Hey guys, it’s a beautiful day today in Arizona, and we are outside I can’t sit on the chairs because look what my dogs have done to them I’ve washed these like 50 times See all these Little pee stain pee stains More pee stains. He’s not gonna say anything He’s not gonna say anything because he knows you don’t sit outside with me and play fetch. I’m gonna pee on the furniture I’ve washed this so many times I don’t know what to do anymore And my orange tree is dying all I wanted was some homegrown Oranges this summer then somebody happen to my sprinkler system and look what I got now My poor oranges you see how many oranges Da-da-ding dead now and it’s all your fault I’m just kidding. It’s not his fault Don’t blame him for the oranges So I know I’ve been doing my iPhone videos unusual as in iPhone videos compared to none my whole youtube career I’ve never done any iphone videos so You know the one that wasn’t working I took it to the Apple store, and he was like testing and stuff and set it up. Oh God, and it was working fine Maybe because I charged it then I like I left it on charge the whole night All right, let’s see it. Let’s see if it starts now cuz it turned off again And I didn’t turn it off think he might have turned it off actually It’s funny cuz he saw that there was no SIM card And he was like so what are you gonna do with it like it doesn’t have a SIM card Like I don’t know and he just looked at me like The fuck she want I phone eight for what so I’m like damn Okay, I gotta take it out of my old phone put it into my new phone Okay, so I had to take a SIM card from my old phone, and I put it on this thing whoa this is weird Okay, I suppose scrolled up maybe because I haven’t updated my iPhone, so I don’t I don’t know this new iOS type thing okay, so you just swipe that up-and-down to Bring it Make it brighter and less bright Okay, okay, Apple ICU I didn’t put my fingerprint on it cuz I’m giving away this phone So when you guys are gonna get this cuddle a sure as hell ain’t using it. We’re just gonna do some Tests with it tonight cuz I put it out. I’m like hey What do you guys want to see me do with this so I wanted to see if it was like actually waterproof before I put my dearly beloved Little seven aw so small compared to it It’s way too big for my hands. That’s a sheath so now? We’re just gonna take this and throw it in the water I Don’t know man, but I want to see this is really waterproof water-resistant Well Apple finally learn. I mean androids are like water resistant, so Please excuse my neighbor’s dogs barking. It’s not gonna stop, and I have this and we’re just gonna thrown in the pool We’re gonna start out simple oh no, oh no oh, no, it’s Working fine Here’s my secret passcode secret um Excuse me passcode no No None of the buttons work. There’s no touch sensor Okay What about now Easiest passcode in the world So if you ever find my phone, you know what to do seems like I Know the screen is like screwing up Okay, I guess you can’t really use this underwater thing my favorite search engine I Always use Bing to look for plan Taylor Brinkley cook Yeah That’s what I always look for I don’t even know what that is. Uh? What do you know it’s a person? I’m not gonna lie this water is really cold right now. It is the middle of it’s almost October No, I best go after it Oh I can’t see okay there. It is that was like let’s say five five feet deep Still turning on trooper fo sho leave the camera works See if I can take a pic underwater or record a video underwater Okay It’s recording Here’s the video. I don’t know if you guys can see it it might not show up But I’m gonna record underwater hurting a video right now I’m gonna throw it and then try to get it see what that video looks like Underwater where is it? I don’t even know? We get on my feet If I get booboo my feet okay, I picked up with my toes In this door it’s not recording anymore, okay? Okay, I would say this is pretty damn Water-resistant, I mean I’m making it out seem like this waterproof or something I’m just quite a videos underwater Sorry I’m like really out of breath. I don’t know why Maybe cuz I’m like panicking This how long that video was oh? It’s a minute and three seconds before it shut off. Okay, you get a nice butt shot It’s just the water See if I could just record underwater and see what that would give me Tests are fun the most unprofessional reviewer ever y’all can go to tech people for professional reviews For everything else you could come to me alright I’m gonna try doing this again, but recording a video underwater, so I have to hold my nose. I’m just humor my glasses Don’t wear mascara and swim I don’t know what it is But I always have to like hold my nose when I go underwater otherwise water will always get it even if I blow out All right so iPhone waterproof confirmed, it’s working fine now. We’re gonna test it again and see if it’s good So I’m gonna be giving away this iPhone eight plus if you guys want to win it And comment below and I will be picking someone from the comments. Maybe it’s breezy. Give me a towel oh You’re not swim in September That’s way too cold Good, I don’t know what I’m gonna do today, so Yeah, still recording Okay update two days later I’m recording this because I have been having a lot of problems with my good ol iPhone 7 So I’m pretty much convinced that The new iOS updates pick up your phone. I’m not kidding, and I can’t stress this enough the past Three hours my phone has died three times I’ve been charging it this whole time it died right now when it was 30% and then another time when it was 16% and then another time when it was around like 60 70 % And then I’d turn it tried to turn it back on and then it’s saying It’s dead so that’s why I’m charging it right now And this all happened when I updated my phone like I had no problems zero problems with this everything’s been fine But I’m telling you they do something with the new updates to kill your phone So I mean if you have an older phone, and you have it updated. I would say don’t update it I don’t know if it’s messing with my battery because my battery is definitely draining a lot faster like it’s been on charge at almost This whole day and it keeps dying like it freezes, and then it goes like a black screen And then I tried to like turn it off and then when I turn it back on. It’s saying. It’s dead So so so what’s going on Apple. I mean about the iPhone 8 What do you want me to do like what if I’m a regular person and decided to skip the iPhone 8? I’m gonna have to deal with all these issues until I get a new iPhone Something’s not adding up And I don’t like this and I don’t appreciate you Using your updates to mess up my phone died. I just wanted to warn you guys about that I thought my phone was just crashing just cuz the first like – wait. No it happened a lot more times today This was just in the past three hours, and then a couple of times I think I had with two times like my phone is charged and then just freezes shuts off and says. It’s dead okay now It’s turning back on Please baby, please be strong for me. I need you To the iPhone X comes out, but yeah, that’s all I have to say I hope you guys enjoyed this video Don’t forget if you want to enter the giveaway for my iPhone 8 plus make sure you leave a comment I will be choosing someone from the comments and make sure you leave a like and subscribe to you in the wolf pack Well, I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys


  1. My dad and mom have the same passwo-
    And I oop

  2. I need to get a new phone and almost 3/4 of the people that i ask say samsung a50 and the others say iphone 7 (i think samsung bc their quality is better and it is cheaper)
    What do you guys think? πŸ˜‚

  3. Your phone after it went underwater is like my IPhone5 (but my phone is 5 times glitchier)your Iphone 7 in the end:my iPhone 5 never does that

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