Is Abortion Murder? (Terminating Pregnancy)

hi first off my mom made me this hats like forever ago so don't you goddamn make fun of it you're gonna make fun of it aren't you secondly today we're gonna ask the question whether or not abortion is murder and we're not gonna rely on opinions mostly no we're gonna use facts facts damn it so I have to censor out some of this cuz it's kind of offensive this is basically a doctor cutting up a baby inside their mother apparently that's a 23 week fetus let's see what they actually look like ok another image confirms it is what 23 weeks looks like that's not even legal in most places to abort a baby that looks like that maximum legal limit for most abortions is 24 what says how are the vast majority are 13 weeks what is a 13 week look like No they look all human and stuff oh my god that is so sad oh I'm getting pains in my chest like those quivery pains not the stabbing pain it's like the vagina is rubbing my heart right now oh that's right it makes me feel like I'm gonna cry okay the answer is yes abortions kidding hold on the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another if first of all we're talking about lawful abortion obviously it's a premeditated killing well what is the definition of human being a man woman or child of the species almost sapiens distinguished from other animals by superior mental developments how articulate speech and upright stance okay I find that offensive and here's why this kid is mentally disabled and in a wheelchair so they don't necessarily have superior mental development or power of articulate speech or upright stance are they not considered a human being a question that needs an answer here's the verb based definition of murder paralyzed to kill unlawfully and with premeditation once again they say specifically unlawfully abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy most often performed during the first twenty eight weeks of pregnancy according to this abortion is not murder unless one considers the fetus to be a person unless the one you speak of as the judge or jury it doesn't seem to matter in a legal sense does it seven reasons why abortion should be illegal oh is that all seriously if I was anti-abortion I could come up with like at least twenty it is ending a life really that's your reason tell me what did you have for dinner last night obviously you are against ending a life the child doesn't have a choice says the same people who likely mutilate their baby's ears or genitals when they're born based on their gender you care about choice be consistent and also maybe consider the human being that's already in this world the woman carrying the baby what if she was raped where is her choice due to the fact that fetus is still developing many consider it non-human unborn offspring of mammal in particular an unborn human baby within eight weeks after conception so if you try to terminate your pregnancy earlier than that not even considered killing a fetus even when abortion was illegal it had lesser punishment than for murder and was often just a misdemeanor historically a fetus is never over I rarely be considered a human being here's a question for you what do we call a seed when we plant it in the ground to be specific let's say it's a flower bowl is that flower bulb a flower has got to tell you most anyone will look at that flower bulb and say that's not a flower fact a lot of people might identify it as a nut now I don't feel good saying that but analogies like that often help put things in perspective when you look at an egg you call it a chicken or do you call it an egg at the very best if that egg is fertilized I'll call it an unborn baby chicken but even so when people look at it they're still gonna call it an egg the same applies to many animals when you see one creature that looks and behave one way look in a different direction you see creatures that look different and behave in a totally different way it's difficult for people to look at the both of them and say that's the same thing most every scenario I personally look at abortion as a very sad situation as you can see most people who get abortions are very likely first-time moms or maybe not even first-time moms and that's likely because they don't know the joy of having a child when you actually produce this life when they're born to you most all moms experience it feeling that they never even fathomed in their entire life it's this overwhelming sensation of love and absolute joy for this human being that just came into your life just gave birth is someone who's going to be in your life for at least 18 years somebody who could very well be a great friend of your someday and that's a completely and utterly beautiful thing but that's not what this video is about it's not about the beauty of having a child it's about whether or not abortion is actually considered murder murder isn't my word it's not your word it's more often than not a legal word so just because that word sounds good to you when you use it in association with something doesn't make your use of that word accurate now with that aside abortion is definitely the termination of potential it's hard to say when that fetus becomes a human being fetus could already be a human being obviously the definition we covered earlier wasn't quite fair was it but something that's clearly black-and-white is the definition of murder when you say people who get abortions our murderers are very very likely wrong I say again order is not my word it is not your word it is a legal word maybe you could say killers word kill is a lot more loose than the word murder it means the causes of death of a person animal or other living things also means put an end to or caused the failure or defeat of something so according to this even if you defeat someone at a video game you could be considered by definition to kill so obviously we should stop calling people murderers and they by definition aren't murdering and consider a more appropriate work or less I hope you have a wonderful day you squeeze

