3 Replies to “Involuntary Pushing What is the Fetal Ejection Reflex? How it Happens. I didn't Push!”

  1. Hey beautiful Simone ! Hope you're doing awesome blessings to you! So i just wanted to say that as always im loving all your videos. I love all the wisdom you have to share. ❤ i truly believe every womans body is amazing and highly capable. Its lur instinct to be able to go through labor courageously…i wish i would have done my labor completely naturally. I feel i would have been less stressed and i would have felt more happy. I can't really tell you that i didnt love my labor because i truly did however i can say that being at a hospital it is truly very difficult to concentrate and be at peace since for example for me since i had twins they would come in and out and there was about NO JOKE like 15-20 people in the room when i had my babies. And Honestly when you are having a baby its so painful and difficult and all you want is to truly be peaceful and to have people sort of back off… like not in a mean way but just to sort of leave you to do what you were made to do naturally. But overall i loved my birth and well i am hoping for an even better birth next time around. Love ya my friend. And your beautiful Family 💕🥰💕 keep making these great videos !🎀👍

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