39 Replies to “"It's barbaric" – Watch their minds change on abortion”

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  2. They are now teaching young children on same sex marriage, two men having anal sex. Things a child should never be taught at an early age. I know I was not taught that. We murder millions of babies in this country every single year, how sad is that. Planned Parenthood is a money making outfit. They try to let the young girl/woman to try and make it to 26 wks in the womb. Apparently, according to them the brain brings in the most money. I saw baby parts, little legs, arms. TBH it looked as if you were at a meat counter. We should be teaching about birth control, condoms, etc., goodness knows there are a lot of things out there that will protect a woman from getting pregnant. A man is not excluded either, he should be wearing a condom. If you are married and want more children then that does not apply to them!

  3. If only women who are rape victims, in a bad financial situation, or in a serious risk of health got abortion, it wouldn't be such a hot subject as it is right now. Abortion SHOULD be allowed in the first trimester and possibly early in the second but, it shouldn't be used as a form of birth control. The problem lies in these women who go out and get abortions because "unprotected sex feels better" and that's seriously no excuse

  4. In any interview the interview should always use a very calm and respectful tone with the person who they are interviewing and vice versa

  5. I agree with alot of their perspective on the topic. It is hard to draw a line but to go several months than get an abortion is more than just irresponsible.

  6. That was really beautiful what the one girl said "Procreation…isn't about being ready. I think it's about creating a journey."

  7. Totally uneducated, yet they have all these "opinions" on "women's rights". Why don't they bother to find the TRUTH of abortion. It's easier to be brainwashed…

  8. Check up US crime statistics, rape is almost non-existent.
    Using it as an excuse or an argument is disingenuous af.

  9. Women should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies EXCEPT MURDER, ABORTION IS MURDER.

  10. After watching the video they literally IMMEDIATELY changed their minds so were they really educated about abortion in the first place?

  11. Adoption would be cool, if there wasn't so many damn kids in the system already. Get your priorities straight and go adopt a child.

  12. I respect them because they are open minded,, mostly pro choice are angry becoz they know they are murderer,,

  13. Anyone considering an abortion should be required to watch a video of a live abortion being performed. You want to murder your child ? Well here's how it's done.

  14. I think they should give the victim a choice. " Hey kid you want to be born or do you want to be aborted?"

  15. 1:59 WOW, suddenly its a human life and i give a shit….I was going to get it teared outta my vagina in a few hours now i realised what i was DOING WAS WRONG

    fml facepalm*

  16. If i had watched this during sex ed when i was 11, i think i would have shocked me enough to abstain till marriage; or at least never consider abortion

  17. Two words BRAIN WASHED !!!!!! The more we know, about prenatal conditions, the more we know that life truly does begin at conception. Because at six week that baby, and no IT IS NOT JUST A FETUS, that baby has a heart beat, and is already fully formed.

  18. Women have the right NOT to get pregnant, even in the small number of rape induced pregnancies, they know they were raped, they know they are high risk of pregnancy, so they should get one within a month if that is what they want to do. Abortion is murder, and if you support murdering babies…you are free falling down the deep dark pit of mind control and chemical lobotomization. Between condoms, pills, foams, gels, injections, morning after pills….why are so many people getting pregnant if they don't want to get pregnant? Abortion is NOT birth control.

  19. Hi. Ive had an abortion. And not all abortions are a surgical procedure. Up to 7 weeks, it is a pill, you take it, it makes you have a heavy period. Tada baby is gone. Most women know they are pregnant by this stage and thats why its easier for us to say yes. I dont think id have gone through with a surgical procedure, because it really does seem like your ripping a tiny body from your own body. But when its quite literally a blob of nothing attached to my uteral wall, i think i should have a completly free choice on if i want it removed or not, just like people take the morning after pill, because its pretty much just an insemnated egg, and not a baby.

  20. White women are wicked and selfish group of people,they keep saying my body my choice but when you have make stupid decision and then you want people to help your dirty ass

  21. As a former teen Mom in the early 80's (big time stigma then), I understand how frightening it can be to have a child so young. I had never even been around a baby before having my daughter. But I got through it. Life will be a bit more difficult. I had no support from family or friends (left me) but I managed to do it. Makes you a stronger person.

  22. I just asked Alexa the definition of, homicide, and she said "murder by another person."
    Then I asked if abortion is homicide and she said "yes", Wow! Surprised me.
    Even she knows it is murder. Now watch Amazon change it.

  23. I accidentally left the S off of procedures while going to the website it took me to a link to make an appointment with planned parenthood for an abortion 🤦‍♀️ you all need to change the website name.

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