Introducing your little one to solids – Postpartum with Fittcoach

hey guys Kelly Carroll post partum with big couch Quincy it's five and a half months old you guys and he's an early eater we're talking about food today because one of my my desires is to get you know give him the chance to have a big day he's excited for his food a diet where he enjoys all sorts of foods look he made that face you guys even get to see that hold on I'm gonna have to change this angle because they're not gonna see how cute you are oh okay show them so I'm out cute you are I wanna be able to make sure that you enjoyed the bunch of different types of foods I noticed with my first two BB's I was a little lazy I'm gonna say because he'll good mmm because they loved the sweet stuff naturally who wouldn't love the sweet stuff he's so confused this food is empty mmm um and I met my son literally you guys he turned orange from out of sweet potatoes because he won it all through because it was sugar right and then um when I discovered he'd like sweet potatoes I was like well least that's the vegetable so he had them all the time and I just kind of gave up on the greens and the meats as much because they didn't love him so doing something different with my little Cupid noter and that making sure that I exposed him to a variety of foods and we're kind of trying to avoid most the sugars for a little while aren't we he is only five and a half months doc had him started at four and a half months on food because he's doing this he's sitting up he wants to eat so bad yes so what are we gonna try tell him tell him so today you guys this is peanut butter I know you're thinking you're gonna give that baby peanut butter oh he put it in those mouth he just fed himself he doesn't even know what was that here I'm just eating him now he's just mad okay so open your mouth what's that you know it's crazy because with my other babies we had to wait until after they were here it always changes right and so they were after a year to give them peanut butter and now it's it's sooner so I was looking up the different lists of foods to try and he started with cereals of course rice and oatmeal um to make sure we had enough iron and oh you like a dad ah you like dad and then we did we did bananas that was too soon I took bananas back out because literally guys he just always wanted bananas and then we tried I did a homemade ground-up some turkey and did that with the rice and he liked that with breast milk so I just made no seasoning turkey grounded up had a little bit of milk in there and a little bit of rice for him it has to be thicker or you just pluck these spits it out all over thank you guys this is his first time a peanut butter check him out you diggin in um I have benadryl on hand this is just what our doctor said to do have benadryl on hand in case there is any sort of reaction yeah we go and to watch him for the next couple hours and it's not just the first exposure it's multiple exposures that you want to watch him for so what do you think that's pretty tasty huh so we moved from banana we moved to chicken green means turkey rice beans like actual likes like refried beans or mashed beans at first you like a but then he was like oh no I actually dig these I like them huh and now we're on a peanut butter and next we're doing the avocado and then we'll save kind of the fruits for a little bit later now I have no idea if that's gonna work I have no idea that's gonna affect him differently but I know that it can't hurt to try right so that's kind of what we're doing for our foods for our food right and this is little baby boy trying peanut butter for the first time they said that you can mix your peanut butter with water um he likes things thicker like I said otherwise he pops him out of his mouth so I'm just giving him little teeny tiny bits of peanut butter off the side I was gonna add water I have right here if I need to add it to it but it looks like he likes it the other thing that we noticed is he wants to eat what I'm eating you know and I think that that's a good thing for him to start learning with the family eats so when we did beans the other day he had a bite and I had a bite he had a bite and I had a bite we ate together so I've got this little bit of toast which he can't really chew the bread yet but he will learn how to gum it I'm sure let's just try a little bit just just try a little bitty piece mm-hmm for that but chew it chew chew you will need something to drink you're gonna need some drinks and I always do have just a little bottle of milk of this breast milk and a cup and practicing our cup action and you're thinking once again he's five and a half months but boy does he like the food don't you all dr. Len um that's all I got for feed my baby next on the list we have avocados and I'm just gonna try to get through all like veggies and other types of food truthfully before we really hit up the fruits hard and then we'll start adding some fruits in so that he learns to like audit let me see your mouth oh God oh you did good boy you did good boy okay Quincy say bye to our friends my friend goodbye Fred Oh what you got what you got you want another piece he likes the toes too guys little tiny pieces no tiny pieces mmm okay you guys I'm Kelly Carroll aka hey coach aka postpartum Luther coach okay Quinn geez mommy I for making breast milk it's good for me okay gotta go

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