25 Replies to “Is abortion indicated if fetal heartbeat is absent in 7th week of pregnancy? – Dr. Shashi Agrawal”

  1. hello, my sister is 7weeks +4days. she went for vaginal scan last week, but it shows there is no pulsation. please does that mean she has lost the baby? please I need your advise. Thank you.

  2. 7weak pregnant but no heart beat found doctor give some medicine .in how many days heart beat will come

  3. Madam meri wife ki pragnesy ko 7 weak ho gaye hai darkan show ni ho rahi doc aboshion k liye Bol rehe hai kya kre plz reply me

  4. My wife is 8 weeks pregnant but doctor told her there is no heart beat till yet in unborn baby and prescribed some medicine for 1 week. What should I do ?

  5. When i am 6 weeks pregnant there is a heartbeat but they agsin do scan in 8 weeks said no heartbeat why is that is that possible that heartbeat goes nd comes again

  6. hi my wife have a7th week of pregnancy .1week before she can see baby heartbeat in her womb at home but now she can't see. is it ok help me

  7. 8 week pregnancy but not heart beat and daily show blood sports why mam plzzz reply it's very important for me plzzzz plzzz plzzz reply me

  8. Hello dct i have a 7 weeck pregnancy ..par dct kahtey h heartbeat ni aati h plz dct ap btaye mujhey kya krna chahiye

  9. Hello ma'am.. I'm 9week pregnant, but it shows 6wk pregnant in scan and no heartbeat. Doctor suggesting for abortion.. please reply .. can I wait for few more weeks?

  10. Hi mam. I'm 6 week pregnant but no heartbeat see inside. Dr said me it's not healthy, what to do now.

  11. I m pregnt of 7 week but no fetal heart beat n in last pregency i hd same problm then bleeding also start we go for d n c but what should i do for dis time plzzz help me out

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