Is abortion in a case of rape “compassionate” to the woman?

I was reading under someone else’s article—I
get tagged in these things all the time—and someone who was calling themselves pro-life
was just saying, “It’s just compassion. It’s just compassion to say ‘except for
in cases of rape’ because think about the woman. Why isn’t anyone thinking about the woman?” And so I responded, and I wanted to read that. He said “Think about it from the woman’s
point of view,” and I said, “Okay, yes, let’s think about it from the woman’s point
of view. The day after she’s raped, she’s shocked to
find out the sun still rises, because everything in her world has changed. She feels different, wrong, inexplicably
ashamed. She’s certain that strangers can look at her
and know that she is damaged. She walks around thinking, “I’m a woman
who has been raped,” and knows her life has now been split in half: before she became
a statistic, after. In the silence, she hears things he said to
her. Things she knows she’ll never repeat. When she closes her eyes she sees him looming
over her. She can’t eat. The taste of her own blood lingers on her
tongue. The dank earthiness of the ground as he held
her head down. She speaks with other survivors, with friends,
with her lover who’s trying desperately to comfort her, but she’s terribly, terribly alone. When a faint second line blossoms on the pregnancy
test, for a moment she feels as though the wind is knocked out of her. Instinctively, her hands drift to her flat
belly as she tries to slow her breath. She knows what she should feel: resentment,
anger maybe, but somehow for the first time since crossing over into the after she doesn’t
feel so adrift. Somehow, for the first time since crossing
over into the “after,” she feels a reason to go on. A ferocious need to safeguard this delicate
new life. She might not have been able to protect herself,
but she can protect her baby. Her baby. Deep breath. “It’s okay,” she whispers to nobody and
everybody. “I’m going to take care of you,” but they
take care of each other. And in little arms and big eyes and the
purest of all love she begins to heal.” So when people tell you to think about the
woman, I would ask that you remember my story and the story of so many others because we
are those women. So many people say, “think about the woman,”
and it’s a false compassion, because they’re using our story of the 1% to justify the slaughtering
of the 99%. And it’s not true. The lies they tell you are not true, the lies
that you can heal, that you can move on, then everything will be better if you just get
rid of your baby. Healing is found in that complete innocent
love. Healing is found in being able to save someone
when you couldn’t save yourself.

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  1. As a former rape and incest victim who choose life and am unashamed about that, all I can say is Thank You. Thank you for speaking up for females pregnant from rape, thier motherhood, their unborn children and Love, Amen. God bless all in Jesus name. Peace.

  2. Life is life regardless of the situation. Of course I've never been there, but have been on the other side as a guy with very little control over what a woman does with the baby.

  3. Haven't even bothered watching any of this, and only just wanted to make one comment, and that is who gives a shit, when a women says she is raped, its probably not true, and all allegations you hear nowadays come from the most manipulating, complaining, always have to be right, don't give a shit about anyone else, women, they are all full of shit, and are always only about money, which is why you see rich old farts with pretty young things, so they deserve everything they get, the end

  4. What heroes are Jennifer and her husband. There are many others like them but there stories never get told publically.

    I've talked to over 300 people with rape conception stories and it's society NOT the mothers who want to destroy the innocent child. My org Choices4Life .org just helped rescue 57 girls that were thrown onto freezing streets through out the country. The reason they were thrown out? They refused to destroy their rape conceived baby.

    They were beaten and abused after parents learned of the child, sometimes by their own fathers. In the case of incest the baby was actual the ticket to freedom even though they were on the streets. EVERY one of these girls we rescued literally was ready to face death to protect their baby. One young girl suffered hypothermia and lost her 24 week baby in the womb. She is in a coma on life support right this minute with parents who hate her for her "choice"

    The world neither knows about the abuse nor do they want to. Thank you for sharing truth.

    My own mother was raped in 1956 by 8 men not believed and pressured to abort me. Her dr said "I can take care of it" and she replied "You will NOT take care of "it" IT is MY baby!" Today her one "choice" has said my life my two sons and my 10 grandchildren! One choice is NOT one choice! It affects generations.

  5. Our country needs to return to compassion and hope. Jen is a major example of the kind of love we all too often lack. We can stand by rape victims AND their babies.

  6. I was raped, and i have gotten pregnant, and i had an abortion because i didn't want to look at the fatherless child i would've had, and remember the person that raped me in that child, that's why i did it, i don't judge the other women that kept their children, but please don't judge me and understand that i had a different view and never planned to want to keep mine for a different and good reason.

  7. I was pregnant by a rapist. He got a slap on the wrist with a light sentence. I didn't want this baby but I didn't want to abort so I chose adoption. The baby was developing with a deformed arm and a deformed hand on the other. I was told the chances of finding adoptive parents might not be easy. When the baby was born I had not found anyone to take him. Even if I did want him I could not afford a child so I gave him up to CPS. I don't know what ever became of him but I can tell you what the ordeal did to me. The rape, the prenancy, the birth, his deformity and giving him away literally destroyed me. There was nothing comforting about any part of the pregnancy or the birth. I was depressed for many years after and I never had another child.

  8. YOU do not get to decide every individual victim’s feelings on if abortion helps them or not. for many victims, abortion is extremely helpful and saves them from the disgusting and vile trauma of having to carry and have a child conceived by their rapist or even their own family member. stop forcing your religious beliefs onto victims of rape. this mindset is monstrous and values fetuses over a human girl or woman. why doesn’t the girl or woman’s life matter? oh and why should a fetus’ “life” matter even over the rapist’s? the rapist is at least a fully formed human being, of course he gets more “rights” than a clump of cells.

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