Is abortion vegan? Are pro-choice vegans & vegetarians hypocrites?

hey guys so is abortion vegan I considered doing a video kind of on politics someone was asking about being conservative and a vegan and getting shit for it I considered doing a video on that but I figured it'd be too controversial so I decided instead to talk about abortion makes sense so I think often this seems like and I suspect it's often asked as more of a kind of gotcha question like trying to show that the insert or vegetarians are like hypocrites or something kind of like the plants feel pain too though right like that kind of thing it's like you're not you're not really serious but I do think that it can be a legitimate question I think it's worth answering you know if someone thinks that that we're vegan or vegetarian because we are just against killing animals no matter what then it's a legit question you know how can you be against killing animals but totally totally ok with killing fetuses so I would say for myself and I think many vegans vegetarians would say the same we aren't just wholly anti killing we're anti unnecessary harm I think all of us can think of examples where killing is the best thing the nicest thing the most you know merciful thing to do in certain situations I think many of us have had to experience euthanizing our pets because they are suffering my family had to go through that just recently twice in the last couple months two of my kitties many of you probably remember have videos if you look up the Christmas videos of McGurk my Maine Coon and Finnegan little rat tail tiny head Finnegan he had to be put down just a couple days ago and McGuirk a couple months before that so again what we care about is harm unnecessary harm so you know eating animals when we have other alternatives right when we have plant foods that we can eat instead that would be causing unnecessary harm of course harm is only relevant if the being in question can experience harm can experience pain we don't care about unnecessary harm to a rock because you can't can't really harm rock right yeah for more information on pain versus nociception I do have a video on that with regard to insects check that out so the question really is when can a fetus feel pain can a fetus feel pain so according to scientific consensus the evidence is clear that fetuses cannot feel pain until about the third trimester until around like twenty seven twenty eight weeks so being pro-choice or whatever you want to call it at least up until the twenty eighth week mark is consistent with veganism now what about after twenty eight weeks well first it is important to note that the vast majorities of abortions occur well-well-well before the third trimester according to the CDC this is information from 2009 ninety 1.7 percent of abortions were performed at or before thirteen weeks so before even the second trimester starts 7% were between fourteen and twenty weeks so during the second trimester and only one point three percent at 21 weeks or greater and unfortunately they don't have a breakdown of like how many occur you know at 28 weeks or later but still only one point three percent at 21 weeks or greater which obviously makes the the image that's kind of promoted by a a certain side of the political spectrum of women just lining up for partial birth abortions it makes that pretty silly also important to note is that there are many other factors besides just fetal pain obviously you have the health of the mother you have the quality of life outcome for the fetus if it is born obviously you know severe medical conditions or disabilities so asking the question you know is it ethical to abort a fetus after 28 weeks it just doesn't have a clear yes or no answer unfortunately every situation is different one thing is very clear though by making abortions easier to get and less expensive this will very very likely reduce the number of third trimester and even second trimester abortions since one of the common reasons that women give for waiting to get an abortion is just lack of access and lack of money so that's it really I tried to make that as milquetoast as I possibly could trying not to make people uncomfortable and an alien alienate people this wasn't any sort of political video but it's something again it's a question that I see a lot and I do think usually it's just people don't really want an answer to it I sure some do and just kind of on a side note when I've seen people respond to this question and other questions as well it's usually very snarky and people are saying oh you don't really want an answer and again I get that but I think it's important to remember when you have particularly when it's a public thing like this like it's a public comment on it on a YouTube video or on a Facebook post or something remember that other people are going to see it and so you know yeah that person who's asking they may not be serious and they may not give a shit what you're gonna say but there's probably at least one other person reading that thread who's like yeah I really want to know like is abortion vegan so if you can provide like an actual helpful response that can help someone else right it's why doing videos I think is important it's kind of like the again totally getting off track but with the Trisha Paytas thing you know she was like I'm going vegan guys a lot of people were like no you're not you're doing this for publicity and yeah I'd look like she's that's how things were going I don't know maybe she's vegan again now I don't really keep track but uh but you know for me it's like whoo who cares like who cares that vegan gains made a video and it's like oh she gotcha it's like did she he made like an actual pretty useful nice video that a bunch of other people watched and maybe got something out of like who cares if she got anything there are tons of other people who maybe learn something and maybe you decided to eat less animal products or whatever like I don't know I don't think it's think have to look at the the broader outreach with stuff like that so yeah I think it's important to to talk about these things and try not to be so like try not to just assume that people are being dicks we're just being defensive or trying to like gotcha and then also realize that if it's a public thing that you can be helping other people even if the the original you know poster doesn't really care anyway thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any comments or questions leave those down below you want to subscribe subscribe and

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  1. but like… if you're vegan, why is it that EVERYTHING must be vegan? If you say that you're vegan but once a year eat an egg why will a lot of vegans come after you? if you decide to become vegan but still thrift for leather shoes/bags/jackets, WHY will they come and say you're not a true vegan? thrifting is still better than buying vegan, but completely new options. Same with abortions… can't you just… I don't know… make that decision without bringing vegan into it?

