Ireland's Referendum on Abortion

the following program was made possible by the generosity of those who have determined to hold fast to the true Roman Catholic religion as expounded by the Roman Catholic Church before the disasters of vatican ii and the so called new master the pastor romantic inception church thank you good father thanks for making a little bit oh god we can go bigger definitely father I thought we could start tonight with this recent happenings in Ireland where they had this referendum where they voted on the the abortion issue and it passed overwhelmingly and believe the numbers were 66 to 33% in favor of this abortion referendum so far do you have any comments any any comments on this well to put things in perspective Tong in 1986 by a similar margin but with a totally different outcome a an amendment was passed for the Irish Constitution which essentially gave the legal status of personhood to the unborn child it was an amendment to the Irish Constitution and we say Irish populace voted roughly by two-thirds majority to acknowledge the personhood of the unborn child and say that the unborn child's rights of life was equal to the to the mother's right to life and so by law the unborn child was entitled to protection as much as a mother's life was now this was 1986 so here we are in 2018 and the vote has been reversed now by two-thirds to one-third the Irish population had voted to repeal that amendment and in the process of repealing the amendment previous generation have put in place there basically basically essentially repealing the personhood of the unborn child and leaving them a fair game for abortion it's our evil thing one might ask and one should ask what happened between 1986 and 2018 what happened well they're actually those who are saying that the bishops of Ireland basically ruined that they destroyed the consciousness of the Catholic people environment that's what that's the people saying for example there's a gentleman there was a pro-life leader John Smeaton of the Society for the Protection of unborn children his reason and this article appeared in LifeSite news actually just yesterday may May 29th was when the article appeared it's date blind actually May 28th and the headline is pro-life leader explains how Catholic Bishops destroyed the Irish conscience and he goes through the timeline basically the development from 1986 and explains the various attempts of the pro-death pro-abortion as' to attack that amendment and how the the Novus Ordo bishops of Ireland reacted and the message they sent to the Irish people and ultimately the message that they sent to the Irish people is basically well vote your conscience so of course in his terms of moral leadership and they they were less than that worthless essentially when you tell somebody vote your conscience what you're really saying to them is we really don't know there is no moral absolute there's no more abstained er that you have to conform to so they decide what you want to do you decide what you want to do the first all over Ireland it was they vote yes yes yes they'll say yes for abortion and who knows how much sorrows George Soros money was pouring into Ireland and the the pro-death abortionist position to support that and to get a yes vote for the Irish people but according to this gentleman John sweeten of the Society for the production of unborn children he says it is really the novusera bishops of Ireland to bear the responsibility for what has happened here and the perhaps millions of deaths that would follow as a direct result of the vote of May 25th in Ireland he actually points out that it's not only the lives of the Irish children that will be destroyed in the womb in Ireland but he says there's an enormous amount of shall we say follow through in this vote it's going to have an effect and the pro-life effort and the pro-abortion effort throughout the world and the entire world was washing this vote to see what the Irish would do because it was considered to be not only rejection of the pro-life position but a rejection rejection of Catholicism they equate that with the Irish are rejecting their Catholic their Catholic faith they're rejecting the Catholic Church essentially now it's kind of ironic that you have a man like this who from what I can tell clearly has the faith and you see they're interpreting this as a rejection of the fit of the church by the Irish but attributing the rejection of the church vote by the Irish to a bishops of the church that they rejected okay they basically tell them to go follow your conscience this actually fits in very well with Francis okay Maurice laticia where he talks about you know giving communion to those living in open adultery he is basically attacking the very idea that there's anything that is intrinsically evil and Tran Francis is one of those is teaching this this error this terrible moral error of the supremacy of the individual conscience not in terms of determining whether the person is guilty or not but even in terms of deciding what is right and wrong even laying down the rules contrary to God's own commands that the individual has the right in his conscience to veto God's commandments and say well okay fine that's what divine revelation says I don't see it that way my conscience tells me differently so essentially what they've done is they've already made the these people moral Protestants in a sense that each one will decide for himself you know what he makes of the moral law of Govan and how he wants to keep it and ultimately whether he keeps it or not isn't going to matter anyway and that sounds like a rather steep in comment but the fact is one of the Irish bishops and this is another life set news article entitled Irish Bishop says Catholics who voted yes to abortion should go to confession and this is an article by Dorothea Cummings and MacLean Dorothea coming to McLean this is also this is dated just may May 30th Dateline may 29 that appeared on that website May 30th but she is referring to this this Bishop Kevin Doran Doran dr am Bishop of elfin as saying that the catholics who voted for