Is Ebola a death sentence for pregnant women? Meet Adama.Survivor.

Adamo our first patient admitted is a very special case it’s gonna be discharged today she’s cured so we’re going in to do a her discharge shower so that even though she’s not infectious maybe some of the items that have been in the confirmed tent are so we’re gonna do a shower to disinfect everything give her new clothes and then she’ll be able to walk out as a cured patient so Adama arrived we knew she was pregnant we didn’t quite know exactly how far along she she ended up losing the pregnancy quite early on and some complications from that extended her stay in the in the confirmed tent with us but she’s now recovered but of course there’s a lot of trauma and psychosocial support that’ll need to come with with having loss of pregnancy also some of her family members have also died so now this is just one part of her journey now that she’s recovered but a big step will be going home and kind of the aftermath of everything that comes with Ebola I knew you know having to adjust a new family and the community as well

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