IRAGAI POLE – Award Winning Tamil Short Film (Eng Subs) | Behindwoods Best Short Film 2018

Come on, Arjun. Oh, my God. Pick up, pick up, pick up. Hello? Arjun? Yeah, tell me. I think…I think I’m pregnant. Arjun? He’s a classmate. His name is Arjun. Classmate? Arjun? I’m going to kill him! We love each other. What was that? We love each other. What? You mean? I’ll give you a tight one! Are you out of your mind? I’m sorry, dad. Call him. I want to talk. Dad, please. It’s not his fau– I said call him. I want to talk! Switched off. ‘Love’? Really? Mom? Why did you call me so urgently at this hour? What’s wrong? Yeah, we’ve left from the clinic. Let’s talk when I get there. No, I’ll tell you when I get there. The scan we just took… it’s called an ‘early pregnancy scan’. You’re a topper, after all. You would know. Over the years, I’ve taken this scan for a lot of people. But you’re the youngest of the lot. Feel proud? Do you know how proudly your dad speaks of you? It is true. She is pregnant. You called me “old-fashioned” when I asked you not to let her hang around with boys. Now see what has happened. Abortion is possible since it is at an early stage. She can take pills. But how could you have let this happen? Shame on you guys. You’re lucky your aunt is a doctor. Take these tablets. Ma? Please don’t say anything. And your class teacher has been informed you’re sick. Sit over there and reflect upon what you’ve done. Dad? Dad, at least look at me. Won’t you ever talk to me again? I’m sorry, dad. Please forgive me. Dad? Just go. His friends and him…God… You shouldn’t even talk to guys like him. But look at what you’ve done. Aren’t you ashamed? Hey. I was in love, okay? Even if you were, what you did still isn’t right. Besides, how are you so sure he loves you? He isn’t even answering your calls. You don’t know. Guys like him convince you they love you to use you. Once they do, they cast you away. How could you have been so blind? He’s not that kind of a— For god’s sakes! You should’ve been to school today. His friends and him were laughing over this. You just rush into everything. You could’ve at least used protection. And now, you’ve told your parents as well. Your life is ruined. And about the baby… You’re aborting, right? She hasn’t eaten since morning. Should we go call her? She’ll come if she wants to. It’s because we’re like this… She’s turned up like that. The mistake is not just hers. I’ve decided not to take the tablets. Let’s not let one mistake lead to another. Let’s give the baby up for adoption. When Aunt Jaya took my scan, I saw a life. I felt it. I can’t kill it. Please understand. I can’t take this anymore, my child. If you want to keep the baby, please go. You’re on your own. Hello? Arjun? Yeah, tell me. I think…I think I’m pregnant. Dude, what? Bro, please keep this between us. Yeah, don’t worry about it. But bro. What happened? What did you do? Did you really—? Bro, could you give me two minutes? Please? Sure, I’ll wait outside. Take your time. Hello? Bro, I’m over at Arjun’s. You’re not going to believe this. Shreya is pregnant, apparently. I’m not kidding, bro. She said so herself on the phone. It looks like Arjun has gotten her pregnant. Hey. What did you do? I asked, what did you do? Bastard. Is this what I send you to school for? You scoundrel. Give me that. Is this the girl? I shouldn’t have gotten you all this. I blame this. Dirty bastard. Breaking news, guys. Arjun and Shreya slept together. What are you saying? I swear, they did it. How is it possible? How did she allow him? You should ask her that, bro. Okay, he’s here. He asked me to keep this to myself. So, don’t say a word. Oh, come on. Let’s mess with him. What is he going to do? Hey Arjun. Heard you got Shreya pregnant? Dude, why did you do that? I asked you to stay quiet, bro. Congratulations, dude. You’ve become a man now. Bro, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell anybody. It just slipped out. You’re so talented, bro. How did you pull this off? And how did it feel doing it? You’ve become a role model overnight. So now your whole family is going to study in the same school? Hey. Did anything happen? Okay. Go. Dad? I think it would be better to talk to Shreya’s parents about this. I know where her house is. Shall we go and sort it out? Okay. Go ahead. No, dad. It would be better if adults talked about this. So can we go together? You want me to resolve it for you? You want me to save you from getting screwed? I’ll beat you to death. Get off my face. Dad, please? Hey. Go away! You’re on your own. Dad, I’m scared. ‘Scared’? Really? Bro, I think you have my record book? Come in. Bro, I need someone to talk to. Everything has changed in one day. I never expected any of this to happen. And on top of this, everybody knows. That’s what’s frustrating. I’m clueless about what to do. Bro, I don’t