Is it Safe to Get a Massage in My First Trimester?

Is it safe to get a massage in my first trimester? Part of that depends on the kind of massage
you’re thinking of getting. The standard one. You can get a foot massage even in your ninth
month and it won’t affect anything, as long as you are not laying flat on your back. I know that laying on your back can cut off
blood flow to the legs and even make pregnant women dizzy or pass out. That cannot even happen until the second trimester
and mostly into the third, and even then, only if you lay on your back. So I can get a massage now that has me laying
on your back? Absolutely, whether it is a face massage,
foot massage or whole body massage. A whole body massage usually requires laying
on your stomach too. Unless you’re having twins or eating for
two, your stomach should not be that big. I am pregnant. The kid is the size of some fruit right now,
so you should be eating for one point two, not two. I’ve only gained around ten pounds, though
it feels a lot worse. I cannot say whether that is all fluid retention
in the first trimester, but if so, drink a lot of water and get a foot massage. I’m more concerned about getting a massage
while laying on my stomach. Unless you are expecting twins and already
look like you’re half way through your second trimester, that’s not a problem. I thought it was bad to lay on your stomach
while pregnant. If you can comfortably lay on your stomach
while pregnant, it is safe to do so. So I can still get a back massage at this
point. Sure, and it is still possible later in the
pregnancy if you sit on one of those open chairs where you lean on the arm rests and
face rest but do not put your stomach or chest on the table. That’s the part I’m concerned about. There are chiropractor tables with a hole
cut out in the middle for pregnant women, though I’m sure it works for fat people
too. I’m glad to know they have equipment to
support this life stage. Research massage therapists who have the tables
and chairs you can sit in even when in the third trimester, and you’ll be able to use
them for the next six months. What about a chiropractor? Skip the so called adjustments, even if they
have a table that fits your form. Most of what they do is exaggerated, while you can
pop your own joints now just by getting up off the couch.

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