Is My Pregnancy Test a False Positive?

Is my pregnancy test a false positive? That sometimes happens if you take the test
right after you had the baby. It fades within a month of having the kid. I’m past that point. If a guy makes a pregnancy test positive,
he’s at high risk of prostate cancer. I remember hearing about that from a forum
somewhere, but can women’s pregnancy tests be a false positive? There’s a reason they sell pregnancy tests
in three and six packs. I thought that was to facilitate the OMG,
this can’t be true, try another one in case this one is wrong demographic. Are you taking fertility medications that
include the hormone the pregnancy test is checking for? If I was, I wouldn’t be worried about it
being a false positive. You know the pregnancy test almost certainly
has a false positive if the control strip has not changed, but the positive for the
pregnancy hormones are. That’s the purpose of the control strip.
What if both of them are positive? There’s a chance you are pregnant. I don’t think I am. Then get a different test and take that. And
if you think the tests are expired or bad, buy a different batch or brand from the store. At some point, this becomes awkward. So check the pregnancy test box to see if
it is expired, and if not, it is less likely to be wrong. It is way more likely to come up negative
because you did it wrong than positive. That’s true. It will show up negative for
pregnancy hormones if you don’t let it sit in the pee cup long enough or mostly miss
when you try to pee on the stick. I’ve heard there are conditions that can
cause false positives on a pregnancy test. There are epilepsy medications that can cause
it, though this is rare. I’m not taking those. The more common cause are hypnotic medications
that can make the pregnancy test positive. I don’t see a hypnotist for meds. They may be given by a doctor to relieve anxiety,
ease muscle spasms, calm people and help them sleep. So the medications to help relieve my anxiety
may be causing this particular worry? That’s a possibility, but if you are taking
those drugs, you need to talk to your doctor to get a blood test to confirm the pregnancy,
and determine if you want to come off or switch meds for the sake of the kid. Or talk to the doctor about a fast blood test
to prove I’m not pregnant. I can see the irony of the newest generation
of insomnia medications causing you to stay up all night worrying if you are pregnant. If that’s the case, I could get a fast answer
by stopping the sleeping pills, and after it is out of my system, testing again. And remember that you can get a positive pregnancy
test result when the embryo implants, even if it is shed by the uterine lining a couple
days later in an early miscarriage. If I see a heartbeat, then I know the test
isn’t the problem. And if there isn’t a baby, they can look
for a tumor that makes the same hormones as a pregnancy. And now I have a different reason to see the

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