think you should really worry this much. What do you mean? Come on bro. Do you know how popular you are in school right now? You’ve become the stud of the class, dude. Did you even look at all those memes? And besides, you got to sleep with her. That should have been awesome. What’s there to worry about? Hey. Did you take videos? I’ll slap you–! Hey, what just happened? She is your classmate too! They’re posting memes, and you’re asking for videos. What’s wrong with you guys? I thought you’d support me. But behaving so cheap– Hey. Cut it out. Stop acting like I’m the bad guy here. It’s not like everyone is going on about something you didn’t do. Piss off! Bro, that chick in the special class was hot. Is that the one? Delete everything.Take down all those memes. What does he think he’s doing? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? How will she come to school hereafter? Those memes were posted only on our school page. Now, I’ll post them on every public page out there. Yeah. Come at me! Bounce. One veg sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, please. Shreya tried calling you a thousand times. Why is your phone turned off? My dad found out about everything. He broke my phone. I didn’t know how to contact her. I was at school. You could’ve talked to me. Hello? Lotus School? Sir, I need a student’s contact number. Uh no. My son studies in the same class. Which class, you ask? Um… Shreya? Shreya? Shreya? All right, I’ll tell you the truth. My dad really did break my phone. But if I had tried harder, I could have contacted her. So, why didn’t you? Do you know how many times she tried calling you? I was scared. What do I even tell her after all of this? What if her parents know about this and answered the phone when I called her? If they’re angry with you, that’s all the more reason to talk to them. Go prove to them that you aren’t some guy that simply used her. But how do I do that? You have to figure that out for yourself. Look. I didn’t believe Shreya when she told me about you. But then, I saw you fighting with your friends yesterday. Delete everything. Take down all those memes. What does he think he’s doing? That’s when I knew that you weren’t like any of them. You’re not a bad guy. You just screwed up. I’ve realised that. Make Shreya’s parents realise that too. Of course, they will scream at you. They might even hit you. But eventually, they will come around. Shreya? Shreya? Janaki? She was with you at home. How did you let this happen? Look at our girl now! Hello? Is this Mr. Shankar? This is Arjun’s father. I think you know Arjun? Could we meet up and talk? Please? Hello? Shreya’s father–? Where is he? Bring him here. I’m going to kill him. Sir, please calm down. He killed my daughter, you asshole. You want me to calm down? My daughter slit her wrists. And it’s all because of your son. Do you know what he did to her? That son of a bit–! Sir! Don’t talk as if he forced her into doing it. Hey. I’ve seen boys like your son. I bet he does this to every girl he sees. I’m going to the police. Dude. Cut it out. As if your daughter is very proper. It takes two people to do this. Do you get it? Wow, you are more stupid than your son. The age of consent in India is eighteen. My daughter isn’t eighteen yet. He’s going to jail. I’ll see to that. Sir…sir. Please wait. Sir, please don’t go to the police. He was the one who asked me to talk to you. I waited too long. He is not the kind that cheats. If only he had a mother to raise him better… I’m sorry, sir. Fine. Go. Go look after your son. Don’t ignore him like I ignored my daughter. I have to go. I have to go see her. No no. They’re already devastated. It won’t be nice if you go. It will be okay. Don’t worry. She’s out of danger. Go see her. Do what feels right to you, my child. I need you alive. That’s all. Aren’t you going to call her? No, dad. I’ll go talk to her in person. Good. It’s okay. It’s okay. You got this. Sir. I know that there’s no forgiveness for what I did. And I know that saying sorry is not enough. But I don’t know what else to say. I’m so sorry, sir. You should know that I’d never hurt Shreya intentionally. While everybody saw me as some sort of rowdy… She was the only one who saw me for who I am and stayed by my side. And that’s… I like her a lot, sir. She is so special to me. If there’s someone to take care of her like you, it’s me. That’s for sure. I love her so much, sir. But I know that I’ve hurt her. I never wanted to, but I did. And I regret that. What I’ve done has changed the course of our lives. I won’t come back again. If that’s what you want. I promise. But I need a favour from you. Please forgive me. That’s all I want. I’m so sorry again. If this were a few days ago, I would’ve killed you. Go. She’s upstairs. Did you even think this through? What will everyone… What will your sister think?

