Is ‘Uterus’ A Dirty Word? Republicans In Florida Think So…

republican representatives in florida are
offended by the nato by the word uterus ok uh… it turns out that out last week before
the house of representatives uh… passed a bill banning the automatic deduction of
union fees or union dues from government paychecks so while they’re debating this in the house
of representatives uh… it turns out that representative scott randolph a from orlando
uses four times to make a point about how republicans are against regulations uh…
unless it has to do with regulating the little guy so at one point he suggested that his wife
incorporate her uterus uh… to stop republicans from fishing measures
that would restrict abortions and then uh… you know he after he said that it turns out
that the republicans had it little discussion with the democrats in the house and said you
know he really shouldn’t be using words like that when he’s on the house floor very offensive x first of all and loves art is like look delivery
group oldest care to protect us corporations so that’s what they carefully just finalize
as if she’d corporates are uterus soon their homes like it’s a corporation i’ve got a protected okay that’s hilarious crystals and they have a
tremendous about a credit for that sit well with the university for the dirty
work that’s perfect has anybody ever said is anybody
was sweetheart uterus uterus it’s into the most correct where he
could possibly you know there’s nothing wrong with the uterus is not like you went out there
and said john or he did and he did say if you didn’t have
anything langley heating using these are the words you’re kappa
and republicans are funded by the notes that brooks crowding around his neck and a political point
and he’s making a lot of sense of what he’s doing it it’s not like he does use some random
word some slang word off the streets and offend people faces debating like technique busters if it is not vagina historically decorate birthday so i think you station your larynx because
it might remind republicans voted ups it’s exp in itself casting call it in that bag that i love that wrapped up as
an apologetic about it he says the point is there a public and i was talking
about the regulation and big government and i always say their philosophy is small
government for the big guide big government for the little guys so if my wife’s uterus
was incorporated or my friends that it was incorporated maybe day the republicans would
be talking about deregulating all night dot he said approve daddy picture it up but so suspects isn’t that in some time to
time so childhood theory because immediately the republican mind go to the collapse of
the reviews use spot it’s not a lot about like that i can’t think of a word that’s why i’m sexy
that uterus but i love having a really make it sexual nana i’d i guess that’s the goes through their
minds that the conservative third damages to be used by it at fidelity history of mankind has everybody track to
grow because of her you

100 Replies to “Is ‘Uterus’ A Dirty Word? Republicans In Florida Think So…”

  1. The dirty word is people dying cuz of shitty enviroment work rules lifestyle overtaxation of the poor race fucking fucking over gays stealing money and stealing america and killing soldiers in places that dont fucking matter..THATS a dirty word…who gives a fuck about Uterus they are mad cuz he made an Excellent point.

  2. OMG Goldline showed up as a sponsor of this young turks video. Get rid of it! We don't want Fox News sponsors here.

  3. Wow, Can they get anymore prudish? What a bunch of stiff old men. Do you really want these guys to make the decisions on your reproductive rights for you?

  4. @rollsthepaul – "The contest to find out which Republican is the biggest asshole, continues. " It's a 213-way tie.

  5. @TruthandMoreTruth

    A valid point that will never happen. This country lives off the backs of the working class. I wish things would change, but big money runs this country.

  6. @Capng123
    No, they don't find them offensive.
    They are just confused and frightened by the thought of them being outside of a kitchen.

  7. @serioushamster – Maybe you're supposed to call it a Baby Oven…. repubs are oblivious enough to think that would be inoffensive.

  8. @rollsthepaul – Unfortunately, each of them continues to try to score more points than the others in the tie, but they're all equally good at it and none of them intends to quit until he/she wins the title.

  9. @mnkittel no baby oven is still slang but jokes aside makes you wonder how did the republican party of Abraham Lincoln ,the same party that freed the slaves and made america a super power degenerate to this point.

  10. Given all the Scientologists, the Christian Fundamentalists and the nut-job, right-wing politicians in Florida, if the USA was a classroom and all the States its pupils, Florida would defiantly have to be the Class Clown.

