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  1. Waah…The last lady shocked me a lot.Both 3 of them are so fluent and I hope they can reach out to more and give advice to young girls out there!

  2. Why not prevent getting pregnant? These women have such low self esteem that they dont care about having a baby without any money to take care of it. Its 100% up to the woman not to get pregnant unless it is rape.

  3. This girl is a liar. Remorse after the first abortion…maybe, but not when you continue to have them over and over again.

  4. Being a single mom is hard…especially a young mom…the society is like…"you never had anything better to do?you couldn't use protection?"🙄

  5. I don't believe in just letting a guy walk out…let them man up and take responsibility….i wish they were the ones getting pregnant😑

  6. I got pregnant at 16 in form 3 and i really felt like aborting because my parents had my baby daddy arrested but i just took courage and had my child ..she is 14 months now!…so far so good and i see God's blessings in my life for not aborting her

  7. The second Woman Noel describes the aftermath and the trauma related to abortion. The depression is real and the demons are hard to deal with. I pray this helps somebody. Abortion isn't freedom, it is bondage; an abyss of darkness.

  8. I hate how people use the 'do not judge' scripture to excuse wrong behavior. Lets get real and stop explaining away sin in the name of not judging. I'm glad they admit they did wrong and are making ammends. Wish them all the best

  9. People are so dumb. How about if you can't take care of your own baby, don't have sex. Don't sit there with that stupid smile on your face. These are children we're talking about. Totally irresponsible idiots.

  10. A lot to learn from this from this story I never want to have a an abortion worset thing I can do to my unborn child I will never forgive myself and its a big sin as a Christian.

  11. Not of blaming nor Judging this lady bt she was a rolloling stone not even afraid of HIV/AIDS,may God forgive us I understand what they've gone through

  12. God i confess to u 🙏🙏I aborted😢😢 3 pregnancy I did it coz the guy was not ready to marry me lastily he told me to abort my 4th baby I refused and now am proud of my dota mutesi Irene destiny she's in p. 4 class she's very clever guys I thank God 4 protecting me and my dota her daddy never cared 4 her now am asingle mom am praying to God to bless me wiz God fearing n caring man who can love me wiz my dota n I settle down n I give birth to other children .prayer is my daily food amen 🙏🙏🙏☝😍

  13. And if you are married to the same man for years and you never get pregnant it's possible your man can't father achild so don't cry cmah madlala

  14. I got pg at 20 and was advised to abort it by my baby daddy but I kept it.10 years down the line am a proud mum of the world most handsome man.thanks to my family and friends for their support.

  15. Babies are such a Blessing, hand knit by God. Keep the babies, there are resources that can help you with these beautiful bundles. The church teach abstinence, I agree but If you’re not waiting til marriage & don’t want kids use protection and get on birth control. It’s not 100% but at least it’s something.

  16. Women should learn to close their legs have dignity and respect for themselves HIV and stds exists and killing innocent babies

  17. So brave for your guests to bring their story to the public. Consequences of a whorish lifestyle and lack of guidance. At what point did they realize that their problems resulted from their reckless choices. They are very fortunate not to reap the death that they sowed. Grace.

  18. I got pregnant at 17 now am 23 I have a pretty baby girl ,life was not easy for me for the guy abandoned me ,I used to wash people's clothes just to get something for my kid ….but I thank God now am well stable without anymans help……

  19. This is all so hard to hear and very sickening. I glad African people are some out of there naiveness

  20. I know people feel bad for them, but at the same time we gotta stop make excuses for their irresponsible & reckless behavior! There's many ways to prevent a pregnancy. It's up to US women to protect our wombs & NOT let a man enter us, unless he has on a condom, & we are also protected (birth control). Its not hard! Sex is a choice! protect yourself or just practice celibacy, come on NOW!

  21. Wow that’s so emotional 😭 just cried like whoa
    Some people just don’t have the opportunity to take care of their unborn babies you should be happy that you were born in a good condition 😁😅

  22. This caption is wrong o !The number of abortions is over the hook .I am really surprised o ,what happened to condoms,family planning methods .There should be serious education and sensitization of women. Abortion is not the answer

  23. For those who are trying to have a baby without success…try something called a Hsg scan…it clears your tubes and let you see if there is any abnormalities of the womb…I was pregnant within 2 months after years of trying…Wish you'll the best 🙂

  24. She talks confidently, about abortion. Why not wear big ladies pants than opening ur legs. Abstien for God's sake. So painful that other women are on their knees praying for children. Lord have mercy

  25. Get on birth control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irresponsible!

    The first lady was enough…. not bothering to watch the rest. Women we need to do better. Mothers we need to do better. The sex shaming causes women to use abortion as a form of birth control. Get on birth control!

    Mothers dont offer education to their daughters and many are not approachable. In many households sex is handled like it does not exist.

    No education on birth control. Mothers dont take their daughters to gynecologist. We can do better!

    We need to jave better relationships with our parents. So for the young parents start early build those relationships now it will be easier to approach the sex topic and children will find u more approachable.

    Sex happens ……birth control is important

  26. Dear Switch Tv, there is a possibility to disable comments on youtube videos and such here is an example where this would be very necessary. She is brave for sharing her story to EDUCATE the nation about the dangers of these back street treatments PLUS she also represents millions of women who are going through/went through this. She should not be bashed in the comments for it. She is fully aware that it was wrong, but she is sharing to educate and enlighten.

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