IVF 2 – FIRST FOLLICLE COUNT #hangingwiththeholmyards

and then when he finished watching he said one of those eggs is gonna be our babies and that just made me cry like wretch away morning guys morning you slept over last night okay so it's Saturday ultrasound test today the first ultrasound we get to see the follicles how big they are how many we have so super excited couldn't even sleep last night I was nervous and excited and then I woke up super early this morning so we're gonna sky train over London all right superfast we're just sitting here my paper dress on or my ultrasound I'm wearing these mala beads that wonder about me and it's a special fertility marijuana it's used with rose quartz and Jade and those stones are supposed to be good for fertility I'm just gonna come with me just stop waiting yell at all because I did a little bit nervous I guess it's just kind of bringing back some like old memories for you and I did our first ultrasound to know that how slim your chances are they really like tests it really tested my faith you know what thankfully I'm not doing it alone colin is with me we were able to talk things through and he was able to keep put things in perspective and just remind me that you know there's not the end that we're gonna keep trying so we decided that if we are to get the option to move forward that we are going to go all-in and just take a huge leap of faith and just pray that these two follicles have eggs and they'll make it to implantation and if not if they decide that we have to cancel we'll be grateful to get our money back and just plan again for coming back in a month or two more prepared mentally and emotionally but because I've been feeling very different cycle I'm just saying a lot more confident a a lot more positive I have a feel like don't be a good ultrasound this time hopefully I can bring you guys in and you can get the results with me if not I'll tell you guys looks good no polyps No thank goodness right oh he's here you can see for yourself there's two big ones on the right yeah and then some little smaller ones up there yeah that's what happened last time looks like two perhaps three on the left and relax they're lookin see he'll be there so we're gonna look at you tomorrow hey because there could be alright yeah that you'll probably be ready tomorrow for a trigger which puts him Tuesday egg retrieval okay okay guys so I had my ultrasound this morning and see if I saw and I know if you could hear but we basically have four big follicles so we might have five you can see on the left side it looked like there was maybe three but in some angles it looked like there was just two I'm not gonna lie I was a little bit disappointed at first because I was hoping for maybe eight at least but they felt really different this time I felt like my body was responding differently but after my yoga class after a nap after some meditation just had the afternoon to kind of digest all this information I'm actually grateful and really excited because we doubled what we did last time last time we had two big eggs and four little ones this time we have four maybe even five big eggs so hopefully you know they're good quality eggs that will fertilize and turn into embryos the other good thing that I'm really grateful for I don't know if you heard me in the beginning um where she said this is your uterus and I asked her if it was good and if there was any polyps and she said no so when we get some embryos we'll be able to do a fresh transfer which I'm really I'm just so grateful for that just that fact alone that my uterus is healthy and it's ready for this baby that just makes I'm really happy and I have to be so grateful for that because it seemed like every time I had an ultrasound there was always something from preventing this pregnancy so yeah I sent calling the video from the ultrasound and you made me cry because he was watching it and then when he finished watching he said one of those eggs is gonna be our babies and that just made me cry like rituais because it was so like comforting to hear him say that because it has been really hard daddy hasn't been here while I've been while we've been going through this even though we talked every day and he's kept up with everything that's been going on even though he's working crazy hours and crazy times gosh did my makeup but yeah when he said that and he gave me that assurance that everything's gonna be okay I felt a lot better as well as into this really good meditation now I've never really done meditation until after this first IVF cycle failed and it's definitely a practice and I I myself can only do it with guided meditation so I use this app it's called insight and there's thousands of different meditations guided meditations or even just music if you prefer and I found this one on fertility and preparing your preparing mentally for fertility and pregnancy and it was actually a really beautiful meditation is about 30 minutes long and it's very visual and just put things into perspective for me so yeah if you you guys are interested check it out if the app is called insight it's a free app take a look on there there's lots of different things like even if it's just like a five minute wake wake up and you want to feel good meditation or if you have trouble sleeping they have some really good like night time meditations but next steps with my four or maybe five nice-sized eggs which I think she didn't say any measurements but when I think about the size and how it looked on the ultrasound screen last time on our first cycle they were about 20 to 22 millimeters and these ones looked around that size and some of them even looked a little bit bigger but she said I'm ready to possibly or most likely do my trigger shot tomorrow Sunday so I have another ultrasound tomorrow morning which by the time you guys are watching this in might I might be already doing the ultrasound or have done it and then trigger shot hopefully Sunday night and egg retrieval on Tuesday so we're getting using college frozen sample and yeah Dec retrieval hopefully on Tuesday we'll know for sure tomorrow's at tomorrow's ultrasound so lots of good things definitely not what we were expecting but I think you have to go into this process without any expectations something I've been saying to myself like over and over again is just trust the process surrender yourself to whatever's going to happen and I think I've been finding a lot of my piece and that lately it's just you can't stress about what you can't control and what you can't really change you can try to make things the best possible situation doing what you can but some things you just can't you can't control you can't change and you kind of stress about those things so last night I was just saying to myself like trust the process trust the process surrender yourself to whatever's gonna happen and be okay with whatever's going to happen I was able finally to sleep after to say that over and over again yeah I had a little cry on the way home from the clinic but I think I needed that just to remind myself to let go of expectation something I keep saying to myself too it's like except not expect so just accept what's going to happen and don't have any expectations just be grateful for what comes your way what gifts you have in these four or five big beautiful legs or follicles are my gifts and I'm going to be so grateful for them I am so grateful for them as well as I'm so grateful for my healthy uterus that's ready for this baby so thank you guys so much for watching I know you've been waiting for this update I will let you guys know as soon as possible what are the results of my Sunday ultrasound my second ultrasound and when the trigger is and when exactly is the egg retrieval but thank you guys so much for all your prayers and your best wishes and all your kind comments please leave some more they're super encouraging for me and definitely make my day subscribe if you haven't subscribed I think we might have already reached 400 subscribers which i think is so cool that you guys are following along on our journey and I hope our journey sharing it with you guys helps you in any way you can or maybe help somebody that you know on their journey still learn a little bit more about what goes on and how it affects people's lives but I think it's so cool that we're already at 400 subscribers where Colin evens Eddie's like it's pretty exciting that we're gonna almost hit 500 which I never even dreamed that we would get that far but even you know one person watching and that means something to them and that is totally awesome and is why we're doing this but thank you guys again so much for watching subscribe if you haven't subscribed we've lots of likes and comments and we'll see you guys tomorrow have a good night