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  1. wowww what an film man the way you showed the each ones story in their perspective and the story line, the way you narrated ….one of the best short film ever seen and the screen play and the actor woww…. the father sentimental scenes were so touching , superb dood 🙂

  2. but how girls end up doing this forgetting their lives, future and of course the impact on others. I didnt say how boys…because boys have always been irresponsible and moronic. cannot change that species. but girls have always been responsible and matured….[anyway this comment is not wrt this short film, its in ref to the actual cases reported]

  3. Aasai chocolate vanguraku undiyala udachu adi vanguna 90s kids da nangaa……. Intha marila padam eduthu enga porumaya soothikathunga daaa,,……

  4. 😢😢😢😢😢
    Ithu en dad account, irunthaalum solren as a son aa, ella penkalayum samama paarthaalum, nammalukku speciality aa ponnu iruppa. Avala thaai maathiri nesikkanum. Athukku nambala petha appa ammava thala kuniya vaikka koodaathu. En vendukol. Plz

  5. the real age love is nothing not a love , love is love….!! we try to understand..!! The best movie in ever …! Short Film .

  6. The hero's acting was brilliant. A brilliant film and the characters were close to reality! Brilliant effort !!

  7. Hi, Ji i don't know how to express but the feel was taken somewhere inside the heart. First thing i like the BGM ofcourse that's why you won the medal. Then the second thing is I love the Cast everyone done their role excellent, its all bcz of you. Then the way you convey the love was beautiful. Especially the Dialogues are like from the Heart its simply WoW. And cinematography also very good. Great Job…

  8. Really Very Very Nice Short Film Touch My Heart💓😢. Congrats For New Script Choose. Arjun An Shreya Is Perfomance Is Really Good.. End Of Story Finished Is Posetive Moment👏💓💓

    BGM Is Awesome👌👌

  9. Good story, aana innekk nadakkumbothu vishyamthan ithu so, beautiful theme and all characters are good acting,

  10. But not my husband like arjun nice …… My HUSBAND'S not see talk anything till 7th month

  11. Woowww fabtabulaous da …. i thorrowly enjoyed it.. thappu pannalum avan andha ponna vidama accept paninnadhu enakku pidichirukkk.. i like that handsome hero😍😍😍😍

  12. Oru short film la neraya msg sollirukinga…
    That's superb 👌👌👌👌👌
    Keep it up and Tq so much for your wonderful msgs…🙏

  13. மிகவும் அருமையான அவசியமான கதை இன்றைய பள்ளி மாணவ மாணவிகளுக்கு
    It's my Hart touched this story

  14. Iragai Pole means Like a Feather is well-written and well-directed by Goutham Ravi. Harish Kumar awesome performance. Spl mention for Komal, both parents excellent display. Claps to the Iragai Pole team

  15. நல்ல கருத்து. தவறு செய்தால் பாதிப்பு அவர்களின் வீட்டிற்கும் மற்றும் நம் மானத்திற்கும் மிக பெரிய கேவலம் இவ்வருமையான குறும்படம் அனைவரும் பார்த்து திருந்த வேண்டும்… நன்றி

  16. well narrated story how the parents stand by thier back even though it cant acceptable .thats all i want every parent should need to do thier children.

