty great to see the special day for family cuz we're having our third child we don't know what it is I'm a little nervous but I'm more excited earlier this week I go through a lot of emotion just having another child did you have other kids at home that you're you know you have to take care of and you just think of us I'm having a major surgery but patient above all else the true statement round here I've experienced that firsthand and I also experience as a nurse I could not trust another doctor more than I trust our friends Trenton and same with the staff at st. Luke's now I'm really excited and I think it's gonna be awesome and I'm excited to have this experience again so we arrived at st. Luke's about 4:45 once we were in our room my nurse came in and got me on the monitors and you get an IV and then you kind of hang out and relax and just kind of gather yourself and get ready to go downstairs they'll wheel me down probably in like ten minutes with my day shift nurse and then I go down to our pre-op area which is our own c-section room just for our c-section moms and we just kind of went over everything and I'm out there and got vitals and stuff until they're ready for me in the or I'm hoping for a boy I've got two girls connect have a boy but I have got girl stuff so the last two c-section she was doing awesome recovery with the baby yeah she'll be great it really became real that I was having a c-section when I was in the or after I got the spinal and I think I said a lot of oh my legs are starting to feel weird once you're done with that you get laid down and they start prepping your belly and you're completely numb from your belly down so you're not feeling anything then they start the surgery I remember feeling pressure kind of pushing up and everything was fine but it just was like oh that's happening it's just kind of weird cuz you can't move your arms can move your head can move but you're like you physically cannot move your legs you just have to breathe through that sometimes when you have a spinal or an epidural your blood pressures can get a little bit low and the person can feel woozy and like loopy so I did feel kind of sick they were very on top of it and really helping me and everyone was kind of cheer and man like it's okay it's gonna you're gonna feel better after this and so it was it wasn't too bad I do remember them saying okay baby's coming out now and I couldn't believe how fast it was it went I remember saying to the anesthesiologist and my husband no not yet like the baby's coming up now when baby was coming out it was just pressure it wasn't anything painful at all it just was like maybe someone was pressing on my abdomen I could tell Cody was like super excited and we both were because we didn't know we were having he got a stand up so he could see better so then they held baby up and Cody said it's a baby and I and I feel like the whole room was exciting Siddons was really gone baby friendly mother friendly where we keep the baby with you and you're not separated unless it's a necessary thing they brought it right to my chest and I sat with him snuggle them and did some breath feeding in skin-to-skin it was a really really great experience well it's been three hours since the surgery baby's doing great Mama's doing great too sisters now just came and met our new baby boy everybody's doing awesome the most excited I was for the whole day was for the girls to come and meet the baby I was nervous that they were gonna be nervous but I remember them coming in and them being super excited we decided to name him Bennett he was eight pounds 12 ounces in nineteen point five inches long and he is doing great everything about st. Luke's has been great with this pregnancies right I really recommend it to people obviously it's a little biased but the birthing center staff they took such great care of me from the minute I got here to the minute I left like it was just such a great experience at st. Luke's and we're thankful for everybody it was awesome

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