I've Been Doing Too Much… | 10 Days Postpartum

thank you good winning it out for Mom thank you Thanks is mama vlogging today is dad still sleeping you can get for the good morning kisses hi t-try they're getting good job it's actually kind of comical how awful I look y'all I'm gonna have to do this later you eatin breakfast ladies so bad what you eat no meal yes you're making a mess with it too okay so I do not look any better than I did earlier you know but I'm just gonna embrace it it is what it is I'll look better later I'm sure but for now this is what y'all get anyway so I'm so frustrated I posted my vlog this morning and somebody texted me and told me that I had a glitch in it and I need to start watching my videos after I edit them like I edit them on an app on my phone and then I obviously upload them but I don't usually watch them like after I have it together and I put it together and everything I don't usually watch it so I really need to because of situations like this where it glitches and maybe like redoing it um will fix it I don't know but it's so frustrating I'm thinking that that clip messed up because I used a different app to like speed it up the clip that I'm talking about which if you guys go watch the other video the other vlog or if you did see it already then you know what I'm talking about but that clip I used another app to like fast-forward it so I don't know if maybe that was the issue but so frustrating [Applause] [Applause] what do you think a dip Jacobs outfit Nick look he's a dinosaur look he's got look at he's a dinosaur now what a dinosaur say so I'm in here Hank was it with Jimmy and he pulls out his phone he goes you must have been really tired last night nice of white JJ and he plays me this he said I'd never be sounded like a truck and I was like no way I said uh-uh it had to have been JJ because both JJ and Jimmy and Jacob all three snort and I was like it had to have been JJ and he was like no that was you that was like I have never snored a day in my life like what in the world what his mother doing baby what are you doing over here and he was working on his truck with his little tools what's he doing bed show me you're working on your check Wow big boy I'm just looking good today okay so first off let me say if your guy and you are watching this just stop because what I'm about to talk about I don't really think that guys would like to listen to it I don't know but yeah if your guy just move on but that shower was seriously the best shower I have taken and possibly years like I am NOT one to just like get in the shower and enjoy like standing there and enjoy the shower I usually get in there and do what I need to do and get out but I stood there for a while and just enjoyed the face I think that shower was more enjoyable than the one I took right after the baby's born and y'all mamas know how wonderful that shower is this one was even better but I literally got in the shower and just stood there for like a couple of minutes before I even started like shampooing my hair anything cuz it felt so good umm I have like my right my recovery has been fantastic I have just pretty much been able to hit the ground running and I felt so good but it's catching up to me now okay so I'm nursing him now but anyway um before Jacob was born about five weeks or so I started to experience like pelvic pain and standing hurt and walking hurt and um like especially at night when I would turn those bones would literally pop and it was really uncomfortable and I haven't experienced that since he was born until now like a couple of days a couple of days ago I started to experience that pain again and my right side is starting to get really tender and last night I had the cold sweats like yesterday I was really cold all day long and I could have been because it was just beautiful outside and um not as hot but I still was like really cold inside which I usually am NOT and then through the night I got the cold sweats and they tapered off like in the night but I'm still like really sore and so I was talking to my mom about it this morning and she thinks that I could be fighting mastitis which obviously is no fun at all so I have been so thankful for a good recovery and I still AM but this is like one of those things that it can happen where you sort of have to put the brakes on and take a chill pill because I need to take care of myself and I feel like I have I just need just to slow down a little bit so I plan to try to be more devoted to being lazy the next couple of days until I get to feeling a little bit better speaking of recovery this is how things are looking so far this is what one week and four days postpartum today's Wednesday three days so one week three days postpartum it's definitely still there but this week especially I have like noticed every day it's just my belly is shrinking more and more definitely more than what it did with JJ so I feel really good and I was actually able to button my jean skirt all the way up which I bought this when I was pregnant and I've never been able to button all of the buttons I usually just kept the top one unbuttoned them you could never tell but I was able to button all of the buttons and it fits comfortably so feeling good [Applause] you [Applause] good morning friends it is the next day obviously I thought about just leaving the vlog to end with the songs but then I figured I would get on here and give you a little bit of an update on how I am doing and this could be the way that I end the vlog but um so my right side is not nearly as much pain and I didn't really explain yesterday it wasn't like one like area one clogged duct or whatever it felt like it was like my whole right side was just really tender but that is doing a lot better today and obviously I'm not cold anymore I don't like have the cold sweats or anything like that but my pain like in my pelvic area still really hurts that get hurts to stand or anything like that so I don't know if any of you guys have experienced that before with postpartum if you have comment down below and tell me like what your experience is with it if it if you felt like it just went away on its own or I don't know if maybe I need to go to a chiropractor or something then get adjusted I'm sure I probably do I should have done that before he was even born and it probably wouldn't hurt for all of us to get adjusted but I don't know if maybe it would it will just get better on its own as I continue to rest and everything but that still hurts but outside of that I am feeling really good I'm still gonna try to take it easy today and I wanted to say that like I don't want anyone to think that my husband isn't helping me out at all like he has been fabulous to me and any overdoing it that I have done has been strictly on me like if I'm doing the dishes or picking up JJ or sweeping the floor and we don't have a mop and I literally mopped the floor on my hands and knees they have your take and I told my mom that I did that and she was like Stephanie I was like it was like five minutes tops oh that was on the floor and we don't have a mom so I want broke I think I dropped it and it broke but it's like one of those those Swiffer moms but anyway um so I was on the floor for like five minutes tops but it probably still wasn't a good idea considering I was only like a week postpartum but yeah so anyway my husband has been great to me in it when I am doing things that I probably shouldn't he usually says babe just sit down when you want to sit down and let me do it or I'll do it and I'm always just like no I'll do it so I really need to stop doing that but I just wanted to say that I'm doing better um and hopefully I'll be completely recovered here soon but anyway thank you guys so much for watching you guys are awesome and I appreciate every one of you make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe before you leave if you haven't already and I'll see y'all game in the next video bye guys

12 Replies to “I've Been Doing Too Much… | 10 Days Postpartum”

  1. Keep singing! Y’all sound great together!! And such a great message! Prayers that you get rest and prayers for your pelvic pain!!

  2. I was just thinking that things were going to catch up with you soon with as much as you have been doing. Do some stretching for your hips and maybe need to try seeing a chiropractor, I know I need to after having 4. Good that you are realizing it and taking naps when you are able!

  3. Loved the smile JJ gave you when he was playing with cars on the coffee table. Also beautiful voices and love hearing your hubby play the guitar. Yhe boys are so beautiful and love the bond they already have. Listen to you hubby and slow down, you have a good one if he's willing to help you out.

  4. Take it easy sweet girl! You have a lifetime to clean and people to help you, but only a few short years to play with those babies and love on that husband. Love ya!

  5. Oh my heavens !!! The pelvic pain I can totally relate !!!!! I had my little girl about 9 days ago, and when I was pregnant with her , every move in bed whether it was rolling to either my left or right side or just trying to get out of bed to go pee hurt SOO bad sometimes leaving me in tears because the pain was so unbearable! I also LOVEDDD the singing !!! Hope to see more !!!!!

  6. You and Jimmy have such a sweet relationship! Y’all ever fight!? Lol and what is your discipline method with JJ? he seems so well behaved.

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