abortion didn't go to confession when she asked him well what should they go to communion his answer was well let their conscience be their guide at that and his point is well we tell the people thought that your conscience follow your conscience so he's he's actually invoking mantra' again of the modernist Novus Ordo that everybody has his own but it is modernism table because modernism says that everybody has his own personal religious experience which gives rise to his own personal faith it's a corollary that you know everybody has his own morality – you do derive from his own religious experience of the devotee so everybody follows his own conscience so this man is taking it a step further and say well if they voted their conscience and voting for abortion well then they should decide what their conscience with unless you got a communion it out so again the message there are no moral absolutes there's no absolute yes right or wrong and this is the instruction about faith este buys the 10 cent modernism a destruction of all religion all true faith ultimately the destruction of all morality and again you know you have a nation of Bishops of the Novus Ordo who are modernists and according to this one pro-life leader john sweet they destroyed the consciences of the other irish catholic people this vote was proof positive of that finally you mentioned how monumental this was and how the whole world was watching where was francis on this matter did he even make any comments at all before this happened or after this happened did he even make any important you know I found that actually I was gonna measure that and I'm glad you did I saw a short video online of it was titled something along lines of Francis's video message to to the Irish ahead of the abortion vote and you click on it and it's sound of crickets chirping mm-hmm and that's it I think that's it it was anyone okay but his silence thunders his silence thunders again because he was well the principle as that was brought up by st. Thomas More when he was contempt we touch it touch it whatever is silent consents okay and so some practices silence was consented to what they were choosing to do this fellows exactly what John Smith says the bishops approach was actually John Satan's society for the protection of unborn children was one of those who opposed a previous effort to loosen the abortion laws in Ireland and after that effort famed by a narrow vote the bishops attacked him and attacked his society for the protection of our child children for opposing the loosening of abortion laws in Ireland the bishops attacked him for that the novus ordo bishops so this is why he's pointing out didn't they say he's not saying it in some of the words but as far as the unborn child goes in in Ireland they are the enemy and they have done more damage than the dollars of George Soros of the political wrangling of all these people that they've done more damage to the Irish conscience and taking away their will to stand up for their faith you know the pollen leading politicians you know who actually were voted in by the Irish people many of those leading politicians were Pro much they were on record as being starving for life they all came dinner every single one of those leading national politicians but I've gotten the rest of them they all were campaigning or pushing very hard for this the destruction that event the rejection of that protecting the unborn child the question came up why would these men who had spoken so powerfully with the pro-life message before campaigned on this on this platform and basically pledged their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor didn't for – to protect the unborn child why in a case like this when everything is on the line to protect that amendment there was historic grabbing it doesn't say that so many words but effectively within is rather the personal status to the abroad show why would they say whether they turn white would think so not only just quietly term are they so radically turned B so vehemently in favor this is pro-death pro-abortion measure and the answer was because they wanted to be in good with the powers that be in Europe and they were not they they were looked upon as being backward and which is a kind of retro retro regressive not progressive and no matter what else think of it did it no matter what our interactions they had with the other leaders of state they feared that they would always be treated as though there was somehow you know old-fashioned and I was done with modern society in the modern world and should not be taken seriously and the first thing that comes to mind is punches pardon you know as soon as they lead the charge against him if you release this man you are no friend of Caesars and you know the effect of that well these men according to some observers of the Irish political scene they said that's what actually swayed these men let me women too but the men are the ones that were referring to to change their tune not just change it they they reversed if they inverted that to subvert again they perverted their everything they said before and they came out a hundred favor of this yes vote to take away the legal protection of the unborn child this is a betrayal of unfortunately I'm afraid everlasting proportions for these Souls because the tragedy is not only the lives lost to the children it's also the souls lost of these these traitors why is it why is it that time and time again we see this in our own country too we elect people the people choose those who have a real solid message or at least you know this they seem together they may not even understand the principles but at least as far as the practice they seem to understand what's necessary and as soon as they get in office it says how they drink the hemlock here they they drink the kool-aid and you wouldn't even recognize them what is it is a political power that has done this and they sold their soul in order to gain this office I don't know but you get the impression that these things might did in Ireland sure probably how stunning in this this fall of Ireland you know