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  1. Ok, abortion is murder, that's not your problem, and If you say "what if someone wants to adopt him/her" they are a lot of kids in the word to adopt

  2. I believe abortion should only exist if neededsuch as someone disabled to to small to have a child. Also if your raped can't you just give it up fir adoption.

  3. I think it's the person's decision, it's their body and their life.and if they don't think their ready to be a mother then so be it because if their going to be a abusive or bad mother then why make the child suffer through it?

  4. Doctors tried making my mom think she had no choice to abort me and that she had to because I was a teen pregnancy. Don't always blame the mothers people. It is the mothers choice if they are ready or not. If anything it should be illegal to ban or force abortion.

  5. There is a difference between being murdered and never being born. If you are against abortion, don't get one. You have absolutely no right to tell any woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

  6. Lets say that a woman is expecting a baby. She goes to the ultrasound and finds out that her baby is going to be born with a severe medical condition and that baby is not expected to live long. Now, answer me this…do you think that, that the mother should have the baby or do you think that she should get an abortion?

    I hope no one answers this because its not your god damm choice nor business to decide what a woman does with her body.

  7. Please don’t take the life’s of those angles there are people that will be more then happy to adopt them babies 👶🏽

  8. I hate abortion and I would never have one, but I'm still pro choice. Most babies who were going to be aborted would've lived lives of horrific abuse and neglect had they been born, and some people will try to do it anyway possibly ending in both mother and child's death. Plus you know…rape babies…and incest babies…its not fair to force a girl to birth the child a man she had no choice in having intercourse with. She at least deserves that choice. But 24 weeks is FAR too late! No later than 15-18 weeks should be allowed.

  9. You know what I find kinda funny? The fact that in most situations, women feel joy after giving birth because of body hormone stuff

    Don’t read this as sarcasm. I completely respect people’s opinion on this subject, because it is a sad but very morally confusing one.
    Personally, I am ok with abortion, because it is the woman’s choice if she does or does not have the baby.
    Well, this was useless but I wanted to state my opinion and a possibly slightly funny first paragraph.
    P.S. this is from a younger female’s view, and I may or may not change how I feel about the subject. (If you can’t tell, I tried to make this as inoffensive as possible)

  10. If abortion was illegal it should also be illegal for a man to leave a woman when finding out she's pregnant because if a woman can't back out of pregnancy nether should men be able to

  11. I personally am not for abortion… Because of the way I was raised… But hey if you have a really good reason for abortion like your safety or rape, go for it. Its only the people who decided hey lets have sex with NO PRECAUTIONS that Im pissed at

  12. I feel like some people think women see abortion as another birth control method, and 30% of women will have an abortion one day (I don't know the real numbers actually).
    To be honest, all women I know I terrified of having to have an abortion, for them, it would really be the last thing they would do. I also know women who are so afraid of getting pregnant that they do pregnancy tests regularly, even though they're on the pill or use condom or have an implant (or anything else), and have regular periods, or even some single women XD.
    So really, I just wanted to clarify that women don't think having an abortion is great, and they don't take that choice easily. Most women are very serious about their birth control method

  13. I just wanted to put some facts here.
    The average age of women who have an abortion is around 27 years old (numbers for France, year 2014). So abortions is most of the time the problems of grown up women who probably already have a family and don't want another kid, and know about birth control. So even if cases of teens getting abortion still exist, they're getting rarer and rarer, because teens are now educated about birth control and morning after pills.

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