  11. Uterus is a scientific word and all other things scientific seem to be taboo to Republicans, so no surprises here.

  12. Reality is offensive to Republicans. Hence the dislike of, as Anna put it, the most correct word possible to use when referring to that part of the body. And it's medical, which means it's science, again something that Republicans tend to have a big problem with.
    And everything aside, all that wordplay bullshit was a non sequiter and did not address the argument made but served to sidestep any debate on the point raised.
    Bullshit political shenanigans.
    Fuck sactimonious language codes.

  13. Uterus, vagina, penis, etc are all anatomical words that are not slang, they are scientific/medical terminology, geez wtf seriously repressed people are repressed

    now its not like he said something absurd like meat flaps xD

  14. Wow!! What if he said "gallbladder"? Would he have gotten in trouble? Probably not.

    Btw, if you can't even say it, you have absolutely no business trying to control it!

    Thumbs up if you agree πŸ™‚

  15. Does it matter if people use "dirty" words. We bash people all the time. What? Politicians don't talk shit about each other without "immoral" language? So why should it matter if we use such words?

  16. How in the world did republicans get so damn stupid? Oh that's right, there the young earth bible pricks.

  17. @PirateFish1 I'm gonna go ahead and disagree and say that Texas is the class clown. They did kinda ban ALL marriage lol

  18. Ana is right, there's nothing less sexy than uterus. I've been trying to find one, but even fallopian sounds like something you'd like to touch. Republicans are talking out of their sphincters.

  19. most if not all esp those from the Abrahamic-cult-of-Death (Judaism, Xtianity, Islam) viewed the birth canal with incomprehensible revulsion, yet when it comes to the art of genital mutilation no other societies matched such horrific practice by a long shot, its barbarity and mindless suffering and even death esp to women.

  20. Eww, flowers to represent nipples for fake breastfeeding? FLOWERS? OMG SO gross and inappropriate! Hey…these Republicans are totally stupid for making a big deal over the word uterus.

    Hypocrisy much?

  21. @DeepSouth16 Pro-life indeed. DeepSouth sounds like an alias found next to a phone number on a truck stop bathroom wall.

  22. Maybe the Dems should start referring to it as "the innermost depths of the cunt"? See how those prudes like that shit.

  23. Of course, they weren't actually offended, they were just trying desperately to rebut the political point being made by distracting from it completely and pretending to be outraged over a non-offensive word. It's just the usual misdirection. It's like when two people are having a fierce argument and one of them misspells a word. Instead of rebutting the argument, the other guy inevitably makes fun of their spelling and tries to use that to show he's better instead.

  24. Are republicans all mentally 8 years old? They're like the moron in sex-ed who giggled and shuffled whenever any part of the genitals are referenced. Uterus pretty much means the same thing as "womb" which they never seem to have any problem saying. The only difference is that one is a proper anatomical term, and yet it's the one they're bitching about. What a horde of prudish dimwits.

  25. Liberalism is the worst word in the USA, nothing else comes close to destroying the USA like the left wing idiots and Obama supporters

  26. @TheJcanno8 …the pro lifers give themselves away, considering how passionate they are about "A babies right to live", then are equally as passionate to combat policies that would positively influence the quality of life for said babies.

  27. LOL This is so funny.. Uterus is apparently a nasty word. OMG, LOL, and <3 apparently ARE "words".. What the fuck is next????

  28. @kandeesfan316 lol and these fools dare to consider themselves "pro-life" yet won't dare say the words that generate life hahahaha HYPOCRITE MORONS

  29. I remember a while ago in Canada one guy said to the opposition "I don't believe the Honorable Member has the gonads to say that to my face!" πŸ™‚

    I like how political forums have these rules of conduct, which is fine, and how they tend to skirt on the boundaries of the rules. πŸ™‚

    "… I encourage the Honorable member to go have sexual intercourse with himself!'


  30. ….don't you guys have some kind of right to overthrow batshit insane governments? I mean, after essentially legalizing bribery and now this, I'm pretty sure your state government is not exactly sane or thinking rationally.

  31. Republicans find anything offensive that reminds them we're not exempt from nature. We're animals, dumb shits. Get over it.

  32. @Thrawn369 good one lol=]. fyi its not really a scientific term, its a body part. what else would you call a uterus?
    But i get the joke it was funny and deffinitly true lol

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