just recently I believe was 2015 when they had the so-called homosexual marriage referendum the past Oh wrong overwhelmingly as well and now we have this abortion referendum passing and it's it's so fun you know Ireland used to be the Isle of the Saints there there was more Catholics obsessive scholars there is more Catholics than people in Ireland and now all of a sudden we have this we're like you said the whole world was watching this waiting announce he's at the Ireland that is leading this just turning away from the truth I think 5 what happens when there is no moral leadership you know the Catholic Church has been for for 2,000 years mankind's moral leader and now we don't have that anymore what we have in Vatican is in the Vatican now it's just a farce there's no moral leadership anymore well firstly there is a moral leadership make sure Francis is through giving the leadership that as leadership is totally destructive of morality Francis is actually attacking the very principles of morality not just the individual that illicit practices of morality he's laying the accessing Pius the tenth said about the modernists laying the axe to the root of faith there were a meaning of faith but Francis is allowing they asked the very principles of morality of the church and so you get this with the average bishops or totally in tune with Francis and he's son they're talking and what they're talking is pure modernism it's up to the individual conscience to stick firms themselves and knowing what they're telling the people is do what you want right but but when we we know this is what you should do okay they were actually implying that the right thing that did was to vote in favor yes so what they were doing and the Irish people are not dummies they got the message from the SoCo bishops and they are they are moral leaders but the trouble is there are moral leaders who are the wolves and not and not the Shepherd you take away the shepherd right and what to the wolves to turn everything over to the firings okay and that's what that's what Francis is done that's a dolphin over syrup all of us are those that go Pope's it done okay the hands of the novusera church at the Vatican to have basically promoted hireling after hireling after Harley well I know I don't nobody thought to say well even if they're suspicious telling someone he says we shouldn't be giving communion to the to the pro-abortion us and they're suspicious selling so at Easter but he said something really good about you know leaving a marriage son but when it comes right down they will not they will not do more then a whimper every now and then offer little whimper here and there no matter fountain for slit they said then I get back it up and to stand up and thunder and to insist this is wrong and I will not I will not be a party to this know why because their organization been that's why they've been there they thought our official event was one of those that's I think that's why they promoted it because they thought that he would be one of the gang and they made a mistake they didn't factor on the graces that he received and the graces that he would respond to and I mean where were all of those others like that what the others in fact who voted against the the document of religious liberty of adding on to that Bishop Segovia mattina Brazil and so where were they after Maddington understand with the mostly of the fattiest right to left stand alone you know the rest all became very silent right because their organization and they found that just don't you go along and you know when you become a bishop you have to be basically you know I've had to accept the role of a prophet you have to be like that Jeremiah or na Zeki or something like that who is willing to tell the truth and nothing nothing inside you nothing but you know it seems even the best of these never sort of bishops is incapable of standing up for anything really when the chips are down they all manage to cave in and depriming run for cover by the way from a very fine gentleman parfait we have here the preamble to the Irish Constitution and this very very revealing and I understand that this is actually still the introduction of the preamble to the Irish Constitution even now after they rejected that eighth amendment but this is still the introduction to the constitution of Ireland in the name of the Most Holy Trinity from whom is all Authority and to whom as our final end all actions both of men and States must be referred we the people of iron humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our divine Lord Jesus Christ who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightfully independence of our nation and seek Him to promote the common good would do observance of prudence justice and charity so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured true social order attained the unity of our country restored and Concord established with other nations to hereby adopt and act and give to ourselves this constitution their dedicating their constitution to the service of God acknowledging the Most Holy Trinity is the very first phrase in the name of the Most Holy Trinity and now this is what this is what it's come to know no wonder no wonder there has talked about st. Francis saying that he would Arlen defects for the faith he would wish that God was simply destroyed it because no wonder there's a prophecy that what island loses the faith that will simply simply disappear into the sea under the waves of the sea I am here we going to say that to that prophecy what is your interpretation of that there there are those you say that that it will literally disappear into the sea there's some sort of tidal wave will wash away or there those who say that is not a little we shouldn't have a literal interpretation an app but rather that there were kind of be this this tidal wave of sin and error overcoming them and there those who say that what you see happening now with the abortion and the homosexual deviant marriage and all of this the actual that that tidal wave of sin and error has actually started over time in Ireland as we