it's dark inside this ball I'm in but I am warm whatever this water is it's helping me to form from the very beginning I've been hearing this thumping noise with a beautiful rhythm I can't imagine and being an innocent victim I'm starting to grow longer limbs that are attached to my soft shiny skin I am kicking these things they call legs splash in the water like little tidal waves the harmony of the pulse I still can hear it is very soothing and comforting I know you are near could that be the heartbeat of my mommy I'm so excited I'm dancing in her tummy she can't see or hear me but I can and her voice is the sweetest melody all of a sudden I can't hear my mommy laughing as if something bad is about to happen mommy why are you so sad soon you will be able to look at me and be exceedingly happy and very glad why am i hearing this strange sound I feel like it's starting to suck me out your womb and I'm about to drown I'm trying to hang on but I can't the pain is so unbearable it's forced then being attacked by fire ants mommy why can't you feel my pain or hear me crying my eyes are starting to strain I'm starting to get cold and I see this bright light something just isn't right I no longer can hear the tune to your heartbeat and my limbs look like sausage meat mommy why did you do this devilish thing my soul is gone I could have been your little princess or your baby king [Applause] [Applause] the father this is Bishop Nathanael of visual United in Christ please subscribe to our YouTube channels stay up to date with our latest events music and classroom lessons are you I see plans to continue visiting different countries where this gospel has not been preached before I UIC needs your help in pushing this truth so join us subscribe why Instagram Facebook Twitter and podcasts and stay up to date with us more information please visit

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  1. That's hurts so bad to hear I pray our sisters wake up… Given APTTMH 👑 👑👑 for this heartbreaking lesson.

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