    It resembles christianity to me. They put EVERYTHING through the filter they call the bible. If they're thinking about doing something, they'll ask themself "But what would Jesus think about it?".
    Abortion is clearly a sin to religion, yet there are christians who aren't against it. they say "yup, it is against our religion, but that's not the point, I won't judge anyone"

  2. I’ve taken care of 24 week preemies. Of course they can feel pain. What are you saying? Younstick a needle in their foot to draw blood and they scream and pull back??? Where did you get the 28 week thing?

  3. There’s nothing about killing humans that’s vegan or vegetarian so any vegan who’s “pro choice” is not a vegan they’re a disgrace of a human life who deserves a punishment the same as what they did and support for those innocent babies who did nothing wrong and was killed by the one who is supposed to love them the most

  4. So If I give someone a sedative and then kill them while they are asleep it's ok because they don't feel any pain???? Do you not see the hypocrisy in your thinking? There is no way to justify killing another INNOCENT person. NONE. It is all about what is convenient for the mother without giving any consideration for the person she is carrying at any stage of development. Pro-abortionists like to use the scientific names for the baby because it de-personalizes her and makes the whole killing process seem more sterile. There are thousands of families ready to adopt an unwanted baby.
    Most vegans believe that killing anything is wrong. Killing INNOCENT humans is black and white. It is always wrong whether before birth or after. Even killing a conceived group of cells is wrong because even if you don't believe it's human yet as I do, it is an irrefutable fact that it will be at some point, so it is the same as destroying an eagle's egg. Even though it's not an eagle yet it soon will be, and it's still considered wrong by vegan standards, and the law.

    I like to get people's opinions that I don't always agree with. While it sometimes will change my mind, more often than not, it solidifies why I believe as I do. I think it is important that we see things from another perspective so we can learn from each other, rather than screaming at each other from opposite sides of the street. I hope I've inspired the vegans that are reading this to meditate on this subject and think about it carefully.

  5. Seen a lot of people say abortion is ethical if the child will be born in a poor family where the mum is on drugs so they are putting the baby out its misery so animals are kept in terrble conditions in the farm they are held against their will forcibly impregnated so by that logic the farmer is doing the animal a favor by killing it they are just sparing the animal a life of enslavement and misery just like the mum is doing to the unborn child and if your reponse to my video is well why dont they let the animal go free with out killing it my reply would be why dont the woman have the baby and give the baby up for adoption lol and if the vegans say well the animals are only here because they are bred into existence and the fetus is here because she had sex sorry vegans you can not win this argument

  6. Pretty ridiculous if people are using the argument to weather it can feel pain or not. To use your own logic against you if a cow was put to sleep and shot in the head and had a pain-free death.. does that matter?

  7. The ability for people to rationalise things that they simply "want to do" always astounds me. And the urge to get others to join them, and thus validate them amuses me no end.

  8. How do you people sleep at night when they spend your days fighting for the right to horrifically KILL your own children. I’ve tried, but as a mother who has lost 2 of my 4 children I just can’t get my head around this 😕. Pure selfish evilness.

  9. I will pay for a hundred abortions, over watching all these children being born into abusive lives with parents who rape, torture, neglect and abuse them. Unfit mentally unstable women having babies. White republicans love forcing poor black girls to have babies, MORE POOR BABIES TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY AND GO TO WAR, SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR WHITE PRIVILEGE AND SEND THEIR KIDS TO PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOLS. MORE POOR LOW INCOME CHILDREN GROWING UP TO WORK IN ALL THE SLAUGHTERHOUSES FOR THEM AND DO ALL THE DISGUSTING JOBS WHITE PEOPLE WOULD NEVER DO.

  10. ok…AOC clone…I'm loving this aborted calf burger…I topped it with some cashew butter, we are the same

  11. Thanks for taking the question seriously. Just watched a good vegan argument and considered going vegan again, but also saw a lot of similarity between the vegan woman's arguments and my pro-abundant life arguments and sincerely wanted to know if practicing vegans made the same connections.

  12. I understood that science is clear they can survive at 20 weeks so feel pain at 13 weeks. So if it's about a risk of whether the diet hurts animals/planet or risk that a human feels pain in utero… Surely then the vegan answer is abortion is only ok if mother's life or wellbeing is at risk. Not as a form of contraception or economic planning. In the same way that we accept the pill isn't vegan, right? Necessary "evil"???

  13. Take politics and statistics out of the equation. Focus on LIFE with some draconian reasoning. First, if you commit to a pathetic standard of "feeling pain," you open yourself up to serious rebuttals which render your argument weak. Medically speaking — animals and humans are incapable of feeling pain through anesthesia or naturally (see: CIPA disorder — Congenital insensitivity to Pain and Anhydrosis). Hence, using your own logic under this specific standard — you're indirectly saying it's okay to take away the life of an animal or a person if they're sedated beforehand or if they have the CIPA disorder. So, this means that we could feed chickens some snacks that anesthetize them completely before killing them (i.e ethical killing). Hey, it's your logic applied to this scenario.