speak well if the prophecy was figurative I mean you have to remember in terms of Sacred Scripture the pagan nations were regarded and sometimes referred to as like the sea even though the nations were on dry land because of the turbulence of the the pagan nations and their unsettledness and they're there they resembled to the people of Israel like they were surrounded by sailing that the lunacy of paganism and so it could refer to this sea of sin and sea of paganism would engulf Ireland okay I find it hard to believe though that st. Patrick would have been so figurative or the prophecy would be so figurative as to stop there I mean I interpret the message for what it's worth to be that if Ireland is engulfed by sinned and paganism retaken by paganism and that there were the actual of physical geophysical consequences that the island would actually be reclaimed by the sea and that's what I expected I expect there will be a cataclysm at some point well Ireland actually will be reclaimed by the sea could be it tsunami every about earthquakes undersea earthquakes generating enormous waves I don't know what the elevation of Ireland is I mean I know that some mountainous regions but the you know we see around the world even now a resurgence of geothermic activity we see in Hawaii what's going on right now right we see in what the Madrid fault which was right through the Midwest we're saying of West we're seeing tensions rising in the soil under under even but is it Yellowstone National Park and the supermarket yeah the time of the Super Bowl can endure I mean there are a lot of reports about the earth physically being under great stresses right now we're staying the resurgence of activity in the Pacific Rim where they were talking about Hawaii so not long ago I mean how it just a generation ago maybe you know that even that we saw Mount st. Helens belong home right and that was a relatively mild eruption right there have been much more violent eruptions and and you look at the devastation that found that so you realize you know we're kind of sitting on a putter kid right now but rather than make people think that they better mind their their matters before God their reaction is quite the opposite and it's almost one of just a real cynical diabolical defiance but that's part of the that part of diabolical disorientation are they appropriately on our elite prophecy to that and they have a diabolical disorientation you have to have a diabolical deception and the diabolical deception we see going on is that only going out of Washington and suddenly going on London it's only going on in Berlin and Ziya it's going on in in in Rome in the Vatican right now that's the real diabolical deception you well FedEx because we can get to a couple emails real quick our email inbox is overflowing as usual so the quick one here father I was baptized in 1973 and the novus ordo I'm thinking I should get a conditional baptism what do you think I also heard that in the new baptism in another sort of they are using any other oil instead of olive oil well I can't voucher what they're using for the or the holy girls that it was their own I know nothing would surprise me you know I'd be using Crisco oil or wherever but someone suggested at one point I don't know that that really makes a difference to most of them anyway I will say this the Novus Ordo Rite of baptism has changed they eliminated the four prayers of exorcism the in the Rite of baptism for children you know and some people might thinking well why would you have exorcisms for a child are you saying that child is possessed well those prayers of exorcism actually came down to us through the centuries that the Rite of baptism the traditional Rite of baptism comes down to us from the very catacombs you know even the the Apostles Creed is understood to have been in some queries anyway the profession of faith for one a catechumen about to be baptized and to this day I mean the the Apostles Creed is prayed before the water of baptism is poured the the prayers of exorcism were eliminated but Paul the sixth as you know in the early 70s he then apologized for having taken the Mount but he never put them back in so this is the craziness and the strangeness of things but he admits it was a tragic mistake and that he never faced it yeah and so no wonder people are thinking there's something that's totally under control here this something doesn't make any sense even from a comments but if you even thought from a religious for you who doesn't make sense but in case so there are things that this this gentleman orally would not have received in the traditional by the baptism we've not have received in his RCIA right Rite of Christian initiation for adults if it was baptized as an adult or baptized is child there are things in the traditional ceremony that would not be there that he would not have received but as far as the validity of the baptism I mean what is necessary for the validity of the baptism is someone pour natural waters and pour real water and generally over the forehead or what one can sprinkle it or one can immerse something in the water if there's infusion aspirated stations and so on but but in any case the and they would also have to not only for them to say the correct words identifying what they're doing and among the various traditional rites of the church the words are not identical but they all express the identical understanding sacrament and they have to have the intention to do at least what the church does if this was done when this man alcohol Herman Rosalia was baptized then that would be a valid baptism if the water was poured and the person spoke the words even a layman could validly baptize your the necessary intention of at least doing with the Catholic Church does now I mean if any of those was missing if anyone was lacking if they used dr. pepper or they used you know coconut oil or whatever and that would be totally acknowledge right there's no question about the ability of that if they just pour it over let's say a lock of hair right and it didn't actually touch the body well that would nothing though if