20 Replies to “I've had 5 C-sections and am pregnant with my 6th baby. Should I worry about bleeding to death?”

  1. I have three children with C section now am pregnant with my fourth baby De last born is 10 months and am pregnant again is it safe for me

  2. how its possible 😦i had 4 cesarean i want one more baby but drs r not taking my responsibility plzzzzzzz tell me can i have 1 more cesarean

  3. Doctor told me up to 8 c sections than NOT as safe .
    I had four. And due to one doctors mess up by NOT doing a c section baby died inside me , so had ROTTEN still birth . Came out green and gang green went into my blood.. but if you decide no more kids get hysterectomy . Rivals lead to tubal and a LOT more ectopic pregnancies.

  4. I'm 30 years female from India
    Height 5 ft Weight approximately 70 at present after second delivery
    First baby was delivered by c section aa he passed meconium during delivery so a c section was done in emergency
    Second time after a break if 4 years I wanted to try for a VBAC but as the labiur didn't start on its own till 40 weeks (s calculated from day 1 of LMP) and tha baby was about 3.75 kg as per sonography, j was 80 kgs by 40 weeks and because last C section scar thickness was approximately 2.7 cm no doctor was ready to try this with me and I had to opt l
    Elective c section at 41st week

    Now what are my chances for vba2c???

    How can I plan my next pregnancy so that I get to experience a vaginal birth ???

  5. I had one c-section and one VBAC and I prefure the VBAC because it was less recovery time, it did not aggravate my PTSD, and it was a lot less painful than the c-section. I ended up having a c-section for my first child because the anesthesiologist gave me too much epidural (where I was literally paralysed from the waist down) too early and it arrested my labor.

  6. Im so worried i had my first baby boy on march 31 2017 this year by c section and now i am pregnant again im about 3 or 2 months and im so afraid on what can go wrong . im even so scared to go to the obgyn cause im afraid that he will tell me something bad ): all i keep doing is watching videos and praying that everything will be okay .

  7. had my 5th c section Jan 22nd 2016 & 6th c section Dec 31st 2016. yes 2 in 1 year. Going to wait a year and a half before trying again. My husband and I agree one more.

  8. hej, could you cover the issue of thrombocytopenia and c section? i can't find any materials on that in my language. thx

  9. I've had 6 c-sections and would really like to have another child. All of my c-sections went well, with very little scar tissue. Is it possible to have a 7th?

  10. Intermountain mom I just wanted to know if you know all these horrific side effects c section can cause. Why do you have a video where you promote c section and even recommend it over natural birth. There is a reason c sections are recommended by even the World Health Organization to be reserved for last resort in emergency cases only. You fail to mention any of these side effects in that video such as post pardon hemorrhaging.
    You are outrageous and thats being nice.

  11. Hiii my due date on 23 September but I had my c section on 31 of August I had my 4 c section for me it went well but for my baby its not he had lungs problem docter sad lungs are not fully growth. we had very bad time. they put my baby in cpap ventilator for 8 days & in oxygen for 5 days my gynecologist had given me bethozol injection for growth of lungs. I just want to know my gynecologist had done wrong that's why my baby had problem pls answer its premature delivery

  12. Hi, i had 3 c sectons and i am due for my 4th one on September 19th. I live in the Uk and the Doctor is recommending me to be sterilised because here in the uk they do not recommend more than 4 c sections. But i don't want to. i want to have atleast 1 more baby in the future. What do u advise me ? I didnt have any complications with my previous section. I would also like to know how much gap do you recommend between the 4th c section and the 5th?
    thank you

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