    Second, you fail to consider that unlike a rock or a plant a fetus that may perhaps "not feel pain" is still a LIFE that naturally develops into a sentient being. Is that not the case? Yes or no? (see: Sentient Life and Sapience). Further, you're subjectively placing a value on LIFE on a sliding scale merely out of convenience. Accordingly, abortions before the third trimester are interrupting a natural, evolutionary LIFE cycle because the fetus (ceteris paribus) develops into a sentient being. Thus, abortions devalue LIFE. On the one hand, you are indirectly postulating that a fetus which is still a form of LIFE with sentient, biological potentiality lacks sanctity. On the other hand, you are saying that an animal, person, or fetus (after the third-trimester) is of ultimate importance and inviolability. Do you not see the paradox in your reasoning? Indeed, you fail to see that regardless of the stages in the natural process it's still LIFE.

    Third, the "necessary/unnecessary killing" part of the argument is also very weak. Modern medicine has proven that in 99% of the cases abortions are MEDICALLY not necessary at all ; they're merely a matter of convenience for the patient. Again, you torpedo your own ethics and logic here because you affirm that it's okay to kill a fetus before the third-trimester WHETHER OR NOT it's "necessary." If you are to be morally consistent — you would conclude that killing animals is wrong, abortions are wrong (in 99% of the cases — see: saving mother's life), murdering another human is wrong, and capital punishment is wrong. Otherwise — in this specific context, you're being a hypocrite with double standards and morally inconsistent. In any case, I commend you for at least attempting to discuss the issue. But, your argument is supremely weak. It would easily be destroyed in a serious ethical/philosophical debate.

    Last, I shall remind you that it was meat that fueled the evolution of our species. Science is indifferent to the ideological and moral perspective of this issue. It's an irrefutable, scientific fact that that without an early diet that included animal protein, we wouldn’t even have evolved into humans — at least not the modern, verbal, humans with the capacity for intelligence. We exist because our meat-eating early ancestors (Australopithecus) thrived on meat whilst vegetarian Hominids died out. A team of researchers led by Vincent Balter, of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon,  probed into the debate. They used lasers to analyze the enamel from fossilized teeth belonging to Australopithecus africanus, Paranthropus robustus and early Homo specimens, which were all from southern Africa. By assessing ratios of calcium, barium and strontium as well as the number of strontium isotopes, the team was able to deduce both diet and the size of the area that these individuals ranged over. The findings were published online 8 August 2012 in Nature (Scientific American).

    Sources: Scientific American, Katherine Harmon – 8 August 2012 and The International Journal of Science — Dr. Daniel Lieberman and Dr. Katherine D. Zink 24 March 2016.

  14. Choice of abstinence, partner, and protection. Not your choice to take a life, animal or non human animal. Vegan 3 years. So many vgend are hypocrites on this. She's jumping through hoops like a carnivore. Jeeeeez

  15. An unborn child can feel pain by the time the fetus is 20 weeks. That's been completely scientifically proven. And they can possibly feel pain as early as 7 to 10 weeks which is up for debate. Sonograms of live abortions happening at 12 to 13 weeks, show the babies trying to avoid the instrument which is trying to terminate them. The 12 to 13 week fetus will vigorously squirm away from that instrument. Ignorance is bliss, I know. It sucks knowing these things. Anyone who is vegan and is reading this – ah snap – you might have to become one of "those people". cheers

  16. The price of an abortion should be a hysterectomy, if you are going to abuse your privilege of owning a uterus to the point that you will KILL your own child you don't deserve a one..

  17. Pro Lifers should be Vegetarian or Vegan. all life is precious. learn compassion or you will never know paradise

  18. Humans are more important than animals, I'm sorry. I love animals do not get me wrong, but human babies matter more.

  19. 😮 you just said rocks don't feel pain?! I'm disgraced!
    I have a pet rock and she definitely has feelings! She is hurt by your cruel accusations.
    Hashtag Rocks are friends not food!

  20. Vegan Ideology: I won’t eat anything that had a face a heartbeat and a mother. But I will kill a baby who has all of those.


  21. A baby can feel before 28 weeks. I’ve had two babies and as soon as I could feel them move (before 21 weeks) they could respond to the movement of my hand on my tummy and if you feel your baby is not moving as much as usual and are worried then midwives recommend drinking ice drinks to wake baby up. Ie. Baby feels the cold water and moves out of discomfort. Both my babies did this before 21 weeks

  22. "Abortion, not after watching this"
    ""It's barbaric" – Watch their minds change on abortion"

  23. so according to you, if the foetus doesn't feel pain, the abortion is vegan. taking it further…. if animals didn't feel the pain when killed, that would be ok, according to you? hm, that is an interesting way to approach veganism.

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