the words expressed were ad-libbed that sort of it didn't express the the significance of baptism there was the signification of the sacrament baptism is the cleansing of the soul from original sin if they excluded that intentionally or somebody failed to express the very idea of baptism then you know the vacant in Belem if the person you poured the water and said the words was prior to doing so said we don't believe in original sin anymore forget that we're just making a member of the club wait wait you know welcome to the club for it if that's if that's the significance of what they did have a tell me about to do so but I mean if if the individual you know could be if they wasn't most certain that they had the intention to do with the Catholic Church does and they did pour the water and they just say the words and the novus ordo right and baptism the words are i baptize you in the name of the Father and of the son of the Holy Spirit amen yeah that's the forming and it deviates from the traditional form in the Roman Rite of baptism by adding the word amen if one actually added the word Amen for a heretical reason it would invalidate that even though no but how do you know well I made a Annette that I guess interview the person that what why why did you do that but although st. Thomas Aquinas says I mean even if you added something to the form that did not alter the meaning substantially and you didn't intend a substantial it would still be valid so whether this person should go off and have himself validly baptized I would say this much with it but he could certainly do is go to a traditional priest and say I was baptized in the name of sorrow could you at least supply the ceremonies and would you also be willing to and help me investigate to make sure that what was done was right and proper give me a good solid judgment as to whether my baptism was valid or not from the priest like then the traditional priest would say okay this is what we need to know go try to find this out find this out the documents Joe talked if the if the if the clergyman who did the baptism is still alive you can ask you you know go to the godparents find out exactly what was done that they're there for a reason right as witnesses for the baptism and go look you know if you have somebody who videotape the ceremony the old VHS tapes whatever right there there's a certain amount of evidence that one can explore to get satisfactory evidence in the end I mean if there's if there's a lingering real doubt a positive death as to whether or not that baptism was valid then I think the traditional priest would be take the parts to see or because she's to say well I conditional baptism isn't we're here and during that time we can also supply the ceremonies that the Billis order left out sure okay next question part is fighting temptation by indirect means instead of active means such as ignoring a temptation versus actively trying to push it out of one's mine is that permitted nice to say is ignoring a temptation instead of actively fighting it considered resisting temptation yeah sure well no temptation to have any power over it unless we give it our attention the most effective way to deal with the temptation is to ignore it to refuse to allow it to get our attention so especially with the temptations to impurity and that's really the only way to fight people who make an active attack an attack on the thought or the suggestion are basically focusing their attention on the idea and that's fatal the the real defense against temptations especially temptations of appearing are precisely flight in the sense that we get away from them but the most effective way to get away from them is to absolutely refused to think about them and we have to not focus on them saying no no no no I will not think this I will not think this because of the process of this I will not think this I'm thinking this right I'm still focusing on it but I'm not thinking so the important thing is a person just completely turn in the direction redirect his attention away to something else I mean you're not going to find a void of the buddy's imagination the mind just keeps running there's something in there so again he can't just be thinking I'm not thinking this I'm not thinking that what he needs to do it needs to make a deliberate choice to direct his attention elsewhere to something else something important something really really crucial to him so that it is such a a let's say a thought of such force and strength to him of such importance to him that it crowds out this suggestion whether it's a suggestion to you know elicit of impurity a suggestion to steal a thought of doing violence to someone you know the best the best the best and most decisive suggestion is to say I will not even give my attention and just immediately feel one's imagination build one's mind with the thought of something else that just crowds all of the nell south america cannot there's no room in his mind that it weren't for this let's see how so passive if they want to call it passive it all requires an active decision you know but actively deciding no to the to the tiller of the very idea of the temptation that's the most active decisions we could make and but if we you know i understand what he means by being passive about it and that's just refusing to cooperate with it in any way okay further what is the sinfulness of doing something that is bad for one's health in a minor way such as eating unhealthy food and the like and how does that relate to the sink to harm their bodies as a form of penance to do what go how does her eating so the what is the sinfulness of doing something that is minorly bad for oneself such as eating unhealthy food and the like and how does that relate to these saints who harbor bodies is that formula well I just know that they are the healthy food well I mean here's the example of self-flagellation and just the Saints who performed finally penances okay well the Saints would see that if they had a particular vice and they could overcome that vice by mortification that they saw valium because you know our Lord said what