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  1. I love watching your journey! Where did Wanda get that necklace? I'm looking to have all the luck I can so my journey turns out good the first time! I start my STIMS soon.

  2. Hey!! Im so excited for you getting to trigger without your docs being so negative this time! It only takes one egg for your little miracle, good luck for Tuesday!! Ive never stopped following your story! x

  3. I'm just a few days ahead of you in your cycle. This is round 4 for me (no pregnancies so far). My first three cycles I had 11-17 eggs retrieved and only ever had one embryo each round. Long story short, I have a new amazing specialist who only retrieved 6 eggs this round. I was super disappointed, figuring if I could only get one embryo from 17 eggs then what chance did I have with 6? I have just had a fresh transfer and I have two awesome quality frozen embryos. It's only quality that matters. I admire your bravery for documenting your journey and am crossing my fingers for you xo

  4. Sending love from Alberta!! I hope you had a good ultrasound today… Will be thinking of you on Tuesday! ✨✨✨

    Just wanted to add that I'm also struggling with infertility. I've been following your journey for a few months now, since your first IVF cycle. Your tears are my tears. Hang in there! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I am new in to I.v.f journey, so I am happy the way you are explained things most helpful to people like me,thanks to you and your husband😊, and good luck to all.

  6. Double the chance!! Your body responded to the new protocol!! Great job and good luck! Can't wait to see what happens!

  7. I'm so happy for you!!! Seems like your head is in a good place. I was a crazy person. I know we can't control the outcome, but I worried so much.

  8. Good luck today! Positive vibes your way 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing your journey 💕I'm starting my IVF next year and will pull from the strength you have!

  9. So happy for you!! I feel like your gonna get great news tomorrow!! I can't wait to hear all about! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. They looked like really good sizes 5 I seen. Keep the positive faith & your HOPE….never give up! I was told a certain number of follies before retrieval and did trigger and in a day my 3 follies that were small had caught up to my big ones so they retrieved 3 more then initially thought 🙏 My thoughts are with you and I think you will get more then 4 follies and remember some follies have 2 eggs in the sac Big hugs 🤗

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