Is Vicky Having A Miscarriage – Part Two – Coronation Street

what's he doing here it's Hanako man is it true what did you call him for Vicky are you having a miscarriage why do you care so you are then you sure of course I'm sure I've been here before you know well if it's happened before why aren't you in hospital sorry I keep saying because the wouldn't send an ambulance I can't afford a taxi and I am NOT losing this baby on a bus that's it come on take your hands off me mum all right but this doesn't mean anything when you stop holding on Timmy thank you my babysitter okay but come on we need to move cars open I'll be right behind you Michele no I'm I'm in the middle of it really well if you and Mimi speak to that policeman then maybe be pepper now look I'll be as quick as I can hey Michelle ready uh yeah sorry sorry yeah i'ma grab a table says Robert join this so yeah well somebody's come on they can't be with us soon nothing to worry no hope

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