what is the benefit of going into and to return alive missing a hand or a foot you know but saving your soul there is benefit to that he said what is what is the benefit rather of going into you know hell with both hands and both feet and both eyes because they're just going to suffer then he'll write so he said you'd be much better off going into eternal life without these things then going to hell with them and you know the sense would take to cover its words very seriously and very harshly and very literally okay but the church has always taught that if they if they use these penances in such a way that they actually do physical they actually injure their health they do something that actually destroys their health or impairs their health but this is morally wrong the church sees that is a sin against the fifth commandment so they can mortify themselves but the church is always made it very clear if it crosses the line where it becomes like we're actually damages your health you have to stop okay so I mean someone may with himself and so on just two innocent inflict that pain and discomfort on himself to humiliate himself in his own mind and humble himself before God and steal himself against against adversity he had against temptation inside st. Francis st. Francis of Assissi was a very passionate man he had a very hot temper he got that under control it was also at times tempted he would not become a priest he stopped it and a deacon because he thought the purity necessary to being a priest was beyond him because he was still subject to temptations of obscurity and he would actually spontaneously throw himself into a snowbank or whatever it was I don't know an assisting on the snow there was but it throw himself into a into a thorn bush you know as a means of just fighting off a temptation and that was very effective and I guess he felt very because once you wait to do that all of your attention is given to the thorns that are piercing and this is an example of you know that turning your tests showing that's a big the whole idea it's just part of human nature we have bootcamp for our soldiers a tough up against adversity right and we have survival training where we put people through the terrible discomfort and and trials and we even tough about the soldiers in some cases for capture and finish they are captured and they were interrogated by the enemy we want them to be really really tough this is not something that is just a matter of saints this is this is what we as human beings realize we have to do by mortification and never the strength ourselves strengthen ourselves for the duties we have the dangers of interface so but I mean the fact is it all comes down to the fact is to make one stronger not to make what weaker it's to ultimately you know help not to hurt the person and so if it be if it's done to the point where it damages the health it's just it's simple the church condemned it where relative superiors have always made that very point when a when a for example religious in a religious community would want to undertake a certain penance and to get permission to do it and they might be given leave from their confessor whoever to do it for a certain time in moderation but they had to report by even got to the point where it was excessive they would be commanded to stop then they would in conscience and stuff hey if they didn't they'd be shown the door that they would say you're you're not suitable comedian religious if the mortification that you are inflicting on yourself that we see is excessive and damage your health if that's either feeding your pride making you you're really special or it's damaging your health and you won't stop then the mortification of obedience that you really asked for you will not give this is this is damaging your soul and your body okay father this viewer says I have red radish you say it is easy to make a perfect act of contrition and I have also read writers who say it is difficult to do so which is it are these writers say it is easy to make a perfect factory contrition not sure a perfect act of contrition is motivated by a perfect love for God a perfect contrition is sorrow for sin I hated for sin which always includes a firm purpose of amendment refused to sin anymore to avoid the near occasions and stay away from the temptations rejecting even the temptations a love a love for God that is required to accomplish that has to be perfect it has to be what our words says is to love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart I hold mine the health to salt in my whole strength that's the first and the greatest commandment now how can one say that is easy it's a grace from God God has to give that grace and we have to cooperate with it we have to overcome a self alone so first of all God has to give the grace for the perfect love for him and it has to be the efficacious grace to there overcomes all of the obstacles of all of the other attachments behind what he had even delighted something necessarily the larger say how anybody can say that's easy I mean they might as well playing well yeah Saint Sebastian getting put to death that was easy yeah it's nice to say what she meant that was easy you know it just sort of came naturally no no it's absurd it's it's even heretical the state can naturally that Bernard active love for god has to be the result of a grace that is earnestly sought for it and we beg God for that grace and it's it's a supernatural act of charity supreme charity so how on earth anybody could say that's easy I don't know alright isn't it permissible to ask for purgatory in this life so as to avoid purgatory after death what are the consequences if assuming it is permissible god grants this i said yes to said it didn't he said san agustin says slash burn do whatever you have to do the V in this life only saved me spare me in the next that's what he said for you to want to fulfill ones purgatory here in this life which means simply I want to Lord expiate and make retribution for all of the temporal punishment due to my sins and I really want to do that in this life no one might say