  17. Nice movie. Well done with the screenplay,cinematography,sound,bgm and acting. A lesson well explained but the ending was so abruptly cut that it turned the whole expectation down. Well done. Good crew ,direction and all the very best for your future endeavours.

  18. All Carectors,. Super selection☑ and vera leval performance 🔥🔥,. Hearts of director and camera man 🙌👏👏👏👏sfx 👌👍

  19. Excellent work. The character Arjun (don't know actor's name) made me cry and many a times I couldn't control while he shattered in agony. Great work, Kudos to the entire team!

  20. The boys acting was just so bang on. The only draw back I felt was that the girl forgot to put glycerin on her eyes. She is crying without tears. But the other characters were played so emotionally

  21. Background score was truly awesome…dialogue were missed out here and there!!! Over all was nice but could have been much better…

  22. Respects and Bow down to the Content creator..

    Well drafted and scripted.
    Apt casting and brilliant narration of emotions and varied perspective so well with no drop in the intense and it's strength.
    Dialogues – lovely and clean.
    Casting – Spellbound performance and expression of the emotions with the intense required to hold the content upright throughout..
    Music – added soul to the content by riding (me) through journey of emotions.
    Frames – Too classic as to it held the grip from every angle of all the casting artists.
    I appreciate everyone who stood by the team throughout and the Artists associated with the team..

    With prayers to all for more Laurels and Success ahead
    Anjana Jayaram Rao

  23. Film ku end a kanome??? Anyway parents ta solradu cinema la matumdan nadakum, really ava friend character sonna madiri "SAFETY" ah panniruppanga! Minor sex activities ku Death Sentence kondu vandal (both of them) nilamai Mara chance iruku 😜😜😜

  24. இதென்ன பெரிய short film? ஆமா, உங்கள் திரைப்படம் எப்போ வரும்?

  25. Dai OLA irundhalum niyayam venamada,Nangala 90's kids da extra chicken kolambhu kekavae bayapaduvom ipdi pnringalae da🤣

  26. 90's kids Naanga ellam +2 padikkum bothu kooda Kaaya Pazhama vittu thaan friends pudippom! Aana intha rendaairam irukke!!!!!!!!!! Ayo appa Visham Visham Visham!

  27. இறகை போல! பெண்மைக்கான காதல் பரிசு தாய்மையில்! சந்தோஷம் காதலனுக்கு!
    சங்கடம், வேதனை காதலிக்கா…? என்ன கொடுமை சார் இந்த அவல நிலை? காதலிக்கும்
    போது இருந்த வேகம், தாகம், விரகம் எல்லாமே தாய்மயை கண்டதும் ஓடி, ஒளிந்து கொள்ளுகிறதே!
    இது என்ன மாயம்? விரக்தியின் எல்லையில் காதல் மீண்டும் அரும்புவது இனிமை!
    பெற்றவர்களின் நேசம், பாசம், கவனிப்பு எல்லாமே காதலுக்கு முன் கண்களை காதல்
    மறைக்கிறது என்பது தான் நிதர்சனம்! அதனால்தான் “காதலுக்கு கண்கள் இல்லை” என்பார்கள்.
    காதல் செய்யும் ரசாயன மாற்றம் வித்தியாசமானது. ஜெயிக்காத காதலர்கள் கல்லறைக்குள்.
    ஆனால் காதல் மட்டும் சாகாமல்! அமர காவியமாகிறது. இந்த குறும்படம் ஜெயித்திருக்கிறது.
    வாழ்த்துக்கள்! தமிழுக்கு அமுதென்று பேர்! ஆங்கிலத்திற்கு…..? அன்புடன் ஆர் ஶ்ரீனிவாசன்!

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