okay well I'm doing and that's selfishly because I want to avoid purgatory because I realized that no matter what I suffer in this life it can compare the pains of purgatory one might say okay that person is motivated by self-interest okay it just so happens by the way that that self-interest coincides with God's will though okay because God doesn't really because God doesn't want people to go to purgatory he didn't create them preferred to Tory he created them to go ahead and so if they can XP they sins committed his life in terms of the temporal punishment divisions that's a good thing we all should aspire for that we all should want that if somebody says oh my god when I die I don't want anything to stand between me and V and I want I want to go straight to heaven to that president I want to love it with all my heart and soul this is motivated by my love for thee that I longed for thee my god that is you know approaching in the direction anyway it's going in the direction of the perfect love for God saying that's my motivation and I want to take away all the obstacles in this life and in the next in order to go directly to God that's the only thing that's what we all should be doing all right last question father and indulgences when we get a partial indulgence I understand that this means we are remitted partially the punishment due to sin which has been forgiven it's that punishment that we are remitted partially only due to sins which would be punished in the next life or also in this life the partial indulgence granted by the church or through the church or the Treasury of the saints his granted with regard to punishment for the temple temporal punishment due to sins in the next life in the next life okay I'm not sure I understand if the individual is saying you know I get the indulgence does that mean I can be relieved of punishment that I would have to endure or even in this life yes later so you have a parenthesis while on earth saying in the form of suffering so is that punishment that we are emitted partially the only duty sentence which would be punished in the next life purgatory or also in this life while on earth say in the form of suffering well I guess what could say okay I'm getting these intelligences and I'm asking God mercifully and to apply these to the temporal punishment I will I will have waiting for me in purgatory but if I can now expedite them that I I don't have to excavate them in other ways here on earth so maybe it will affect the fact that I don't have to do other penances to expiate those sins because of the indulgences I can't if I didn't gain the indulgences that might be thinking okay I better expiate my sins some way while I'm still alive on earth if I gain the indulgences and as I might say well I've already you know kind of relieved alleviated by suffering in the afterlife here in purgatory by gaining the adult chances so much indulgences that are already applied to that suffering so I don't have to fast Britain water for six years as I would otherwise to alleviate my sins cuz I gave the indulgence but I would say that one who thinks like that is already into trouble because if they're motivated by a love for God and a true desire out of love for God to expiate their sins I think they'd have to realize that you know i okay intelligences of seven years or seven quarantine disappearance that the time there's there's no time in purgatory the way we know it here okay the only time in purgatory is a matter of change the philosophers defined time as a measure changed according to before and after well there is a change in purgatory but the change in purgatory is the expiation punishment and the purification that the souls love for God so there is a change in purgatory in that sense there is a passage of time but it's not measured in the seconds or minutes or hours phase but you know any any reasonable person understands what's at stake here wouldn't say but look during my life by scandalised maybe a half a dozen songs maybe I scandalized half a dozen thousand souls using foul language in the presence of children failing to fulfill the duties of my state life and giving scandal by the way who knows involving other people in my sins in one way or another I mean all of these I have all of this and the consequences of what I've done I've gone to confession I've told god I'm sorry and I was sorry and I am sorry and he forgave me so there will not be tempt the the eternal punishment of hell for my sins because God has forgiven me but it's interesting if you read Sacred Scripture especially the gospel you find how serious they god takes not only the sins committed against him but the damage we do to the souls of others how many times our Lord told us about the responsibility would have in the example we give and the damage we do to the souls of our fellow men and God is holding very good I mean authority that told us the parable about the the servant who was called in to all would be king ten thousand talents and there came for gaming but when the man went out and began to choke one of his fellow servants Oh much less and if just a pittance the king was angry that the men not that the men to him didn't have the ten thousand talents to him back but he betrayed his fellow servant this way and he handed him over the torturers for that so God has made it very clear if you have your if your brother anything against you if you've been guilty of an injustice or a lack of charity for your brother you've sinned in that way against him you bring your gift to the altar they give to me don't give it to me I don't want it you go many things right with your brother and then Kevin off he again I mean our Lord he told us in so many ways just okay to forgive 70 times seven you know our willingness to forgive and our willingness to endure hardships in this life it's very important to unboard right and so we shouldn't be surprised that even after were forgiven by God for the offenses we've committed against him and he has prevented the eternal condemnation the sentence of eternal condemnation against a soul because of his mortal sins he still holds us accountable for the damage we've done to each other that's the temporal punishment due to sin I didn't go to confession for my sins but I can't go to confession for the sense of the people I'm scandalized you know the damage is there right that temporal punishment goes with me now if I'm motivated by a love for God I'm going to be saying to myself oh okay I got this indulgence I got that indulgence I got this indulgence hey it's taken care of if I think about the gravity of the sin of scandal and what our Lord says about scandalizing yes let's even spend specially innocent son said be better off than doing that if you were taking out that millstone tied around your neck they were thrown overboard you'd better off doing that than cause he scandal I would be thinking I cannot do enough penance in one lifetime I cannot gain enough intelligences in one life if I appreciate the gravity of the temporal punishment the amount of temporal punishment due to my my sense even my venial sense so I just I I see where the person is going with that question but I also see well we've got to be careful even answering that question to stress where where our mind should be and how we should be thinking about this right about thinking well I either gain the indulgence for I I fast you know once it once a week for five years one of the other which isn't going to be actually if you're thinking like that you should say I'd better do both that's better well finally thank you for being here tonight and I have a very busy schedule so we all appreciate your time very much I'd like everyone else – what kids – another y'all have worked very hard god bless you and i SS all of our all of our patient listeners Darin certainly appreciate that I'm glad you got some of the questions here yes you know there's just so much going on right now I do ask your prayers I'd like to I'd went to mentions – there's a gentleman in England who is a political prisoner of the English crown right now his name is Tommy Robinson okay he has been trying to unmask and cover uncover and keep the English people informed about this cabal of Islamists in in England for having a kidnapping and grooming the English children girls for their immoral trade this is their business over there okay and in some parts of England there have been literally hundreds of girls who disappeared and have been sold by this give this guy and this man has been trying to let the English people know what's going on he was given some kind of a suspended sentence at one point and just recently though because he was quietly filming on his own cell phone outside the courtroom where these men charged in this trafficking these of these English girls are being tried he was seized by the police tell you before the magistrate and in a matter of hours he was he was sentenced to 13 months and in prison and knowing the prisoners that he's going to be locked up with this may well be a death sentence for his my name is Tommie Robinson and the courts in England had ordered a complete news blackout of this whole thing so that here in the states we can talk about over there the Kent it's a crime to talk about it it's a crime to even talk about him and what would happened to him the news is being blocked out as though this man has just been carted off I mean even a Stalinist Russia they didn't do any worse than that even a Stalinist Russia but this is what it's come to over there in England right now Alfie Evans LV Evans right and in the British Isles now on the immorality that is being voted on to prove there and this man being carted off into oblivion and basically devoured swallowed alive by the English person ISM system so that people are not even being informed where he's being held it's it's just incredible but this is what well this is what to tell eteri in soon this is what traitors do to their country they silence those who expose them in the most cruel ways so you know this is what we see going on right now and we need to pray for this man that may be protected where he is and that somehow around the world there have been protests people are every game to react and that's it that's an amazing thing after all this time people are only beginning to react when people are finding out that people are reality that there's he is getting out in any case it always seemed as though either people could not be informed or if they were informed they didn't care and so we're finding that more and more there's still some there's still some moral indignation left in in some people because there is so still some moral principle active people we have to pray for that I'll tell you though it is it is purely by the grace of God whatever liberties we still have right now surely by the indulgence in the grace of God enter all the sins that are hurled in his face day after day after day and our Blessed Mother in heaven you know pleading for mercy for us our Lord pleading for mercy for the know the altars of the true mass the traditional mass you know all of these are speaking for us pleading for us we have so much to be grateful for but what we have to do is if we really appreciate the mercy of God let's show that we appreciate it by standing up for what is right and and that this means we have to we have to practice our traditional Catholic faith courageously we can't just be trying to be silent partners as it were with God we have to be someone being as soon as so inspired by our faith and their hope and love forgotten that we cannot be sentenced we will not be silenced by any tyrant not from Hell or no interview or anything that they would do not the power to silences when it comes to a matter of faith open charity and it comes matter of right and wrong being faithful together thank you bye welcome sir thanks for our viewers as well for watching this episode of what Catholics believe until next time we ask that you all remember the words right Lady of fátima to consecrate yourselves and your families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to pray and do penance thank you and God bless you you

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